Saturday Morning at The Met (Ancient Egypt Exhibit)

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Hey Steemians!

Welcome to the second installment of my exclusive Steemit Mobile Photography series, Saturday Morning at The Met.

I love living so close to The Met, it's practically in my "backyard" which makes it easy to pop in whenever I need an art fix or simply want to escape. The grand architecture and world-famous art collections fuel the imagination and always inspires. There's endless charm within the multitude of salons that magically lures one in like a favorite novel or movie come to life, leaving one with the feeling of having just wandered through history. An additional lure, are all the visitors, many from around the world, whose reaction to being in the museum is equally inspiring. This series is dedicated to capturing both.

This week, I had the pleasure of walking through the Ancient Egyptian wing for the second installment of Saturday Morning at The Met.

Photo #1


Photo #2


Photo #3


Photo #4


Photo #5


Photo #6


Photo #7


Photo #8


Photo #9


Photo #10


Photo #11


Photo #12


Photo #13


Photo #14


Photo #15


Photo #16


Photo #17


Photo #18


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Thank you!


Photo 8: the ancient security guard (lion ) and moden security guard.
Last photo: moden window, ancient sculpture, moden woman, timeless plant
Interesting vibe!

Thank you. I would like to meet you in Egypt

@jchch I loved your perspective so much, I changed 8 to Number one!! It's made the 'story' of the post move along so nicely! THANK YOU! And, your your continued support! :D

You are welcome! Very nice pics and story!

Beautiful photos Welcome to Egypt I am Egyptian+follow

@tohamy7 Thank you! Much appreciated! Followed back :D

Thank you for your beautiful pictures. We hope to meet you for a trip to Luxor to get to know them+follow

Insane how old these sculptures are :O

yeah, they're so cool!

Lovely and wonder as always :)

Thank you my dear J! Kind, as always! :D

looks like a cool day. Old Egyptian culture is always fascinating to watch.

so cool! It's very transporting! thanks for your support! :D

History is wonderfull c:

Totally agree! thanks!

@ilanaakoundi egyptian history is very interesting! Nice photos.
Kindly please take a look at my posts about Warsaw, the capital of Poland. I'm sure you will like them.
All the best!

thank you! I'll pop over now....looking foward

Nice photos

@opanyin thank you! :D

great photos! nice framing

@irphotography thanks very much! :D

Amazing day at the Met. I really enjoyed photo #13 and #16! So cool.

@tiffy Thank you! So glad you enjoyed :D

Very cute . I wish u spend good time at my home egypt .

Next viste hope ee meet and will let u have good time in luxor and aswan .

Thanks for ur sharring

Fllow + upvote

@mero wow! to be in Luxor! Than would be a dream, indeed! Thank YOU! I've followed back :D

Welcom my dear.

Any time when comd to egypt inform me

Plz follwed me my siser

@mero followed my dear :D


Excellent post!! thank you for sharing + follow up

@mars9 Many THANKS! So glad you enjoyed! :D

Nice this post. I also love photographing people in museums that observe works of art or posing ....The baby and the sphinx are wonderful ....

@sardrt Thank you very much! And, for reposting, too! It's a favorite pass-time of mine! So very happy you enjoyed! :D

I enjoy ancient art and monuments, especially Greek or Egyptian.
(I upvoted and followed you back)

@logic Thank you on both accounts! O! I agree, I can spend hours just wandering through these's been real fun to share!

It is like going back in time, especially when you visit ancient ruins.
I jist filter out all people from my vision like they are not there and imagine I am back moved few thousand years walking around with everything intact around me.

Yes! I know exactly what you mean. Just letting the magic take over! And then, I have the excuse to wander through again to take pics! What a fun escape! ;)

Thanks for taking us with you on your visit to the Met such an interesting exhibit

Thank for coming along with me! It's been a pleasure to share! :D

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Very ancient !! Reminds me of my art history class

Beautiful photo! I really liked it.
Красивое фото! Мне очень понравилось.

Lovely tour of the Met, thank you! I've always wanted to visit New York. I hope I get to see this for myself soon :) I look forward to more of your mobile photography series.

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great photography! just in the right moments!

Hello @ilanaakoundi, I just saw this post. Have you any idea of which goddess is depicted in photo 3? I am particularly fascinated by female goddesses. Thank you. The photos are lovely.

What a darling little goddess in photo number 3 !