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RE: Buzz From Around the Hive: First Week Recap, Tips, and Info

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Thanks for your announcement. I'm expecting the detailed appeal process for airdrop, coz I am included in the blacklist, getting 0 HP and HBD. TT

😭Until now, I am still confused about the result.


Until now, I am still confused about the result.

I noticed that you proxy your witness votes to @team-cn who proxies to @ericet who voted for many sock puppet witnesses.

Accounts that voted (or proxied to those who voted) for sock puppet witnesses were not eligible for the original airdrop. This is because they supported the centralization of the blockchain that resulted in the split of Hive and Steem.

I hope this clears things up and you have a better understanding of the situation.

I really appreciate what you've explained. If I cancel the vote right away, will it work?

Your only hope is to make a hive proposal and hope enough stake votes it to get it funded.

So all I can do is wait for the appeal process and then make a hive proposal in order to get stake votes.

Need I make this proposal in advance? Could you plz give more details? Many thanks.

Nobody has done one, yet. Give it a few more days.
Maybe somebody will make a template you can follow.

Got it. Thanks for your explanation.

Firstly, please unproxy from team-cn. Choose your own witnesses as ttean-cn cannot be trusted to make good choices.

However, you will still need to appeal for the airdrop. In the above posts, they mentioned information on how to do this will come next week.

In the meantime, if you keep demonstrating you want to use hive by continuing to make good posts, this will probably help your chances of getting an airdrop.

Thanks for your suggestion. I'll wait until the detailed appeal process is offered and continue to create more posts of high quality.

Whether or not to create content is actually a conundrum for me. On the one hand I think we, "the excluded", should sit on the side line as much as possible, even if we didn't had any bad intent and be patient until we we're able to make a proposal. Some people might get provoked if we now act like nothing ever happened.

On the other hand, making (good!) content can work in the excluded's favor as well and the people I've gotten in touch with in this last week seem rather inviting about using Hive, excluded or not ...

Some people might get provoked if we now act like nothing ever happened.

I never thought about this. I would think not mentioning it and pretending it didn't happen are completely different.

I suspect it will do more good than harm as the people who are provoked by normal posting in the meantime will probably not support airdrops no matter what.