Buzz From Around the Hive: First Week Recap, Tips, and Info

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One of the most amazing things about blockchain time is how fast it seems to move, while even a few month's passing can make you feel like a grizzled veteran. In just one week, we've seen the spirit of the community really shine!

#thriveonhive ... an awesome asset provided by community member @VirtuGrana

The first full week of Hive is in the blocks, and there's lots to recap and look forward to.

This week has been dedicated to a ton of work behind the scenes that comes naturally with a new blockchain launch. There's been a lot of things to do to make sure that Hive infrastructure is completely separate from previous projects, and is optimized and improved to give chain users the best experience. For the past week we've seen some intermittent service issues when it comes to Hive interfaces, and this will continue for the next little while as more things are tweaked.

What does this mean?

The chain and many projects are up and running! The way that information is shared between them is being actively worked on.

  • RPC nodes are being added to the ecosystem by many users, and the biggest ones that helped us through launch are being optimized to work more smoothly. These nodes are what allow apps and websites to ask the chain for data and return it to you -the end user- they get a real workout! When they're under heavy load, or we find things that still need to be fixed in the code, you may notice that front ends are a bit slower. This week, a lot of work has been done, so you've probably already experienced this. Thanks for your patience! This work is a big part of preparing for the future. Many apps, like, Hive Keychain, or Vessel, will allow you to change the node being used if you want to do that manually. You can check here to find a continually updated RPC list:

  • Hive users have a LOT of images in their historical data! One of the most important things to do is making sure that the ecosystem has an image hosting system to use as services move away from Steemit Inc's resources. You may have noticed some images are slow to load: the new system is up and running, but still needs a bit more optimization, which is coming up in the next few days. It's frustrating, but worth it! All of the images are being collected up from scratch, and that will take a while to complete, but this is a big part of laying sustainable groundwork for the future.

Some helpful notes on wallets, exchanges, and information sources:

Here are some important things you may have missed this week that will help you around the Hive.

  • The web wallet is now up at if you would like to use it to move HIVE, power up or down, vote for witnesses, use the internal market interface, and more. In our last post, we pointed out some of the many options available to help you safely make transactions, so don't forget that PeakD (web interface), Vessel Wallet (desktop application), Hive Keychain (browser extension), and Esteem (mobile app) are all up and running for Hive, with more projects by trusted community members on the way. Please make sure to do a bit of research and always, ALWAYS practice key safety! The website will continue being updated with new options as they become available.

  • This week, Bittrex and Binance both completed their customer airdrop. Right now trading is available on Bittrex, Ionomy, Probit, and Blocktrades, with more listings being worked on and getting finalized by liaison teams. As mentioned in our previous post, airdrops and listings require some technical work to happen, which means they can take some time- this is normal. Make sure to contact your favorite exchanges on social media to let them know you want to see HIVE listed in the mean time!

  • There are a few places that are really handy to check when it comes to discovering all of the migrating and new projects in the Hive ecosystem. Explore Hive Projects, State of the DApps and the Hive website to find the things that interest you. If you see an app that isn't listed, please contact the project owner or creator to update these lists to make sure they get some attention!

The initial airdrop discussion post will be out in the next week, so community members will be able to start thinking about how they would like to approach a future secondary drop.

The original distribution script has an edge case error that will mean a group of users will be corrected by dropping tokens in the next hardfork without needing any special votes. The original script used, the in-depth details, and some additional groups for the community to consider voting on in future proposals will all be included too. The data used is pulled directly from the blockchain, can be reproduced, and is a good baseline for everyone to start thinking on. Any distribution done will always be in a hardfork: the tokens are locked in reserve in the DHF and are untouchable by anyone until the community completes voting, so no new ones will be minted. The hardfork will not be immediate, since exchanges need time to complete their work and get running, and core stability still needs a bit more attention.

And finally... do you want to get involved in the buzz? Get right into the heart of the Hive in any number of ways!

  • Remember to get back to what brought you to the blockchain in the first place. Try out a community, make some comments, read some posts, try some games... get creative! Your Hive account is waiting for whatever you want to achieve with it.
  • Don't forget to vote for witnesses! We mentioned this in great detail in our last post, and we'll keep reminding you. Hive is a new chain, with a renewed spirit, and a slightly different governance roster than before so please check your witness votes. If they carried over from Steem, you may find that you want to change things up! We are lucky to have many witnesses in our ecosystem in the top twenty and well beyond, so remember that if you choose to participate in governance voting, you can vote for anyone you want. PeakD and both have expanded witness lists for a continually updated bigger picture. You can vote for witnesses from most wallets and apps, so celebrate your new Hive citizenship by choosing to place new or updated votes, a trusted proxy, or even clear them all if you want.
  • Jump into the fray! The public repos are coming online for anyone to join up to and get working together on. Check out to see what's currently buzzing and if there's anything you'd like to learn about or help out with. The condenser and some of the missing ones will be going public soon, once the frenzy of work in the background is done. All repos will be public and open source.

What a week! We're looking forward to all of the future successes and challenges we'll be facing as the Hive evolves. Thanks for bee-ing here together 🐝

PS: All @HiveIO posts will decline rewards. The mistake from last post will be claimed and powered up so that this account will not need any outside delegations!


What you have accomplished is amazing. What Steem could achieve is being done faster and better here.

What Steem could not achieve is getting done on Hive!

Congrats to you and to the whole community!

Oh gosh, I keep forgetting that it's only been a week.

Feel free to drop into my new project which is a Hive Forum. I'll be working on attaching it to the Hive blockchain shortly. Doing my part over here!

One week down, and what a week it was. It all seemed to run pretty smooth, a few bumps here and there, but I think over-all people remained steady and optimistic for the future.

I am particularly glad to see the front ends and the Hive Team, and the witnesses, trying to keep people updated, and letting them know what is happening.

Awesome! You have made such progress in a week.. I haven’t seen so many in two and a half years on Steem!!

Thanks for this wonderful update. I'm very happy to see a public Git Repository open for everyone to contribute. I guess this is one of the best things I see in this update. This will definitely help the whole community work as a big team to take this blockchain forward.

I would also like to say that we should keep this energy flowing and not get stagnate like how things were on Steem for the past 3 years. Already, I'm very happy to see so many updates and features coming out in the last week. Thanks and Kudos to each and everyone in the team who is working hard on this.

Cheers to the first week!

Thank you to everyone that has been busting there butts to get things up and running.

Looks like a good first week. I think having a new chain and new project has been good at keeping people busy during this crazy time for mosh if the world with covid19

All told, the fork and launch went more smoothly than I expected it to. Your team has done yeoman's work here getting this project off the ground and into service for the community!

Thank you for the update!

Congrats on that one-week milestone, and everything achieved along the way since then!

Amazing first week! The Hive vibe is feeling Great! Thank-you Hive Team ❤🌸🎶

Thanks for your announcement. I'm expecting the detailed appeal process for airdrop, coz I am included in the blacklist, getting 0 HP and HBD. TT

😭Until now, I am still confused about the result.

Until now, I am still confused about the result.

I noticed that you proxy your witness votes to @team-cn who proxies to @ericet who voted for many sock puppet witnesses.

Accounts that voted (or proxied to those who voted) for sock puppet witnesses were not eligible for the original airdrop. This is because they supported the centralization of the blockchain that resulted in the split of Hive and Steem.

I hope this clears things up and you have a better understanding of the situation.

I really appreciate what you've explained. If I cancel the vote right away, will it work?

Your only hope is to make a hive proposal and hope enough stake votes it to get it funded.

So all I can do is wait for the appeal process and then make a hive proposal in order to get stake votes.

Need I make this proposal in advance? Could you plz give more details? Many thanks.

Nobody has done one, yet. Give it a few more days.
Maybe somebody will make a template you can follow.

Got it. Thanks for your explanation.

Firstly, please unproxy from team-cn. Choose your own witnesses as ttean-cn cannot be trusted to make good choices.

However, you will still need to appeal for the airdrop. In the above posts, they mentioned information on how to do this will come next week.

In the meantime, if you keep demonstrating you want to use hive by continuing to make good posts, this will probably help your chances of getting an airdrop.

Thanks for your suggestion. I'll wait until the detailed appeal process is offered and continue to create more posts of high quality.

Whether or not to create content is actually a conundrum for me. On the one hand I think we, "the excluded", should sit on the side line as much as possible, even if we didn't had any bad intent and be patient until we we're able to make a proposal. Some people might get provoked if we now act like nothing ever happened.

On the other hand, making (good!) content can work in the excluded's favor as well and the people I've gotten in touch with in this last week seem rather inviting about using Hive, excluded or not ...

Some people might get provoked if we now act like nothing ever happened.

I never thought about this. I would think not mentioning it and pretending it didn't happen are completely different.

I suspect it will do more good than harm as the people who are provoked by normal posting in the meantime will probably not support airdrops no matter what.

We got off to a good start :-)

Great job on the first week ... it does seem like a whole lot longer, but that may be because of the state of the world at the moment ... but the freshness and excitement of being here is helpful!

Great work!
I do my best i can to give my part for the Hive.

We need @steemchiller ´s Hiveworld here. I know the mistake about his votes. But he is worth to change his mind about the fork. He is a good guy and i am sure, the most of us think the self about him. Let´s get him to Hive. :-)


Salve at all Bee´s

Even if the community granted his Hive stakes back, I don't think he will join Hive & re-build Steemworld like app here.

@steemchiller is proving he was taken off rightly from Airdrop with his current behaviour.

I know, but i work for get his mind changed.
I am Alu,
i change minds. :-)

Just let me know you´re open to let this story goes to a peacefull end.

Honestly, I don't believe it is a matter of "peaceful conclusion", but to find motivated people who work in harmony on a new project.
Someone who has proven supportive of Justin Sun ideas, may not be able to understand and support Hive principles.
Don't get me wrong, I could use HIVEworld myself, but one sometimes has to go against his selfishness and thinking about the common good.

@steemchiller to me seems far from selfish and his thinking goes far beyond the ideas of JS.

@steemchiller to me seems far from selfish

No no, I was talking about me. I'd like to have a tool like steemworld here on HIVE, BUT I have to go against my selfishness and thinking about the common good.
Look, anyway, @steemchiller seems to have made up his mind :

So, we don't have to think about what was or what could have been, because today, it can now be what it is. 😉

good work, hopefully the hive is constantly updated to make it easier for users. However, I have a problem when accessing it via a PC web browser hive does not run normally like a mobile browser.

Goodluck team hive

Some great work here and congrats to all for their hard work and successes.

Just a note here, we need to guard against the empty downvoters that downvote everybody because of their dissatisfactions.


Well it has been only a week and we have shown the power of community. Hive is priced more than steem now. Great Job...

Personally, I have not experienced any discomfort since moving from STEEM. This is evidence of thoughtfulness and tremendous work around HARDFOK. Thank you

Only a week. I feel that I have been here forever! eheh

you can vote for anyone you want

Really? Could you please be more specific. I obviously do not know how to choose.

Maybe this post of mine can help you a bit.

Thanks for the update. Communication from developers is one thing greatly lacking on that other chain.
I'll be interested to see more info about the secondary airdrop. Have certain people been missed as well as the ones who conspired with Justin?

Thanks for the update!

Hope to see this at regularly and some future roadmap maybe :)

It is indeed a great week and felt like it's been months! But yet I'm more excited about the Airdrop since I was executed from the first one!

I'm so appreciative of all the amazing work that has been done and that will be done !

What a year this week has been.

Proud to be part of this chain <3 Good luck on everyone working hard to work out the last kinds of The Big Transition!

It is just a week and look at to the success of hive. The first week of hive represents the future of hive. :)

Hive is an incredible place to be!

Keep up the good work!!

It's truly amazing what has been accomplished here, in just a matter of a week!

Beautiful — and a little ironic — that the many people who worked together to fork Hive from Steem managed to pull off a much larger endeavor far more smoothly than previous Steem hardforks that would utterly screw up the entire system, sometimes for weeks!

Well done, everyone!

The wallet.hive has not the function "Convert HDB to hive". Do you intend to create it?
Please keep the wonderful work!

Feel free to drop into my new project which is a Hive Forum. I'll be working on attaching it to the Hive blockchain shortly. Doing my part over here!

Thanks for all the info guys, much appreciated. Btw any updates on the Hive vs. HIVE Blockchain Technologies case?

First of all, huge congrats! You've all done a marvelous job. And lots of it too :)

Good to see that you are addressing the issue with hosted images. Bravo!

I am waiting for the secondary airdrop discussion to open. It will be interesting :)

Awesome !quite fast transition even it's only been a week :)

This is great. There is a wealth of information in here. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Thanks for update and on-going work to make this happen, bee-ing together is making hive life interesting!

Nice update, just hoping same issues on steem don't repeat its self with hive, until the system is stable enough for on boarding, I will be enjoying this on my own with out bringing in new users

getting back on track is necessary