A Thank You Letter To My Neighbour's Dog

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6:45 was set on the alarm clock yesterday evening. The word yesterday is not the best one and most honest here, as it was between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. this morning when I went to the land of the dreams. After the winter break of two weeks, today is the first day of school, and not just for me. My son also had his first school day, we were so excited and happy because of that all...not! Who likes to start to work after holidays? Do I see some raised hands? Nobody? So you understand me, it was not the best morning, and moreover when you are supposed to be switched on for this real-world at 6:45. The first moments I opened my eyes, I felt that I was comfortably wrapped in the warm bed, no hurry, no thinking just the neighbor's dog barking was the music that came to my ears. He is a young one, a Black Labrador I think. My neighbors got them last year, as a puppy, and like every small puppy, he was cute to see. Only inconvenience: He barks every morning when his owners take their daughter to school. That is just so usual now, we know, when he barks, we see them going to school. Dog. Barking. School... my brain cells started to connect the picture...



It was 7:43 if I could see well the numbers on the clock at that very moment. Also, it was strange that some tiny light came into the room, it was not completely dark. Ok, it was time to jump from that comfort and I act as the alarm in the house. We had a bit more than 15 minutes to get to the doors of the school where my son goes, in the other town. It is not that far away, in just a little bit bigger city than our it would be another district maybe. But still, I had to be a kind of F1 driver to get there on time. Victory, I won the race, package (son) delivered on time, just the flags of glory and champagne were missing. Well, one can be a winner even without pomp and recognition. A silent winner, and all thanks to a black barking dog!



Winner... there is another thing at the moment that can be celebrated. Someone got a bit more active on posting and there are already some nice results, the good vibes are spreading and people are showing their interest. I am happy about that, I just have to stick to the deal and do my part. It is one week now of avoiding coffee, there are moments it is really needed but I am leveling up my endurance. I am trying to avoid refined sugar and products containing it and bred or any pasta kind of food. Blackberries are at help when I need something to get through the weak moments. I will see how I will manage the time at work until late this evening. If you notice my absence on hive from now, you know, I didn't survive the day :D

However, I want to survive it, as I wanted to prepare my response to this post. That is also the reason I stayed up until late last night, as I was listening to that share, and not just that. I was listening to many other shares, and photo-walked in some festivals... well, I got lost in all, and my preparing the post strategy faded. But maybe it was what I needed to get more immersed in the topic and probably some days will be needed to get the confidence to even try to create my response. Time will say. Probably I will need more times the help of the Black Labrador to wake me up and get me into working and Q-inspired mode!


How did your day start? Does it happen sometimes to you that you sleep through your alarm? If you have a story to share, be inspired, I would be glad to read some of your similar/different situations.


I really liked the last photo!
The dog has such an expression in his eyes, as if she apologizes to you for her barking :-)

Hehehe, he is a good one and would like to play, but thanks to him we woke up! So, great he barked :))

He deserves a special treat :)

My brother had a Labrador like that. He was adorable! :D

Whoever don't like dogs can't be trusted.

closing the door and leaving quietly ........

I laughed out loud.

Sorry wrong room I'm gonna go next door now.


He deserves a special treat :)

I was thinking about that too. Their terrace is not at the level I can reach to pet him, but maybe he would love some dog food :D

I can't remember the last time I set my alarm for 6.45. It would definitely kill me if I had to do that every day!!!

hahah, well pretty early, and it is from Monday to Friday...then Saturday we can sleep a bit longer... Sunday - I have to get up again at this time, as with my new gig I have to be in one hotel to play during the breakfast, starting at 9 already in the top-notch shape of me 😂 It takes time 😆

We do very little sugar too. Don't have any the house at all. If we go out somewhere I might give myself a surprise and add sugar to tea or something. My wife won't consume it at all.

iheart dogs.

No coffee however? BARK!!

Once you get used to avoiding sugar and many processed food products, it is normal not even want to have them. Some 15 years ago I did a very strict diet for health reasons, and after several months when I tried just a small piece of chocolate, it was a complete shock. I didn't enjoy it at all.
Though, for several last months, I enjoyed too much in all of the yummy foods 😂 so it's time to cut back a little bit.

No coffee however? BARK!!

That is an experiment-deal-promise kind of thing :)

I know what you mean about sugar.

Back when I was a kid I would drink soda and remember it being so yum. But the last 20 years probably the only soda drinks I'll have are either zero or diet. Fully loaded ones are yuck anymore like oily syrup.

are yuck anymore like oily syrup.


As a child, I was not used to having soda drinks, later in some "normal" quantities yes, and in recent years almost not at all again.

Forgot to bring this in the other response:

iheart dogs.

I know it from your Willy Wonka post 😇 🐶

While I could call myself a cat person, dogs are not any less loved by me :)) I have grown up having always at least one dog and a few cats. Oh, also a parakeet that lived for 21 years, a turtle, a duck :)) and fish...

A duck? A duck that just stayed around the house or more than that? I know of people who have had ducks, many ducks, but none who say they had a pet duck. Did it stay in the house?

My parents had ducks and I adopted (saved) this one from them to be my pet duck hahaha. He had a name that listened to ( or I think he listened to it ;D ) followed me everywhere in the garden (it was not allowed in the house), I used to give him baths, food from my hand, and "cuddled" him. I still say he lives somewhere (I gave him away when I moved) and then we have a lot of laughs as my parents and sis make jokes about it and I just dont let them not believing my pet duck still lives somewhere 😅 He would have now around 30 years ;)

iheart that response more than THIS.


But still, I had to be a kind of F1 driver to get there on time. Victory, I won the race, package (son) delivered on time, just the flags of glory and champagne were missing.

LOVE IT !! So much understand that scenario which I think (yes I do think sometimes {frown}) almost all parents have experienced over time.

So my friend... my bestest half suddenly is besotted with the idea that we are going to start our move to Europe by doing Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. So..any advice or local knowledge you may have garnered in your stay in Spain would be helpful...

LOVE IT !! So much understand that scenario which I think (yes I do think sometimes {frown}) almost all parents have experienced over time.

Many times, yes. He usually goes by the school bus, but to catch it one had to leave the home at 7:20...time we all deeply slept 😁

The mother of one of my students, who has 4 children, put a sticker on her Audi Q7 : MAMA TAXI 🤣🤣

Oh, Camino de Santiago, never took part in the pilgrimage. Really, really could not help you with the camino, I would have to search for information but I suppose your best half already has full info and more than I could provide you. But, I dont know, what kind of info would be helpful? Be prepared, in small villages with an older population, English would not be enough :) Buenos días is what you would need :)) Younger generation, or at least here by the coast, and because of the tourism, learned a bit more of English. hmm...more info... almost nothing opens before 9 a.m. like grocery, but maybe it is also local, depending on place. Give me concrete questions hehehe

Not necessary, as you say my best half is already doing plenty research... so we will have a plan down to the last detail... very opposite to my footloose and fancy free approach {smile}

very opposite to my footloose and fancy free approach {smile}

It's good for the balanced relationship :D

True, but sometimes frustrating ...

It is not ;D
Or is it?

Who likes to start to work after holidays? Do I see some raised hands? Nobody?

HAHAHA! Not me!

As always, I really enjoy reading your work! :)

Me neither, but that is what we have. The winter break passed in a blink of an eye, what a pity ;D

Ow, I see you learned the quote thing! Cool :))
Thank you for your comment and for reading my posts @albuslucimus 🙌

Hahaha- yeah, you taught me that trick! Thanks again for that!

^-^ you're welcome :)

Holaaa @mipiano, disfruto leer tus publicaciones, tus textos, ver tus fotos, que bonito perro jaja que lastima que te despierte con sus ladridos, pero tienes que ver el lado positivo, quizás es tu perrito de la suerte para que te despiertes temprano llena de energía, las cosas que nos dejas saber acerca de tu vida me transmiten mucha paz la verdad, es que me gusta la manera en que vives tus dias y como nos cuentas cada experiencia, es muy bonito, no dejes de hacerlo, estos ultimos dias he estado un poco inactivo, es que no he tenido tiempo de revisar las publicaciones de mis amigos pero siempre me lleno de alegria leyendo tus publicaciones, un saludo amiga y un abrazo!!

Hola @jaredkhamanah
Muchas gracias por pasar por aquí. No te preocupes, yo tampoco llego a muchas publicaciones , aunque quisiera, es imposible a veces. Me alegro que te gustan mis textos, no sé, últimamente la música es lo menos que publico, aunque tendría que volver a tocar más y grabar y subir. No da tiempo para todo :)
El perro de verdad nos salvó esta mañana, digo a mi hijo : que surte que me despertó y así no llegaste tarde al insituto... sabes que me dijo? : pues sería mejor que no nos despertó, así dormiríamos todavía 🤣 bueno, es adolescente, es para entender jajaja Un abrazo a tí y a tu chica :))

I love nice dogs. When I dog sit my son's puppy she hops up on the bed and licks my face cause she is so excited about the new day arriving. Best alarm clock ever.

Oh yes, it seems like the best alarm clock!!
My parents have a dog and a cat. The cat pretends to be the king of the house, so a few nights ago he went out and as he didn't return my parents went to sleep. Somewhere in the middle of the night, he returned and meowed so loudly in the yard that they woke up and had to let him sleep inside. 😁

Yesssss!!!! Thats the way to come back to school after holidays!!!!
And is the reason why I decided to live in perpetus holiday!!!

This time dog barking helped out.. I guess some other times too. But, I think he might be a big factor for your migraines!!!

I cannot stand dog barking. If I were you, I would move to another apartment!!!!

Hahah, yes, that is the way to start again, with more adrenaline and excitement 😆

If I were you, I would move to another apartment!

😂😂 If this could solve my migraine condition so easily, I would do it 😁 But, he is not the reason, he just did a good thing for us pretending to be the alarm ⏰ 😅

Cómo está Esperanza? Y el de cuatro patas al que le gusta el café 🐈?

Esperanza esta muy bien gracias!! Solo que anoche el de cuatro patas se ve que tomo mucho cafe y estuvo insoportable, tuvimos que dejarlo afuera.
Deberia tomar tu ejemplo y cortar con el cafe un poco!!!! jejejej

Me alegro que ella está muy bien :)
Pues eso, a tomar ejemplo y no beber café, señorito insoportable cuatro patas ;))



😍 meow meow

Dog. Barking. School


Victory, I won the race, package (son) delivered on time, just the flags of glory and champagne were missing


And yes, I do sometimes not hear my alarm clock. This morning, for example, alarm clock at 7:30 and got out of bed at 8:45 only. Owww no, I heard the alarm clock but decided not to get out of bed. That doesnt count.

Last Friday then. I woke up because of an incoming phone call. Was about 8:40. It was my manager. With a sleepy head had to decide: pickup, or not. I decided to pick up and had to go from 0 to 60 (counting in miles per hour, so I guess is more like 0 to 100 in kilometre brains) in like a few seconds. About 45 minutes later, when we ended the phone call, I won't he 'race', got my manager to agree with how was handling a case within the organisation and backing me up in case other managers would start to complain.

BTW, this Friday was also not sleeping through the alarm, since I hadn't an alarm set. Euhm, do I really sleep through an alarm? I don't know. I must do this from time to time. Maybe too sleepy still this morning to remember one. Or such events are not important enough to remember. Donno.

Great to read you are still surviving without drinking coffee and also the act of not eating anything with refined sugar! You go girl! 🙇

got out of bed at 8:45 only

I woke up 2 hours earlier... not that I did a lot of smart things from then 😂

Phone call in the morning - good you could accelerate your mind and think fast. Moreover, to get the things to work on your side! And even you didn't need coffee for that 🤓, well, soon I will be also there that I will be able to talk in the morning without it :p Almost!
My days without an alarm are just Saturdays now. And holidays.

Great to read you are still surviving...

It can change, though


Anything can change but so far so good. Must be like a week without coffee by now? 8 days? You are doing VERY VERY well!
How about headaches and migraines since to stop on caffeine and refined sugar?

So far so good, yes, thank you. Even one day more now on the counter for no-coffee, and the other food cut came a few days later. Yogi in some variations came to my home, chamomile tea became just too ordinary :) and until now all is good. The first days doesn't count on how I was as I was already with the migraine and later with different kind of headache, and low pressure feeling and yawning all day.

You are doing very well. Without the none-countable days, all good, GREAT! Now I do hope it'll stay like this. The downside of that will be, never ever coffee for you again.

Thanks, you are doing great too. I will not even think about coffee tomorrow :)

I will give it more time to have some conclusions, just a few days is not enough to know does it really helps or not, as it comes and goes away in cycles. Will monitor it

I would take at least a month or two for this test.

hehehehe how heartwarming! And he's too gorgeous. I want one!

They are gorgeous. They also need a lot of attention and space or walks :) Many pets in the building where I live, also a parrot in someone's terrace, but dogs and cats are the most common ones.

We have the budgie and two spiders for now. I must say, after the move, that's already as much as we can handle right now. 3 kids is a lot! I am nagging @ZakLudick for a furry animal, but we definitely need to settle in more 1st. So much unpacking and organizing to do. I mean, our Christmas tree is still up 🤣🤣🙈🙈 a dog will have to wait for the longer term, I'm afraid, although we are definitely looking at a similar breed. Watch this space for kitty pics 😉😉🤪🤪💖💖

The sun is setting in your shady eyes... 🥰

This was a sunrise yesterday morning 🌅

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