Mobile Street Photography Series: City Scenes #1 (in color)

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Hello Steemers

I'm very excited to present to you the first installment of City Scenes, my third mobile street photography series exclusively for Steemit. This is my first series that will include some sets of photographs in black & white, and some sets in color (such as today's installment). Color photography is a departure for me. However, it's always nice to branch out and do something new. Not to mention, there are moments when this city just calls out to be captured in color.

Hat Store on Bleeker Street

Window Reflection

Shadow Man

Guggenheim Window

Everybody Selfie in SOHO

Broken Down in Greenwich Village

Park Avenue Chic

Graceland on Houston Street

Man on West Broadway

Bubby's Girl

Hope you enjoyed the first installment of my new exclusive mobile street photography series for Steemit -- City Scenes.


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These are really awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you! So glad you enjoyed. It's lots of fun to share :D

lovely... I'm always fascinated with street photography

Thanks you! I love street photography -- it's really fun to see what stories unfold as you're getting about. So glad you enjoyed.

love it !!!! will follow for more :-)

Wow!! Thank you, much appreciated! Next installment coming soon.... :D

Wow these colour photos are just as amazing as your black and white ones. Each one is so perfect in itself. I love the colours - did you use film for these? They just have that film look which I love.

Smiles! Your kind words and support mean a lot -- thank you! These are all from a mobile device :D

Wow I never realised. That is even more amazing:)

Big smiles! TY! :D

I love what you share here All of the photos are awesome---all the colors and angles and textures. My favorites are those with reflections which adds layers of intrigue to the otherwise simple scene. Reflections and shadow are some of my own best photos. Love seeing it in the work of others. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted and followed.

Very cool shots!

I'm usually too shy to take street photos. Mountains and trees don't tend to come up to you and demand your camera for taking photos of their girlfriend. (true story)