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Curator @anggreklestari

Dubuqe Museum of Art - Ceramics Art Exhibit
[Esp-Eng] Pastel de Pollo y Papas💛 ✨ ¡Un Almuerzo para Disfrutar! | Chicken and Potato Pie💛 ✨
My Mom Was 88 Saturday....
Visiting the White Rock With My Parents Over The Weekend. Canada's Longest Pier. British Columbia.
Double Barreled Pizza
My Latest Harvests and Plantings
Wednesday Walk with a wide lens
[ESP - ENG] Delicioso y Nutritivo Almuerzo: Puré de Papa, Chorizo Ahumado y Ensalada de Zanahoria, Vainita y Maíz * 🍠 🍴* Delicious and Nutritious Lunch: Mashed Potatoes, Smoked Chorizo and Carrot, Vanita and Corn Salad.
(ENG - ESP) Tasty homemade mint lemonade
(Eng-Esp)Recycle and make a beautiful detail to give as a gift.||Recicla y realiza un hermoso detalle para regalar. Por @hetyg
[ESP/ENG]☕Exhibidor de Tazas para Decorar Tu Cocina//☕Cup display to decorate your kitchen

Curator @brumest

Casual wedding moments / Momentos casuales de una boda #Monomad challenge
Monomad: 'The Three Musketeers'
Moon base --- Monomad --- Eng/Esp
A beautiful spring day
From the sketchbook
Learning Digital Drawing - Sphinx Woman [Eng-Esp]
[en][es] Photographic series during a tour of Havana
Week Contest #6 - Lilli Pilli from the Skies Part 2
This is my entry for the #monomad challenge - Harvest Festival Fever
Views of Bangkok from the Baiyoke Sky Tower Hotel
Monomad challenge - Magpies
A Time to Reset
Monomad | l am always with you all and accompanied by the red bug beetle 🐜🐜

Curator @crazy-andy

Look at me! - Cistus crispus
White stork nest restoration
Hades is one of the best games I've ever played - I'll explain why
The perfect paradise for all manual workers ❤️🌷 El paraíso perfecto de toda manualista
TOH Contest #7- Cut and Down: a pretty funny cards game you must play (EN/ES)
This park is full of amazing, spring vibes! 🌸 / W wiosennym parku Rydza-Śmigłego w Warszawie
DC UNIVERSE ONLINE: Are you the hero or the villain? First impressions
Minimalist Beauty: Simplified Daily Routine
Welcome back to Porklandia
Incredible India - Episode - #9 Feroz Shah Kotla, one of the oldest Fortress in Delhi
Things are not always perfect, but we must be thankful! [EN] // [ES]
Climbing Piedras Blancas Peak, the 5th highest in Venezuela / Subiendo el Pico Piedras Blancas, el 5to más alto de Venezuela
A walk in the countryside of Piteccio..
A day at the beach with the family - Itapuã, Salvador Bahia, Brasil.
[ENG] A church with a Mexican accent in Las Mercedes-Caracas [ESP] Una iglesia de acento mexicano en las Mercedes-Caracas

Curator @equipodelta

[ESP – ENG] Hermoso adorno para decorar la nevera. / Beautiful ornament to decorate the fridge.
Pizza de Harina de Maíz - (Esp-Eng)
Mi vida entre canciones que me han marcado
Mi vida es música | Suénala DJ (Es –En)
La música en la vida de Alfredo | Historia [ESP-ENG]
[ENG-SPA] My best music that marked my life🎼🎤
Detrás de cada canción hay una historia|
Canciones Memorables en mi Vida [Esp, Eng]

Curator @ewkaw

Monomad challenge || Arna pseudoconspersa larvae.
Jenga Fun before Bedtime
[ESP-ENG] Dibujando a Bob esponja Pantalones cuadrados 🏝️ Drawing Sponge Bob Square Pants
Black and White Walk | Monomad
3 Wednesdays Walks in 1!!! Picking Flowers, & The Lake
Watercolor illustration
Tasting Holat - Special Fish Soup from South Tapanuli - Indonesia
Monomad Challenge-Airplane Reflection Impressed Floating
Making Special Bakwan Jagung With Simple Ingredients

Curator @fmbs25

¡Mami quiero más! Avances en la recuperación de Rafael
Cupcake de Vainilla con Centro de Chocolate / Vanilla Cupcake with Chocolate Center
Baby steps...
(🇪🇦 /🇺🇸) Exquisita salsa a base de camarón y champiñones hecha en casa paso a paso 🦐🫑🧄🧅🍅 // Exquisite homemade shrimp and mushroom sauce step by step 🦐🫑🧄🧅🍅
Presente en la competencia de Street Workout Community [ESP | ENG]

Curator @galenkp

The Mystery in the Theater
no preview
Part Two of The Total Retro Show 2022
From Seed to Harvest: Ch.1 Preparing Your Seed Starter Mix
Ammo Ambiguity

Curator @jotakrevs

Yusupov garden. St. Petersburg (visual walk of 17 photos)
The Fairies and Sylphs of the forest | Generative Art by eve66
Architecture of delights: the Sabatini Gardens
Cielos de La Habana
Corner of Prague in the morning. Уголок Праги утром
Spirit of the night / ART-ESP/ING
Crane Fly and Moth - Macro Photography
Excursion to the Hill of San Giorgio, Treviso - Discovering Italy with alequandro!
Olios Sherwoodi [Sherwood Huntsman Spider]
#monomad challenge for today - Beach erosion Vol.1
Recipe of pork in sweet and sour sauce, Chinese food /Receta de puerco en salsa agridulce, comida china (Eng/Esp)
Wednesday Walk Past the Oriental Pavilion to the Tauride Garden

Curator @lourdeshd6

Foxes, Lions, Chickadees, and Ostriches; Blog, Digital Art and Photography, Poetry and Spoken Word.
Close encounter with a white Rhino
Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo- MALE BIRDS
Wednesday Walk - A Wild Garlic Walk
insects macro #051122
Inverted Sunset

Curator @minismallholding

Iniciative || Express what we think and feel// [ENG//ESP]
Edible, wild fungi of South Australia post #2 Saffron Milk Cap (Lactarius deliciocus)

Curator @nikv

Psycho - sandsculpture
Ceramics Class: Third Week Progress. Granite Inlays, Tray, Coil Planter, Lion Relief Face
The sea takes everything back - watercolor on paper
My Blue Trail: From Városlőd to Bakonybél
La luz de la polilla / Moth light - Stopmotion
Preview of works to be exhibited in the exhibition / 個展出品作品プレビュー (ENG/JPN)
delcardoodles! ENG-ESP
Spring Beauties For The Eye And Nose
Wheel Story House Accra, Building Creativity
My Wartime Diary. Small pleasures of life in the sea of pain
Recipe - Peanut butter bars

Curator @riccc96

Digital Art - Theressa, The Quiet and Mysterious Blue Lake.
Wednesday Walk : Rainbow Troops
Mushrooms that we can bring to our kitchen in May
Light Painting At Sakura Trees
Wednesday Walking After a Night of Severe Thunderstorms

Curator @ritch

Hablemos sobre escarabajos longicornios y el género Eburodacrys

Curator @tazi

Garlic in the childish world

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Thanks @minismallholding for featuring my mushroom post I hope that, as we're both neighbours (by Australian standards of distance), I'll see you out in the forests foraging!

I need to figure out where some pine forests are first. 😆

Mt Crawford has the best locations for Saffies, Slipperies and laccaria. Just down the road from you by the tennis courts at Elizabeth is a great spot for Lawyer's Wigs. If you have some spare time next week, I could show you. Lots of locals pick them from there early in the day.

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