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RE: So What Are The Advantages of Powering Up Your Hive? We Investigate.

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I got the joke, but the presentation was just awful. If you fix your post (grammar, typos, structure), it could actually be considered quality content and actually worth an upvote on my part. I'm removing the automatic upvote. (It seems, that I need to stop following curation trails altogether.)


I have standards and I am not raising them for anyone especially not double posters!! They are the worse. All the Oxford Grammar in the world can't fix a blockchain double post. You are tarnished. I am glad you are removing your auto vote as I would be guilty by association. I bid you ado good sir. And remember "Don't be evil" untitled.gif

Suit yourself, then. Double postings do sometimes happen to the best of us. It's not something you are immune to.

I got the vaccine! . On the bright side at least you know my terrible use of grammar and vocab is not AI. Writing with mistakes is the future OF Hive in my opinion. At least you know I am real and not intelligent. Not even artificially. 😆

Ok, you are funny. You are wrong, but funny, and your grammar sucks. However, I don't really know what to make of you getting a vaccine. I've got quite a few of them.