A proud moment for all Indians

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Yesterday was a very glorious and significant day for all Indians and every single Indian head held high with the great achievement of Chandrayan 3 soft landing on the south pole of the Moon. It is the hard work and dedication of 1000s of scientists and engineers at ISRO.
When you talk about ISRO one name stands out prominently and that is of Late Dr. Abdul Kalam, without who this institution would have never come to existence. When I had read his biography I was in total awe of him. He came from a very humble background but he was visionary and without him India would have never reached to this stage of space exploration.

First the Mars mission and now the moon mission. Both these missions have been carried out with the lowest budget compared to other countries and have been successful in the first attempt. This puts India on the forefront of Space missions. The scientists of ISRO are promising and they will carry out many such missions in future as well which can bring India ISRO in line with NASA.


The fact is, that today also in NASA there are ao many Indians working and giving their expertise to a foreign company. That day is not far when they would see potential in their home Country and would want to return back.


Me and my family were all glued to our screens to watch this event and when Chandrayan 3 touched the lunar surface it was a exuberating moment for all of us. We all clapped with joy and since then there has been messages floating of this great achievement, as if every single Indian participated in the event.

When India had just started it's space agency the first rocket was transported on a bicycle, it was in 1963. Such were the the humble beginnings of ISRO and from then to now India has come a long way and made big achievements.

India is the first nation to land on the South Pole of the moon and this makes the mission all the more special.
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सारे जहा से अच्छा, हिंदूसीता हमारा.

Yesterday we completed the moon mission together. Lots of best wishes for all these countrymen. Together we have created our new history. You have made very beautiful posts.

Thank you. Every Indian feels proud of this moment

Thank you for this post. I checked after reading your post and the Italian newspapers are also talking about this historic success !BEER

It's been all over the news worldwide. Something to remember for decades.

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Indeed this is a proud moment for all Indians and many many congratulations to all the ISRO scientists and engineers working on the project. I was going back to home form office and was listening the radio to get updat on mission.

It was quite a moment. I made sure I was home to watch it on big screen :-)

Awwwwww congratulations to all Indians, it's everywhere on the news😄

Thanx darling. It was a moment to remember for decades

You're welcome!

🇮🇳🇮🇳Proud to be an Indian 🇮🇳🇮🇳

That's so great to know about India
I think it is enough reason for the people of India to be excited
Nice one!

It was a celebration all over the Country

Indeed a very proud moment to each one of us ...As India is going every day with history ...

Thank you ISRO for giving this great pleasure to watch...

Absolutely. Thanx to every single one who contributed in making this happen

wow so proud news! I am glas India managed to do it! Our try failed but I am glad for India so much! 🎆

Thank you my dear. It was a very proud moment for every Indian

awesome !!!!