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RE: A Thank You Letter To My Neighbour's Dog

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Yesssss!!!! Thats the way to come back to school after holidays!!!!
And is the reason why I decided to live in perpetus holiday!!!

This time dog barking helped out.. I guess some other times too. But, I think he might be a big factor for your migraines!!!

I cannot stand dog barking. If I were you, I would move to another apartment!!!!


Hahah, yes, that is the way to start again, with more adrenaline and excitement 😆

If I were you, I would move to another apartment!

😂😂 If this could solve my migraine condition so easily, I would do it 😁 But, he is not the reason, he just did a good thing for us pretending to be the alarm ⏰ 😅

Cómo está Esperanza? Y el de cuatro patas al que le gusta el café 🐈?

Esperanza esta muy bien gracias!! Solo que anoche el de cuatro patas se ve que tomo mucho cafe y estuvo insoportable, tuvimos que dejarlo afuera.
Deberia tomar tu ejemplo y cortar con el cafe un poco!!!! jejejej

Me alegro que ella está muy bien :)
Pues eso, a tomar ejemplo y no beber café, señorito insoportable cuatro patas ;))



😍 meow meow