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RE: A Thank You Letter To My Neighbour's Dog

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Dog. Barking. School


Victory, I won the race, package (son) delivered on time, just the flags of glory and champagne were missing


And yes, I do sometimes not hear my alarm clock. This morning, for example, alarm clock at 7:30 and got out of bed at 8:45 only. Owww no, I heard the alarm clock but decided not to get out of bed. That doesnt count.

Last Friday then. I woke up because of an incoming phone call. Was about 8:40. It was my manager. With a sleepy head had to decide: pickup, or not. I decided to pick up and had to go from 0 to 60 (counting in miles per hour, so I guess is more like 0 to 100 in kilometre brains) in like a few seconds. About 45 minutes later, when we ended the phone call, I won't he 'race', got my manager to agree with how was handling a case within the organisation and backing me up in case other managers would start to complain.

BTW, this Friday was also not sleeping through the alarm, since I hadn't an alarm set. Euhm, do I really sleep through an alarm? I don't know. I must do this from time to time. Maybe too sleepy still this morning to remember one. Or such events are not important enough to remember. Donno.

Great to read you are still surviving without drinking coffee and also the act of not eating anything with refined sugar! You go girl! πŸ™‡

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got out of bed at 8:45 only

I woke up 2 hours earlier... not that I did a lot of smart things from then πŸ˜‚

Phone call in the morning - good you could accelerate your mind and think fast. Moreover, to get the things to work on your side! And even you didn't need coffee for that πŸ€“, well, soon I will be also there that I will be able to talk in the morning without it :p Almost!
My days without an alarm are just Saturdays now. And holidays.

Great to read you are still surviving...

It can change, though


Anything can change but so far so good. Must be like a week without coffee by now? 8 days? You are doing VERY VERY well!
How about headaches and migraines since to stop on caffeine and refined sugar?

So far so good, yes, thank you. Even one day more now on the counter for no-coffee, and the other food cut came a few days later. Yogi in some variations came to my home, chamomile tea became just too ordinary :) and until now all is good. The first days doesn't count on how I was as I was already with the migraine and later with different kind of headache, and low pressure feeling and yawning all day.

You are doing very well. Without the none-countable days, all good, GREAT! Now I do hope it'll stay like this. The downside of that will be, never ever coffee for you again.

Thanks, you are doing great too. I will not even think about coffee tomorrow :)

I will give it more time to have some conclusions, just a few days is not enough to know does it really helps or not, as it comes and goes away in cycles. Will monitor it

I would take at least a month or two for this test.

And that is how it will be!