A Taste of Autumn!

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It seems like longer than two months I’ve been away. It got pretty weird after awhile as I am so used to blogging often. It was good I took some time away to catch up on other things and get settled into my new work/teaching schedule.

I would say it was a restful time away but that’s hardly the case. My days have been full and entirely consistent with schooling, planning, cooking and cleaning. I feel as if I don’t have time for much else.

As stated before I left, having two junior high students calls for a longer work load tackling through all of their assignments daily. It’s been a good and challenging year so far and I have had the pleasure seeing my son improve on his skills and understanding.

My new Co-op duties have kept me busy and I am growing in my understanding and ability to handle situations. We have such a great team of wonderful people and I’m glad to be able to work with each of them.


Yes, this is my favorite season!

My sister made this beautiful wreath for my birthday in September and I hung it up on our front door the very same day I received it.

Isn't it lovely?! 😍

I tell ya you can save so much money making things on your own. She made this wreath entirely with dollar store supplies like wire, ribbon and pipe cleaners. Here’s a few process photos…


It was nice not having to buy one this year. 😊

I really think she’s on to something and may have found her a new niche. Here’s the one she made for her house…


I love the ribbon color combinations and that red just makes it all pop. It was so clever adding in the mini chalkboard to write in words or messages. She added in some lights on this one too.

Finally here’s one she just recently made for the parents of a close friend. She calls this one Cranberry 😁…


I like designs that are non traditional and she really ran with her imagination on this one. The colors and use of different textured ribbon on this one really stands out. Oh and the little red bells she used to represent cranberries was genius.

We’ll be selling items at a holiday craft fair next year and her wreath creations are what she’ll be presenting. I’m looking forward to seeing what other designs she comes up with.

Well if you weren’t in the mood to make a wreath before reading this post I bet you are now! 😆

We’ve been really trying to enjoy this season before it’s gone because it is but a taste. We all know that these beautiful Autumn leaves and colors don’t stick around for long.

This week we went to another pumpkin patch with our homeschool co-op and had a really good time. I was able to take home a few pumpkins to make my pumpkin donuts again this year. 😋


We were literally the last field trip scheduled there. Originally we were scheduled to go last week but due to a full day of rain we had to postpone it. We got the last of the pickings but thankfully there were still plenty of nice and healthy pumpkins available.

Our trip was filled with farm and planting education, big slides, corn pits, a corn maze and feeding the animals.


That’s my wrap up of the last two months.

I’m really not sure how much posting my new schedule will allow but I am glad to be back. I’ll be making my rounds soon to see what you’ve been up to as well. 😉

All photos are my own.

I’ll talk with you soon ~


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Wow it's so good to have you back on the hive blockchain, I hope you've had enough rest and get to reflect over activities, well your words did justice to my questions.

You've got alot to the with hmm, with the homeschool co-op, despite field visit being something that tend to be tiring, they're also exciting and fun too, it's good to see you had a great time their.

Wow this is such a beautiful your sister made to celebrate you on your birthday, I wish you a happy belated birthday, may all your heart desires come to fulfilment.

Welcome back, we've miss you and look forward to seeing more of you henforth.

Thank you @vickoly! I appreciate the welcome back and the tip! 😊

I’ve missed being here but it was so refreshing to step away for a bit. Now I’m back in business!! 😄

Thanks again ~

 2 years ago  

Good to hear from you again, Crosheille. It is true that sometimes we do not have enough time to do everything, so I am glad that you realized that it was time to rest a little.

Autumn looks great over there, those decorations your sister made are very nice. I hope she have success at the fair. While everything turns yellow over there, everything blooms in spring here :)

Greetings, thanks for sharing your days on Daily Blog ❤️.

Thanks Laura! I'm glad I realized it too. 😄

Oh my gosh I can't get enough of this season. 😍

Awww thanks for the compliment of her work. I hope she sells every wreath she makes!

I love springtime too. Enjoy it ~ 🌸

Glad to have u back @crosheille.

Thanks @techlhab! It feels good to return ~ 😊

Love the wreathes! Those are so pretty - I used to have them when we lived in Texas, but now we have a sliding glass door as our main door, so no wreath! Glad to have you back on here! I always enjoy reading your posts. The pumpkin patch sounds like fun - your goat photo makes me miss my little guy even though he was a nut and always used to ram me! Hope things are going well with you!

I thought they were so pretty too. She's been going to the stores stocking up on clearance ribbons and supplies lol. Did you used to make yours too?

Thank you friend. I always appreciate your comments and our conversations. ☺️

Awww, it’s great you have those memories of him. The kids really enjoyed the animal feeding part.

Things are good just really always busy busy. I’ve noticed as my kids get older the busier I am with their work and activities. Then there’s that part that we all love when they make new friends but of course that means more parties and get togethers 😁. It’s really all a blessing though. I just hope I can stay healthy and in shape to keep up with it all 😳😬. The farther up I get into my forties the more I am liking to stay home and relax, I need a daily nap as well. 😂

I did used to make my wreaths. It was fun to do and buying clearance ribbon is a great idea! Yeah, making new friends does mean more parties and get togethers! We've had an increase in families here as well. My daughter's birthday is on Sunday and we've invited all of her friends - 20 girlies! Going to be a wild time. Ha! I drink a glass of iced tea every afternoon to get over the mid-afternoon slump. It helps me make it to 9:30 at night. I don't stay up much later than that. 😉

I'm not surprised you used to make your wreaths. You're a crafty lady! 😍

Oh cool! Happy Birthday to your daughter and I hope she has an amazing celebration with her family and friends!! Have fun!

Iced tea is so yummy. I went from barely drinking coffee to needing…well wanting a glass every day. That helps get me through my slumps. Honestly I want to cut back though.

She had a great time with friends! It worked out really well! We did a scavenger hunt, craft, bounce house, cake, and gifts. It was packed, but the girls loved it.
I have a friend who drinks 8 cups of coffee a day, so one cup doesn't sound bad to me! Ha! 😉

Oh nice! Wow, that sounds like a party I would have had fun at!! 😍😆

Seriously?! 8 cups? Okay, now I feel okay about one cup for sure. 😅

It was a fun party!
We all need a little boost to get us through the day, right?? 😉

Welcome back! But no, I'm still not really in the mood to make a wreath. I remain uninspired.

Thank you! Well darn. Too bad I couldn't inspire you. At least you checked them out though. 😄

WOW... I LOOVE this post for so many reasons 🥰
It is so Colorful and your Sister sure has some wreath skills, that autumn one is so beautiful and I agree... I live this season to.

Going on pumpkin patch with your students sounds like lots of fun 😉 and I eaten pumpkin soup but I never heard of pumpkin donuts 🎃🍩
Sounds delicious tho 😋

Seems we have the busy life in common and that we haven't posted in a while 😁 lol
I used to post like 4 times a week and then 2...then 1....
Then once a week, every other... Seee where I am going?
And then it was a month and more, so I was happy to finally made a post again and seems we both did a similar thing 😊

I really enjoyed this, Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week.
Keep up the good work but don’t forget to take a break at times to so you don’t work to Hard.

Much love 🤗💞🤗

Thank you @saffisara!! I fall head over heels for Fall colors! 😍

Ooooh I may have to add pumpkin soup to my list of things to try. 😋

Lol yes we definitely have that in common. Since the beginning I went from posting everyday to now once a week (if I can even get that in 😄). Busy life for sure.

Thanks for saying that. I told myself this round I will take more breaks and time away off line to rest. My goal is to only be active up to 3 times during the week (mainly curating and commenting) and then on the weekends when time allows.

You please do the same, take those little breaks when needed ~ 😊💓

Glad you are back! Pumpkin donuts sound really good. We make them too - baked - like banana bread.

Thanks so much @apanamakid. I'm glad to be back! 😊

Oh cool! So you know how yummy they are ~ 😉

Welcome back sheille. The two months you’ve been away have been really eventful and fun.

Your sister really has a talent for ribbon making. Those are very nice!

Thank you! Oh really? What important things did I miss? 😁

Thanks for the compliment. She’ll be happy to know about the positive feedback.

I don’t even know where to begin. But for starters, we have RC delegation now, coming with the latest hard fork. But I’m sure you know that already. Must’ve been peeping in on us your entire vacation haha.

Also, a new tool called reverio is coming back to Hive. It used to be called Quello. I think it’ll be a really interesting addition to the blockchain. For this one, you’re not missing it. In fact, you’re just on time because their announcement was just yesterday.

These are the two on top of my mind. I’m sure you’ll find out more than I can tell you anyways. Have a great time sheille:)

Hahaha! Well yes I do know about the RC Dlelegatio but it wasn't from peeping in lol. I was very proud of myself for only looking in a couple of times while I was away. 👀😄

Okay cool. I didn't know about the second one so thanks for mentioning that. I'll be looking into it to see what it's all about.

Oh hey, it is nice to see you back!!
...sounds like a busy life indeed, and blogging can really wrap you up for hours (in my experience) but nice you made it again💕
And your sisters wreaths do look very pretty and I bet it must be a lot of fun making them... so many ways to be creative:) I could definitely see those selling on a craft-market, so good luck on that project!!
see you around soon:)

Thank you! 😊

Oh yes, I have spent many of my hours here blogging. This time around I really have to use more discipline because I have so much to handle and take care of in RL.

Thanks for such a great compliment on her wreaths. She’s thrilled to know how much they were liked.

I’ll be seeing you soon as I make my rounds ~ 😉

See who is back💕💕💕💕. Welcome back @crosheille I really missed your wonderful posts.

Glad you took some time off to concentrate on other things and I am sure you have settled down now.

The wreathes are beautiful. You won't believe I stepped out yesterday to look for a Christmas wreath. Last year I was heavy and was lazy to move around but this season, I am fully ready for all of the fun that comes with the season. I am also looking for a Christmas tree too.

Thanks for sharing. Your pictures are so lovely as usual. Welcome back once again.

Hey hey! It's sooo good to hear from you @joydukeson. I look forward to visiting your blog soon to see what you've been up to lady. 😃

Thank you so much! I've missed chatting with you and having your wonderful comments on my posts. 💓🤗

Oh wow that’s too cool! Did you find a nice one? Thanks for the compliment of my sister’s work. She is really enjoying the creating process.

It’s really nice to be back. Thanks for the visit and for welcoming me back ~ 😘

Glad to have you back here, hope you doing fine. Guess you came along with goodies because I am looking forward to having some

Thanks for the welcome back :)

The pleasure is mine

Wow I am so surprised to see you post and I didn't even noticed after some days but it is really nice to see you back @crosheille.

Hahaha yep I'm back! Thanks @emeka4. I'm just slowly catching up and making my rounds. It's good to be back :)

She is back, yahhhhhh 💃💃💃😂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🥰🥰🥰😍😘, wow, I have missed you here @crosheille , I have missed those posts of yours that usually push me out of my comfort zone 🤦🤦😂😂

Your decision was nice, and I am glad you have taken some time to give attention to the needful from your end .

This season is always what most people are waiting for and I can see the breeze from your end through those beautiful wreaths. Your sister did an amazing 😍 deco there.

Thanks for sharing this and I look forward to your nice posts going forward 😘👏😍

Oh wow what a nice welcome back! Thank you! 😃☺️🥰😘

I appreciate that. Definitely was a needed time away. Now I'm trying to catch up on what's new. 😄

Thanks for the compliments on the wreath. I'll be sure to pass them along to her.

Awww thanks so much. I'll be making more rounds soon to catch up with everyone. I'm hoping to find the time to post at least once a week but it may be more like every other week, we shall see. 😉

I am very happy to have you back me in particular I miss you, to tell you the truth I was really worry

Thanks for the nice comment @mosesessien. Oh no worries, I was just simply taking the break that I needed. Now I'm back and refreshed. 😉

Its nice to have you back.. Thank God I added you to the favorite so I can see when you make new post

Thank you, it's much appreciated ~

Dear @crosheille nice to have you back. I have really missed you and your posts. The farm trip will surely be of help to you. Greetings boss. I believe by now you should have added enough weight from your two month's break

Thanks for the comment @apunawu. It’s good to be back at it again.

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Absolutely! It’s done! ✔️

Thank you for your support @crosheille, really appreciate it! ❤️

Of course ~ 😉