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RE: Buzz From Around the Hive: First Week Recap, Tips, and Info

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Great work!
I do my best i can to give my part for the Hive.

We need @steemchiller ´s Hiveworld here. I know the mistake about his votes. But he is worth to change his mind about the fork. He is a good guy and i am sure, the most of us think the self about him. Let´s get him to Hive. :-)


Salve at all Bee´s


Even if the community granted his Hive stakes back, I don't think he will join Hive & re-build Steemworld like app here.

@steemchiller is proving he was taken off rightly from Airdrop with his current behaviour.

I know, but i work for get his mind changed.
I am Alu,
i change minds. :-)

Just let me know you´re open to let this story goes to a peacefull end.

Honestly, I don't believe it is a matter of "peaceful conclusion", but to find motivated people who work in harmony on a new project.
Someone who has proven supportive of Justin Sun ideas, may not be able to understand and support Hive principles.
Don't get me wrong, I could use HIVEworld myself, but one sometimes has to go against his selfishness and thinking about the common good.

@steemchiller to me seems far from selfish and his thinking goes far beyond the ideas of JS.

@steemchiller to me seems far from selfish

No no, I was talking about me. I'd like to have a tool like steemworld here on HIVE, BUT I have to go against my selfishness and thinking about the common good.
Look, anyway, @steemchiller seems to have made up his mind :

So, we don't have to think about what was or what could have been, because today, it can now be what it is. 😉