Embracing Growth Through Pain, Prioritizing Self-Care and Family caelum1infernum Actifit Report Card: November 27 2023

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Something new happening to me and I'm not sure why but from what I know I embrace pain better because I know life is pain but you need to find a purpose for the suffering the suffering have to be worth it.

  • I totally forgot to take pictures yesterday I guess I was exhausted because I don't forget usually it's ok there is always another day.

It is worth it so far I take care more and more people around me my goals are clearer there is a lot to improve of course I haven't even reach my goals not even close not even 50% but I did improve myself gradually as I go further.

  • Forgot to share with you this is in my gym currently it says the sauna temperature 🌡️ should not exceed 80© I always put around 85 because inside of the sauna room is quite big so it's not as hot as I want it to be.

I fell asleep the moment I arrived home yesterday supposed to go to the gym before I sleep but I guess my body really couldn't take it anymore haha 😂 I think 💬 it's good because I reached my body limit but my mind wanted more.

  • Rules of usinf the sauna room read the manuals folks.

Wandted to go to the gym even though I was exhausted but I just allowed myself to sleep better to avoid injury while training that take a risk of possible injury 🤕 I'm not saying it will happen but the percentage of it happening is higher than my body is well rested staying safe is important because if anything happens to me then I can't provide for the family I think every Men out there need to know this and keep reminding yourself you're more important than you think you're.

I know this because I always say that to myself I am not important I was not important long time ago but due to the improvements I made for myself people are more dependant on me which is a good thing to have when you're a man.

So to all the men out there is you think you're not important think about who you're providing for if you're providing then you're the most important man to those people you're providing for. For the men who knows you don't have the value or not providing or even taking care of yourself it's time you do find something that you do best even if you don't like the thing you do best just do it at least you be able to take care of yourself first 🥇

Then you can take care of others around you start with family first 🥇 don't help friends or random strangers first because in time you can take care of everyone but make sure family first the others will forget you the next day and talk shit about you but family is there till the day they leave this world 🌍

That's all for today from Uncle Caelum lol 😂 I sound like an uncle here 😂 take care and keep safe everyone. Be kind to other spread more love everyone needs it. God bless.

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I really appreciate the human and the man that you are, and are becoming, brother! There are many things I could say, but the most important is that I think that you're doing great! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

Thank you brother. My mum told me something funny she said she likes me better now then the old Me. She said the old Me so cranky 🤣🤣


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You're very welcome, brother, of course! That's a beautiful thing to change to such a degree that those close to you can see it clear as day! 😁🙏💚✨🤙


Change is evolution


Indeed, or at least that's the goal and ideal. 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙