How STEEMIT is Revolutionising SOCIAL MEDIA & BLOCKCHAIN..!!

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Credit: World Alternative Media

In an hour long interview with World Alternative Media in September of this year where I discussed my VISION of the future of BLOCKCHAIN I touched on the subject of STEEMIT and how I believe it is set to totally revolutionise SOCIAL MEDIA.

I had been a active user of STEEMIT for a few weeks prior to the interview and had seen its awesome potential in that very short period.

Since joining STEEMIT I have seen an encouraging number of new users joining the platform and can only see great things for its future.

STEEMIT is more than a Social Media Experiment it is breaking down barriers of Centralised Social Media Sites to one of a De-Centralised Environment.

Having your Social Media News Feed on the BLOCKCHAIN helps measure the CONTENT VALUE and provide an indication of its authenticity as it arrives in your Feed.

Active users on STEEMIT who are also users of other Social Media Sites will soon realise the power of STEEMIT when they begin to rely on the CONTENT VALUATION of their STEEMIT News Feed and find that their other Social Media Sites do not provide this.

It is all about CONTENT VALUATION and the measure of CONTENT ACCURACY..!!

I have been a huge fan of STEEMIT from the first day I came across the platform and have grown more enthusiastic about it daily.

I have shared this video before but wanted to share again for anyone who has recently started following me.

Thanks for reading and thanks again for all your support and kind comments, I really appreciate it.



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Once they get SteemQ out of the lab, that will far surpass Steemit for a while.

All you tubers will cross pollinate, however I feel the true worth here is in reading and writing.

This is great as most can't really read, the can only skim.

Yes! Once they have a Steemit app that you can download from the google playstore or Apple App Store... this will explore and a lot of new people will most certainly get curious and get into Steemit! :) You get paid to do a lot of the things you did on Facebook and Twitter basically! :)

Yes sir .
I follow you sir @ stephenkendal.
I read and watched your video.
hsmpir all podtingan sir I read.
I get motivated.
i will learn from masters @ stephenkendal.
thank you very much sir