OpenSeed Proposal FUNDED! Walk-and-Talk Video

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There's obviously a lot going on in the Steemiverse right now, which only makes it all the more humbling that people took the time (and stake) to vote on OpenSeed's Steem Proposal and help get us funded! This proposal was always about validating our products and giving back to the Steem community, so despite all of the issues going on at the moment, we still are extremely excited about this development.

Take Our SBD!

That's also why we've always been committed to giving all the funds we receive back to the community. We've always said that whatever funds we received from the SPS would be used to reward community members for contributing to either OpenSeed or OpenLink. Well, that time has come! So if you are interested in helping on either of these projects, Join Our Discord Server, Join Our Steem Community!, and let being working with us to build a more socially aware internet!.

Finding Meaningful Work

Despite the difficult time we find ourselves in, I find myself more energized than ever, which is why I wanted to start experimenting with a new "Walk-and-Talk" video series. In today's video I explore the topic of "meaningful work" which came up recently at a Software Over Coffee meetup I've been attending lately in Philadelphia. It's a great group of genuine people trying to build a supportive community of software workers. If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend dropping in. The group meets every Saturday at 10:00 AM.

I believe that the most important objective for the individual when it comes to their work, is that they maximize the amount of time they spend doing meaningful work. I actually believe this is more important than what title you have, how much money you make, how much vacation time you get, etc. But this begs the question: how do you make that happen? I explore this topic in the video below.

While the challenges we currently face are difficult, they also serve as an unlimited source of meaningful work. So with that, let's get to it! Thanks again for the support, and don't forget to vote for Witnesses you trust! Every little bit helps!

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pythonista here. i really look forward to openseed now got me hyped :D
you are amazing keep up the good work.
also like the format of walky and talky much betta

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback! You get an early commenter full power upvote bonus 😁

It's about finding meaningful work.

It's also about recognizing meaningful work when you see it. ;-)

I like the walk and talk format. It is a nice way to get to know your neighborhood along with you. LOL

"Software is eating the world." -Marc Andreeson

If this is the case, which it appears to be, let's make it open source.

I love the idea of a podcast to discuss what you mention. It seems like a great idea as a way for people to start focusing on the picture at a little higher level.

I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for this walk and talk Andrarchy. 🤛 It just helps to clear the air for one!

I like the sounds of those two projects. That is what Steem needs right now so thank you for taking the initiative.

I will certainly help with the funding. Open source projects that are meaningful and bring true value to the community are something I can get behind. 🙌

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You should probably spend $300 and get the DJI Osmo Pocket Camera with built in Gimbal Stabilzation.... super smooth video while you are walking ....

I just checked it out, this is exactly what I need.

The discord link has expired. please check

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I am glad that you are finding passion in your new path of life and that you see things so clearly. And congrats on the funding!

My favorite Open Source software is Stellarium, a fantastic astronomy tool. There is not a single thing that I am missing in it and I am so grateful that it is top notch and free. All power to open source development. In fact, I miss Utopian.

P.S. I like your walk and talk style. Keep it up.

love the format and the topic you are diving into! It's really great to listen, keep it up :)

It is always great to hear from you! I like this format a lot. Congrats on the funding!

Hola @andrarchy… Eso es genial.
Hello @andrarchy... That's great.

A nice inspiring speech and life will send you in a new direction.

A nice inspiring
Speech and life will send you in
A new direction.

                 - chesatochi

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Meaningful work is a great philosophy.

You should become a witness now that you don’t work for Steemit.

Thanks. Reminds me that i need a new project to sink my teeth into

I'm really glad the funding came through!

I really like the "walk and talk" format @andrarchy; for that matter, I like any initiative that is backed up by regular updates from its principals. Nothing kills enthusiasm faster than a lack of sincere communication, and with a system like we have in this community, why not simply incorporate such project updates into the process itself as a form of ongoing pre-release marketing?

Your insight is spot on! Back many moons ago I was a bit of a self-development workshop junkie, which included a number of presentations that focused on the thing we broadly call "work purpose." Hereunder, the notion that work can be broadly looked at in the categories of "calling" (truly meaningful work); "craft" (acceptable work, but you derive your true meaning in life from non-work activities); and "drudgery," that thing so many people are/feel trapped in...and which causes us to self-medicate with anything from diversions to chemicals.

My key takeaway about working at your Calling is being able to sincerely say "Yes, I would still be doing this, even if I were not being paid to do it!"

All the best to you, on the path ahead!

You need to get a long selfie stick.... like Kevin has....

Already got one! Next video 😁

Awesome,... I got one yesterday at Walmart for $8..... going to start filming my snow shoe adventures along the Rideau River here in Canada, will post them all on HideoutTV

I experiment every day here on Steemit..,lately 2 things work very very well.

You should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

Awesome Video man ... . Meaningful work ? Start sharing your videos on HideoutTV .... you Create Awesome Movies. Be a Creator not a Consumer. Hideout is looking for new creators if you’re interested in getting paid for your Meaningful Creative work ....

Love the walk and talk format.
The message re meaningful work resonated deeply and energized. looking fwd to regular top ups: )

I’m saying this as someone that doesn’t understand this entire situation. I’m just a writer and blogger and health coach. But seeing videos like this is really helping me to understand exactly what is going on with this entire business of Troy acquisition of Steemit.

I love this community, I love the engagement...this is certainly a prototype for how social media should be.

Thank you for this video.

Thanks for the update on the OpenSeed Steem Proposal

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I think a lot of what you're talking about is finding work that isn't alienating.

I had the same thing as you with Steemit working as a teacher, although probably not as extreme or immediate.

I used to teach A-level (16-19) sociology in a college, and the subject was great, the kids were great, the other staff were great, but eventually the rest of the system just got too much - I didn't feel like I had meaningful control over too many aspects of my work, and it became alienating.

I quit, and I now teach the same subject online and sell resources - same product essentially, but I'm in control, I can experiment with different things, I can be 'cheekier' in what i produce.

And it's not a drag, I don't feel like working.

I feel like I've got another evolution to go through - I'm intending to move to an eco-village (all being co-ordinated through Steem btw) within the next year and quite literally work for free helping to build it, work for me needs to be more diverse and hands-on going forwards.

I've been planning this for a while now, but this Tron fiasco has made me realise that a move towards living off the land with less reliance on either fiat or crypto is essential for boosting resilience!

Glad your back, and I'm not a fan of toxing either!

Anyway, bit a long reply there soz.

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This is awesome! Please continue this walk and talk :D

Glad you see the positive side of leaving Steemit. Having meaningful work in your life is a huge win, and it's definitely not always 'paid work' that will give you that. Vicki Robin has a nice way of distinguishing the different types of 'work' we have in our live and how they compare to each other. Anyway. Can't wait to see what 'energized Andrarchy' is going to bring to Steem, and congratz on the funding of OpenSeed!

pythonista here. i really look forward to openseed now got me hyped :D
you are amazing keep up the good work.
also like the format of walky and talky much betta

I will try.

I like this format very much & if you produce more videos like this, you have me as a guaranteed viewer!

Stop using Discord. It is a discriminatory/exclusionary, unsafe, censored platform.

For example, I would be participating, but Discord's censorship and discrimination says that I can't unless I show ID; resultantly I'm not in your chat even though I'd like to be. How many others are affected similarly?

More examples:

Wow didn’t think of that. We’re moving as fast as we can to launch OpenLink which will have encrypted chat and group chat and once we do we want to mainly use that. Other suggestions?

I would suggest running your own instance of Mattermost. Depending on your userbase, IRC on a channel on an existing public network (OFTC or Freenode) might work, although Freenode has been known to engage in censorship pretty heavily sometimes.

Lots of people, including Mozilla, seem to like and use Matrix, as implemented by Synapse.

The bottom of my linked post (keep scrolling) has specific recommendations for alternatives.

Cool thanks

If you fire up a VPS somewhere and install CapRover (pretty easy for even someone virtually nontechnical), I recently contributed a config for Mattermost to the CapRover "one click apps" repository, which does just what it says on the tin: a single click to deploy your own Mattermost instance. (My config even turns off the on-by-default Mattermost server spyware, so you're private-by-default.)

Drop me a line if you need help setting it up.

Remember @maneki-neko
He made great walk-n-talk videos, actually I miss him a bit.
When I saw your video it remembert me of those videos.
So, great post, just do it!

You're right: doing meaningful work is better than working to make money.
Do you like riddles? How about this:
Image source
From your (whoever reads this) perspective:

  • Why after 12 years of education system do people have a hard time finding meaningful work?
  • What's a better activity: Selling Solutions for health or Selling Useless stuff?
  • What is our purpose: evolution or control?

There is an epic hype about creating a better internet.

I wonder how many people talk about the reality that we head full speed towards a world of total control.

  • How can we overcome our challenge as long as we don't talk about it?

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