Three Year Anniversary

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Field of Lupins

You should, you could, you would, you got to.. Stfu. You can shove it along with all that pressure and imaginary obligations you think I have. It’s the most damaging thing for all creatives. When you immerse yourself into processes without noticing the time passing by and out of nowhere someone always pops up and starts with the words mentioned above. It steeps into all levels of life, every tiny, little thing. It is as if everything is supposed to have a blueprint, guidelines of how things are intended to be, and dare not coloring outside those lines.

I feel the happiest when I am coloring outside the lines and because I want to. Because I can. Not because I should. Sometimes I don’t want to color at all. Sometimes I have no energy. Sometimes I am fed up with the bullshit people forced onto other people and remind me over and over why it is rare for me to let them close. This past year I am learning to pace myself. Meaning, every single time I feel that outside pressure, hear those voices telling me what I am supposed to do, I stop myself completely. Is it because I want to do it or is it what “the world order” demands it of me? But what about relevance, accomplishments, winning? Shut up! Nice try to trick me into spiderwebs of the collective mind once again.

Slowly, but surely I am beginning to recognize the difference when I say I have to and I want to. The most recent lesson came from my garden as I was unable to attend it for a while. Then once I was able again, I noticed the I have to as I was racing to plant everything. The hard work was my reward, sure, yes. But the joy was missing as I was cornered to rush with it. I was too exhausted, strained my body constantly triggering migraines, and I even injured myself. Of course, someone would look at the result and it would not make any difference in how it was reached, but to me, the process is as important. It is part of the experience. Usually, the part that takes most of our precious time and energy. Yet that is supposed to be some sort of chore? Heck no!

Anyhow, it’s my cake day of three years on the block! Cheers to more of I want to in the future! Hugs

Song of the day: Grimes, 潘PAN - Darkseid (damn, Grimes is fucking brilliant! ^^)


Happy anniversary for your three years on the blockchain!

Good comparison of "have to" and "want to"! I absolutely agree with you, "the process is much important" to me, too. Nowadays, I mostly do things that I "want to" and always do it by heart. (the things that don't hurt anyone!) I always feel good and it's happier to do that.....

Oh! A lot of flowers in your garden! They are really gorgeous and look refreshing. In the meantime, the white ones are my most favorite.

Thanks so much for your good article and for these beautiful photos. ;)

Three years feel like a decade at least. Time passes so quickly on the blockchain, everything constantly changing, expanding and growing. Never a dull day! I am so happy I found this place! Thank you so much @tangmo for visiting my blog from time to time and for your thoughtful comments that are appreciated! Hugs

With great pleasure!

I totally agree with you, "time passes so quickly on the blockchain", indeed. I am so happy I found this place, too.

Warm regards and hugs! ;)

As a boy, I always tried to color within the lines...too.
As a young man, I began to feel, staying in line was boring.
As an 'old' man...the 'lines' are becoming more and more blurred; giving me a truer sense of freedom.

I've enjoyed your creations in the past, and suspect I shall in the future😎

Strange isn't it? It's like some sort of breaking point, where one realizes how some things are completely pointless, meaningless, waste of time, stupid, and only causing damage, suffering, pain. And then, in that midst of chaos you go nope, I am not having any of this, chiao, peace! :D

Aww, thank you @angryman!

You're welcome @m31 … It's true :>)

Song of the Grey:
"I feel free" - Cream

This one takes me back to days when I was a bit rebellious teen and watched La Femme Nikita

I first heard I feel free by Cream there :) Come to think of it, the whole soundtrack of these series was amazing.

The photos look so good! I think we don't have to do anything we don't want to. It is good to live the life we feel like living, without letting external pressures to force us to be something we are not.

How is the lavender?

Yea. Sometimes though it is so easy to get tangled and lost in all that. Or not even notice it happening. I guess I spot it only when some sort of clashes happen. Internal or external.

Lavender is a lot better. Well.. one plant is pretty much gone except for two branches and another plant that is right next to it is beginning to fill up its space. They are about to start blooming soon. Forming the flower stems! ^^

Ooo so happy for you! First bloom😍😍😍The smell will be divine, make sure you'll take a sniff😂

3 years - you are getting old :P

Love the lupins and I don't care if people think they are a weed :D Your pics are a reminder to get out and take some pictures before the heat eats them!

So old! You have no idea xD

Me too! It is like someone spilling a rainbow in the middle of the meadow. I get why some places people would not be too happy of having them, but this enchanted meadow is right next to the forest, so no one bothers much about it.

The heat is finally calming down a bit it seems. It was a bit too much for couple of days here.

They are all over the place here, but mostly purple and pink only, but you seem to have a wider range there.

It might hit 30 later in the week here.

I was surprised of the variety as well when I first saw this, but because no one is cutting grass there, it seems the have mixed and crossed there for years.

Yup. For at least two days I thought I was about to pass out xD Got no AC in the house.

It has been great to have you around dear. Cheers to more memorable times on this platform

Thank you for your kind words @empress-eremmy! :) Three amazing years that I would not trade for anything. So many adventures, lovely humans, shared stories and so much more. Hope for many years to come!

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