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RE: A Thank You Letter To My Neighbour's Dog

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We do very little sugar too. Don't have any the house at all. If we go out somewhere I might give myself a surprise and add sugar to tea or something. My wife won't consume it at all.

iheart dogs.

No coffee however? BARK!!


Once you get used to avoiding sugar and many processed food products, it is normal not even want to have them. Some 15 years ago I did a very strict diet for health reasons, and after several months when I tried just a small piece of chocolate, it was a complete shock. I didn't enjoy it at all.
Though, for several last months, I enjoyed too much in all of the yummy foods 😂 so it's time to cut back a little bit.

No coffee however? BARK!!

That is an experiment-deal-promise kind of thing :)

I know what you mean about sugar.

Back when I was a kid I would drink soda and remember it being so yum. But the last 20 years probably the only soda drinks I'll have are either zero or diet. Fully loaded ones are yuck anymore like oily syrup.

are yuck anymore like oily syrup.


As a child, I was not used to having soda drinks, later in some "normal" quantities yes, and in recent years almost not at all again.

Forgot to bring this in the other response:

iheart dogs.

I know it from your Willy Wonka post 😇 🐶

While I could call myself a cat person, dogs are not any less loved by me :)) I have grown up having always at least one dog and a few cats. Oh, also a parakeet that lived for 21 years, a turtle, a duck :)) and fish...

A duck? A duck that just stayed around the house or more than that? I know of people who have had ducks, many ducks, but none who say they had a pet duck. Did it stay in the house?

My parents had ducks and I adopted (saved) this one from them to be my pet duck hahaha. He had a name that listened to ( or I think he listened to it ;D ) followed me everywhere in the garden (it was not allowed in the house), I used to give him baths, food from my hand, and "cuddled" him. I still say he lives somewhere (I gave him away when I moved) and then we have a lot of laughs as my parents and sis make jokes about it and I just dont let them not believing my pet duck still lives somewhere 😅 He would have now around 30 years ;)

iheart that response more than THIS.


I don't have such a nice image to respond to your one, but the black one is sending some greetings :))