Photo Compilation - [Salad Series] - ft. Blueberries

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Here's an interesting Salad combination that I like to make from time to time, this one ft. blueberries.

Most people probably wouldn't think that fruits are a great choice for salad, but they can be if you make the right combinations and use the right dressings!

I habitually stock my salads with Asian Pear, Pomegranate Seeds, Figs & yes sometimes Blueberries.

The trick is to match sweat or tart with the right salad dressing. Adding cheese and nuts or other seeds can also help to neutralize any 1 fruit flavour from totally taking over. For salad dressings, I typically opt for olive oil and lemon combos but vinaigrette can work well too! I'd avoid creamy dressings with any sort of fruit !!!

Here's another one without lettuce (now a days I tend to exclude lettuce altogether, but it is a great filler especially if you need to make a party sized salad for events.



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Jaybird ~


Your salad looks really good @jaybird, must be looking forward to the summertime now! Hope you're keeping well and starting to have more freedom of movement now?
Take care!

Definitely looking forward to summer, been getting 1 nice day here and there followed by rain and wind lol....So it's close! After this long weekend some restrictions are loosened, we shall see how that goes.

Yea this salad is a big win in my mind :) I recommend the asian pear tho more so than the blueberries. It's mroe versatile.