Light Chasers: Episode 3

in #photography6 years ago

Welcome back to Light Chasers, one of my two mobile street photography series (along with City Gritty) created exclusively for Steemit, and based in my hometown of New York City.

Light Chasing is a passion for some mobile street photographers, and I'm one of them. I simply love to shoot light and shadows that create cool and dramatic effects in photographs. Not only can light and shadows be used to create contrast, but they can have an impact on the subject of a particular image. They can be used to focus the viewer's attention, too, and to reveal form and texture. I love creating these effects.

I'm happiest whenever I get the chance to be a Light Chaser. It's a real blast. Some like to call it Light Stalking, poking fun at the rather obsessive nature of chasing light.

To do Light Chasing, first you need a sunny day, of course. Then you need to pay attention to where the light falls and the shadows it creates. I love pushing shadows to the limit...

Some people call shadows the "ugly duckling" of photography because they can often ruin a photograph. But for a Light Chaser, shadows are the "swans" of photography as they create mystery that lets the viewer fill in the blanks, so to speak.

Thanks for viewing. I hope you enjoyed!

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Black and white photo gives a quiet feeling. At the same time the content is about NYC, which usually gives a hustle bustle feeling. Interesting contrast :) Keep up the good work!

Thank you! I appreciate the kind comments. I like your interpretation, a lot! :D

These pictures are amazing, I love how timeless they are. They cut through all the politics and technology that are all around us screaming what time it is and they are replaced with that timeless elegance that will speak the same language to anyone over a century ago and to future generations that will be born centuries from now.

Wow, that truly is a great compliment -- I'm floored by it, in fact! Especially as I try to create a "timeless" feel to my work. I'm so thrilled you see that, it means, a lot. Thank you very much! :D

You're Welcome :)

By the way I forgot to follow you before, but I have since corrected that.

Smiles, thank you very much! :D

Beautiful as always. Good shadows are what make a great photograph in many cases:)

Hey thank you! Your support and kind word are always appreciated!
I agree! Great shadows do make great photos :)

You're welcome. It is entirely deserved:)

Big smiles :D

There is always so much to see in New York. Agree about the shadows. They create the contrast which creates the light!