Isle of Write Islander Highlights! Week 9

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Islander Highlights - Week 9!

Last week it felt like a tornado tore through my cabana, and I never did get to read all the wonderful writing to be found at the IsleofWrite tag, but I simply couldn’t resist the draw of the treasure laden shores any longer. So without further ado, let me share my favorite selections of the past week!



...has a fantastic entry into @svashta’s brilliant Constrained Writing Contest. In response to the instruction to write a fictional journal entry, @foxfiction dug deep and in a short piece overflowing with mystery and horror, Far, Pale Land gave readers a taste of a much bigger picture:

I don't know when the thing sleeps or what it feeds on if not just our fear, but it is relentless...

With more character development and backstory in this flash fic than can be found in some novels, the quick read is worth your time. Leave a comment too, maybe we can convince him to expand the tale!


...offers a freewrite worth its weight in gold with Little Black Magic, a beautiful story of what might have been. Week after week these gems reinforce the incalculable value of @mariannewest’s Five-Minute-Freewrite initiative.

And that day, after spending two hours talking to the beautiful, mysterious girl that became his wife, he bought the mug she'd had her coffee in.

@honeydue’s gauzy prose lends an almost eerily dreamlike sense to this piece, deftly enhancing the romantic aura surrounding her story.


...plucked our heartstrings in The Investment, a hope-filled piece that turns the normal idea of “investment” on its head.

She laid a candy bar and bag of potato chips on the counter and slid a rumpled dollar bill across the counter worlessly. What struck him was the gaze she held. Clear and fearless...

Need a little hope in your lit? How about a twist? @wandrnrose delivers both!


As always, I offer the disclaimer that I am no educated judge of poetry, so if I've misinterpreted, poorly chosen, or otherwise dropped the ball, forgive me. I can only share what I loved and encourage all readers to check out these authors and the others at the IsleofWrite tag.


...always warms my soul. This week he highlights the divinely ordinary and magically commonplace with his prose poem, The Spring of Life:

Things are good the way they are.
The gods live here, in the ordinary world,
and the stories our grandchildren will retell are rooted here.


...breathtaking talent for baring the human spirit in all its complexity, frailty, and strength was in full bloom in Free Thyself. This examination of the tendency to lose oneself in another, or desire that one lose oneself in you, cuts to the heart of so many interpersonal relationships.

i am not I
so please stop
seeing my
in your


...touched a nerve with Break Free. This tale of transformation spoke to my introvert (let's be honest - nearly agoraphobic) heart in a wonderful way. @poetrybyjeremy is the other side of the coin @mamadini tossed into the mix, encouraging us to trust in some of the influence others may bring to bear on our "selves," or at least step out of the echo chamber.

I had denied myself
the best chance for happiness -
to be surrounded by others
who are not a mimicry of myself


I love that we get so many nonfiction contributions. There is such an eclectic mix of topics to be found, I hate that there isn't time here for more!


...has become a veritable Steem Dynamo, and one of her excellent contributions to the platform is her series Mommy Mondays which for the past three weeks has been sharing how to create a seriously professional puppet. This is not your momma's sock puppet, people.

Long story short, I had a character inside of me with a cute little voice and it became this purple monkey puppet. We did a few live events, took Bean to the park to chat with kids ... and visited a children's hospital...

As always, @byn is a pleasure, giving readers the sense she is just the kind of gal they'd love to hang out with, especially if monkey-puppetry is involved.


...graces the platform with a book review that perfectly demonstrates why she is absolutely without peer in the realm. This Keangaroo Sneak Preview of the forthcoming In the Blood, by David Hoing and Roger Hileman is jam-packed with far more info than you will find from the average book review.

Just try to forget what happened to Freddy's fingers. And why he was unable to get proper medical care.
Or the workers who went on strike at the meat packing plant, and the shooting that happened in real life, though names were changed in the novel.

And with her own wonderful prose in the mix, Keangaroo Reviews are as entertaining as their subject matter.


...draws our attention to the sadly threatened Salton Sea, in part forty-six of his wonderful series, Travels with Connie. Packed with gorgeous photos that offset the troubling revelations, this is not only a good read, but an important one.

...the Salton Sea supports the most diverse and important population of birds in the continental United States. An important resting spot on the Pacific Flyway, over 400 species have been documented at the Salton Sea.

If your only familiarity with this amazing area comes from the Val Kilmer film, @bigtom13 will open your eyes in an instant.

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As always, I feel like a proud momma when so many of the freewriters turn up in these pages 😘

Thank you so much for the mention! It's a real honor to see my name up there with such talented people <3

I am just honored to be mentioned in this project with the truly wonderful creators.

Thank you for the mention among so many beautiful pieces!

Awww... thanks for the feature! I really appreciate your support as always! I am running way behind on my responsibilities today, but I will visit everyone tomorrow with some upvotes! :) Thank you again for all of your awesome support!

I am humbled! ::bows deeply::

I love being included with such great writers -- this is a wonderful birthday gift. <3

Thank you.

Oh! Happy Birthday Niish! 🎉

Oops, the 7-day window again! How did I miss this 13 days ago??
Oh, heavens, and you mentioned my book review! THANK YOU for the kind words! And for all you're doing for IOW and the anthologies, along with @authorofthings, and we look forward to having you back at Discord and writing YOUR fiction again. Hello, Part #3 to the She Liked It prompt... you have left us dangling for so long!