[HiveSBI] Intro to the Project + DAO Token & New Website!

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Introduction to the HiveSBI Project + news regarding the "HSBI" DAO Token & their New Website!

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Intro to HiveSBI

Hive Stake Basic Income (also known as HiveSBI, HSBI or @steembasicincome) is a project created by @josephsavage that, simply put, curates users through lifetime voting. Whenever an user posts on Hive, he'll receive votes from HSBI, proportional to the amount of "HSBI units" that user has.

An user joins the HiveSBI project by sponsoring someone else into the project: you buy an unit for someone else, and you receive an unit for yourself too. In other words: you can't purchase HSBI units only for yourself; you have to buy units for another user that you want to support, and you'll receive the same amount for yourself.

"Give, and ye shall receive!"

The most interesting feature of HSBI is that it is a lifetime subscription. HSBI units aren't Hive-Engine Tokens, thus, they can't be traded or sent to another user. This is a huge motivation for users to keep posting on Hive through the years: if someone abandons Hive, they won't be able to earn anything from HSBI and won't be able to liquidate those units for a quick buck. It's a long-term investment that will pay dividends forever.

Another characteristic of HiveSBI is that its vote value accumulates over time, even if you're not posting, resulting on a larger vote value on the next post. It doesn't "require" you to post every day in order to receive its rewards. You only have time to post 1 time per week? OK, your vote value will build up over this week, and you'll receive a larger vote when you post. Only 1 time per month? No problem, too!

To know more about the HiveSBI Project, including some technical details, take a look at their Official FAQ.

How to Buy Units and Join the Project

First of all, choose another Hive user for you to sponsor. It can be a real life friend that invited you to Hive, an author that regularly posts interesting content, someone that helped you understand what "Powering Up" meant...

HiveSBI is also very commonly given as prizes in giveaways and contests. So you can create your own giveaway or contest, and sponsor winners into HiveSBI in order to promote engagement and the creation of interesting content!

Then, send any whole number of Hive (1...2...3...etc. Do NOT send fractional numbers!) to @steembasicincome, and write the Hive username that you want to sponsor as the Transaction Memo. For example, if I wanted to sponsor my good friend @underlock with 5 HiveSBI Units, I would send 5 Hive to @steembasicincome and write, as the Transaction Memo, "@underlock".

Do NOT sponsor yourself! The system does not recognize self-sponsoring, and the HiveSBI unit will be assigned to someone else.
Also, do NOT include any other words in the Transaction Memo. Write only the username of the sponsored user!

And that's it! For each 1 Hive sent, both you and the sponsored user will receive 1 HiveSBI unit, and you'll slowly start to receive votes from the HiveSBI Project.

You can check how much units you have, and what's the estimated value of your next vote by clicking here!

DAO Token

The Project has recently launched a Hive-Engine Token with the "HSBI" Ticker that's called "HiveSBI DAO".

As you can see on TribalDex, no tokens have actually been issued ("Supply = 0"), and I couldn't find any official information about the token on both their official website and on their Hive profile.

But, nonetheless, it's interesting to see that the project is thinking about the adoption of some sort of decentralized governance, probably with $HSBI holders deciding about the future of the project.

New Website: www.HiveSBI.com

When I joined Hive one year ago, it was kinda difficult to find out what HiveSBI was and how it worked, as the information wasn't consolidated in a single page. Not only that, but it was convoluted to find out about my own informations (how much units I got, etc.)

But now they recently launched a new website https://www.hivesbi.com/ , making the whole process easier and more user-friendly!

The site is still simple, but very useful. As I said before, you can check your own info on the User Info page. On the Richlist, you can see the users with the most HiveSBI Units and how big their next votes will be (with @ecoinstats coming ahead of everyone else with more than 17 thousand units!). And, finally, the Documentation, where we can find the Official FAQ.

I'm really glad to see that the Project is still alive and going on strong, with new features being recently released.

Are you part of HiveSBI? How many Units do you have? Do you think it's worth it? Share your opinion below! 😀

Thanks for reading this post, and until next time!

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Great content friend,
I'm always open to sponsoring each other whenever we both have funds if you are too

I'm open to this deal, mate! If you end up buying some HSBI shares, sponsor me and let me know later so I can buy the same amoutn for ya!


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That is very interesting! Since you informed me of that! Of course, I will give it to you some =)

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Nice to see SBI is still going and it's really impressive how they created a website with all the info along with the sponsorship model. I still have some shares from way back and I also like the mechanic how votes add up when no posts are made for some time. Purely from a mathematical point of view though as a user & shareholder, I have gotten a lot more value out of my own @upvoteshares curation project which I created in an attempt to improve on the somewhat broken models of the other upvote projects back in the day.


Hey Costanza! I already asked about the UpvoteShares in the past, and I'm even on the "Other Users that showed interest in the project these past levels" tagged users from the project :D

I've been really interesting in joining both HSBI and UpvoteShares; but there's so much to get into Hive that's difficult to decide what to do. I'm part of a small group that's working heavily into growing our local/national curation trail @hive-br, so I've been staking all into HP and following the trail myself, but I'm really, REALLY interesting in buying some UpvoteShares...

Hive indeed can take up a crazy amount of time to get a good grip on all the different projects that are going on. I'll for sure will have a look into @hive-br, always interested in projects that can add to received upvotes.

If you are into blogging for the long run and have at least 4 posts each week, @upvoteshares imo is a no-brainer in terms of value that it provides and will provide going forward. A lot of the shareholders that got in way back are inactive and a ton of shares were already burned which is all value that gets distributed to active shareholders.

I can't keep up with all Hive Projects; when I think I've already got a fair grip on everything, there's dozens of other projects that I didn't even knew!

@hive-br is a great project that we're slowly building. When I joined Hive about 1 year ago, there was no truly organized Brazilian community on Hive, no curation project in portuguese, etc. Now we have 3 witnesses (still small, but hey!), a curation trail (@hive-br) that includes a curation account that distributes the rewards according to the delegation (@perfilbrasil / https://perfilbrasil.hivetasks.com/), and an active Discord channel that's helping newcomers.

Things are going strong :D


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oh forgot

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There was a need for an article about HSBI, thanks!

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Thanks for this, I never knew that tokens were coming! I see I have a grand total of 13 HSBI thanks for the link as well, I neve knew about that!

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You probably won those shares on giveaways! I also have some shares and I never bought any :P


Yes I did and now I will be giving away one HSBI each Tuesday for threetunetuesday so will grow slowly a little:)

This is great info, I had a vague idea of how the shares worked, but this was perfect.

Who is open for a deal, lets get sponsoring each other!!!

That was a great explanation on HSBI. Thank you so much. I was looking for exactly this for a long time.
I didn't even know about the website.

thank you for this post. I am new on hive, and I won a prize, there was a transaction link to @steambasicincome, and I didn't know, what to do with it, how do I get that Hive. And I see with your Link, that I have that one unit there. And I am happy with it, I thougt, that I will never find that prize.
Thank you.
Actually I also see, that no info about me there is. I will try to edit my profile there.