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RE: So What Are The Advantages of Powering Up Your Hive? We Investigate.

Here, let me show you the math;



The good news is that things are much better than they were 4 years ago, but the bad news is the greed has already done its work in the market place.
Nobody wants to feed those people even more than they already have.
Nor be their exit liquidity after having been flagged off the platform.

All that hero worship that the true beliebers brought to this game has been squandered to satiate the greed of a few, for less than 7% dilution per year.
Fractions of hundredths compared to the ninjamine.
7% dilution over a year is negated by a (.33 x .07) 3 cent rise in price.

Control freaks gotta control.™
Greedy folks gonna greed.™