So What Are The Advantages of Powering Up Your Hive? We Investigate.

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Hive is around a while now and our loyal Hive users spend endless hours convincing people that Hive is the future. When you write a post you get rewards 7 days later in the form of 50% Hive Power and 50% liquid Hive. We can spend the liquid Hive on lots of goods and services or even convert it to cash money if you transfer it to an exchange which alot of people do. But the other 50% goes into a sort of vault for you called Hive Power. But what are the advantages of keeping this Hive Power locked up or staked. We spoke to Hive fanatic @nastybaster to investigate.

So nice to meet you @nastybaster, we see you tweeting about the benefits of Hive and how Hive will be $1000 before 2025. We would like to ask you specifically around Hive Power also known as HP. In this fast world of crypto where meme tokens are mooning and millions are being made , can you tell me the advantages of keeping Hive Power staked or as the Hive folk call it "Powered Up"? I apologise in advance as I am going to play devils advocate with you on this so don't take this the wrong way. I believe Hive is having trouble attracting new users even though the blockchain is basically free and offer high interest on savings. It just seems too good to be true. I hope you don't mind me asking a few questions for our non Hive folk.

No no not at all. I am delighted you asked actually so I can explain what we do around here.
Thanks for having me. There are loads of benefits to keep Hive staked on the Hive Blockchain. Loooooooooaaaaaaaddddddssssssss. First and foremost it secures the blockchain so we can go about our business on the Hive Blockchain safe in the knowledge that it is safe & secure.

And would that be a motivation for me to say keep 20k Hive Power so that the blockchain is secure?

Well we as a community are all pretty close and we like to think we all have a part to play in securing this great blockchain. So let us give an example of a bank you keep your money in. Do you keep your money in a bank, safe in the knowledge that it is secure.

Yes but I can withdraw and add funds how I please and don't have to wait 3 months to withdraw all my funds.

Well you can unstake and stake as you please as well but it takes 13 weeks to unstake Hive Power but it can still be done.


So what is in it for me?

Well first of all there is a 2% ROI on staked Hive Power.

2% ? Am I hearing this correctly or did you mean 22%.

No No, 2%.

OK but crypto is a dark and shady world where you can lose you investment in a blink of an eye. Why would I risk it for a 2% return? Traditional banks offer as much in some cases

Well that is not all it does.

OK go on tell me more.

Well the more you stake , the more your upvote will be and that makes you stronger and more powerful on the blockchain.

So does that mean you get more for your own posts?

No it means you give more to other peoples posts.

Can I not give the upvote to my post seeing that I am putting in my own money?

No no that is kinda frowned upon although many people do it but I would not advise it.


Well have you ever clapped yourself after singing a song or sang happy birthday to yourself at your birthday party?


Well that is the reason!

And how much Hive Power are we talking to have a significant upvote?
For example if I have 10,000 HP is my upvote $2.

Ah no no no hahahah , you wish!!! Your upvote value would be around 15 cents. But you get 10 x 100% votes per day.

Wait now, let me get this right. I stake my HP . I get 2% ROI on that stake and I have to stake 10,000 HP to get a meagre upvote of 15 cent,

Well yes but you get 10 of them per day and if Hive goes up in value then your upvote will rise as well which is why we are going to take off mannnn, take off!!! 15 cent is a cool upvote my friend. I would love 10 x 15 cent upvotes.

Hmmmm this does not give the new user like me much return. I really am only guaranteed 2% ROI. If I upvote people with my say 15 cent, I am not guaranteed that other users will return the favour. Some would but most don't. For an investor in a blockchain it is not much return. Why should I be loyal to this?

That's because your post isn't quality content my man. Posts that are quality content get the most upvotes.

Who decides if a post is "quality content"?

The Hive user duddeee. We all decide.

So let me just play devils advocate here. Mohammed from Nigeria has researched about Leonardo Da Vinci and even visited Italy to confirm his sources. He was awarded $2.30 there in his posts. And that was for a 4 part series.

**Where as @eurickamoment has taken a photo of a wooden bench on a walk, mustered up a bit of boring drivel about the bench and managed to earn $96 from her post. It just looks bad for this "quality content" charade. Is it all just a con? **

Well @eurickamoment is one of the chains most prominent authors and she has been very active over the years building up a large network of whales to support her. She is active on Discord and is influential in some of the best communities.

@mohammed could have been plagiarizing his content. Who knows what that guy is up to!! Big smelly head on him. We are watching him closely.


So posts aren't based on quality content then, they are based on who you know with Hive Power.

No no the whales like quality content as well and they are the pillars of our community so they only upvote the good stuff.

I see. Ok we are gone off the subject on Hive Power.

**So is there anything else that I get if I power up my Hive. **

Well there is Hive Power Up Day and you get prizes for powering up.

Oh nice.

So if I am a new user and I see that the HBD which is Hive's stablecoin is giving 20% ROI in interest per year. And I look at the Hive Power giving 2% then why shouldn't I just power down and throw it into HBD to earn me 20%. That is what the saavy investor might do, no?

It's all about your standing in the community. Take the class divide system in India for example. The most Hive Power you have then the more people look up to you. Many newcomers seek out these wealthy Hive Power holders to comment "Nice Post" so they get a share of the curation value to ultimately grow their own stake or even get an upvote back off the high stakeholder.

So basically an "Oliver" type situation when he asks for more porridge or when a wealthy landowner throws a drumstick on the ground for his dogs to fight over?

Well not exactly the way you say it but users do get curation rewards of they upvote a post and the more rewards there is on that post then the more curation there.

I see.

So staking Hive gives you standing in the community, 2% return on ROI, more upvotes and higher curation rewards!.


It's hardly a "what did the Romans ever do for us moment!

I am not sure if Hive then is appealing to the new type of crypto user. The young ones. The Mileniuals who can't sit still for 2 minutes never mind writing and curating posts on Hive. While we are interviewing for this post @nastybaster, PEPE coin has gone up 1678% plummeted -765% and then rose again 2358% and that's in 15 minutes. Millionaires were made in this time. Do you think this 2% cuts the mustard? Why should a crypto enthusiast keep 5000 HP locked up when they could be holding PEPE which could double their investment in a half an hour.

Yes but it can also half their investment in a half an hour. Hive is now the tortoise in the crypto race where every other token is a hair. It is now like a safehaven. Even when Bitcoin plummets , Hive holds its own. It may fall by 2 cent but more often than not it stays put at around 30 cent or so. Every now and then it may blast up to the mid forties and for a day or two it could go even higher but generally we are the safe port in the storm,
If you stick with it and post every day for 5 years, who knows in a decade or so you could have a $5 upvote. Now wouldn't that be crazy.

Yeah but I will still be a broke ass but just giving other people my $5 x 10 times a day?? I'll be like a homeless dude giving people money.

No Maannn , the users you grow with will be giving you back their $5 so it's all swings and roundabouts!!

So it's not about quality content then, its more about circle jerking??

Noooo man you just don't understand, your little pea brain is just confusing you and I would like this interview to end

OK then thanks for your time @nastybaster.

Fuck off

You don't have to be like that @nastybaster


This post totally misrepresents the state of the hive.


We get almost 3% hp holding adjustment for inflation and another ~9% when we vote the 10 votes a day.
Hp returns just under 12% when actively voted.

Which would be double in hive terms, but the top 20 accounts control 35k of the ~70k hive allotted daily to all curators/authors.

Hive only has to rise .07usd to beat that 20% return on hbd.
Don't forget that when you make your calculations.

Other than that, it was a great post, as usual.

As per usual @antisocialist , you are a wealth of information.i did not know this. Interesting about the 35k out of the 70,K allotted as well

Here, let me show you the math;



The good news is that things are much better than they were 4 years ago, but the bad news is the greed has already done its work in the market place.
Nobody wants to feed those people even more than they already have.
Nor be their exit liquidity after having been flagged off the platform.

All that hero worship that the true beliebers brought to this game has been squandered to satiate the greed of a few, for less than 7% dilution per year.
Fractions of hundredths compared to the ninjamine.
7% dilution over a year is negated by a (.33 x .07) 3 cent rise in price.

Control freaks gotta control.™
Greedy folks gonna greed.™

I was going to mention that, looks like you had me covered.

That's what they all say!! 🤣


I got the joke, but the presentation was just awful. If you fix your post (grammar, typos, structure), it could actually be considered quality content and actually worth an upvote on my part. I'm removing the automatic upvote. (It seems, that I need to stop following curation trails altogether.)

I have standards and I am not raising them for anyone especially not double posters!! They are the worse. All the Oxford Grammar in the world can't fix a blockchain double post. You are tarnished. I am glad you are removing your auto vote as I would be guilty by association. I bid you ado good sir. And remember "Don't be evil" untitled.gif

Suit yourself, then. Double postings do sometimes happen to the best of us. It's not something you are immune to.

I got the vaccine! . On the bright side at least you know my terrible use of grammar and vocab is not AI. Writing with mistakes is the future OF Hive in my opinion. At least you know I am real and not intelligent. Not even artificially. 😆

Ok, you are funny. You are wrong, but funny, and your grammar sucks. However, I don't really know what to make of you getting a vaccine. I've got quite a few of them.

No Maannn , the users you grow with will be giving you back their $5 so it's all swings and roundabouts!!

🤣 hahahaha sadly it barely works that way. Always a comedy gold!

I think it's a super optimistic estimate. Substitute $5 with 0.001 $ and it becomes a realistic goal.

Don't forget you get almost half the curation rewards back from voting on people. So maybe it's not that altruistic after all... 🤣🤣

I consider it altruism on a discount.

Heh heh, yes that's a good way of putting it 🙂

Yeah but I will still be a broke ass but just giving other people my $5 x 10 times a day?? I'll be like a homeless dude giving people money. - @blanchy

@nastybaster: Oh! no no no maaaaan. Many of the rich here are too pretentious or plain assholes to take your broke ass money. They only mingle and take freebies exclusively from their opulent colleagues! };)

And the rest of broken asses like you... well, they will be giving you back their $5 if you join to their circle jerking club in Discord first. So it's all swings and roundabouts!!

I must go on this Discord. Last time I braved a Hive Discord channel @meesterboom pretended to be a welcome bot and I fell for it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Haha, fuck, that's right. I remember that!!

Oh yeah! the good @meesterboom always tend to behaving like a lovely willy-nilly bot on Discord spreading kisses and hugs everywhere welcoming uninitiated newbies, just to see which one of them he takes to his crib that night.

Haha, regretfully not, just this one instance 😀

Pepe could double your investment in half an hour 😂😅

I powered down some Hive to do just that. It is actually a true story. untitled.gif. for a half an hour

Had the one or other good laugh on that one. Lots of true words packed in nice interview style.

Thanks mate appreciate it!

Too funny. !LOLZ
Thank you for the #TooFuckeh

I was fired from the keyboard factory yesterday.
I wasn't putting in enough shifts.

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Nastybaster just convinced me to sell my kidney to buy Hive power. What a guy!!!

I will let the powers that be know you are lodging a large amount although I'd say you wouldn't get much for your kidney drinking all that Northern Ale. . Maybe a couple of hundred.

You're a mad yoke! That's bliddy hilarious.