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There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.

- Ernest Hemingway -

Self improvement is...

The improvement of one's knowledge, behaviours, character, emotional or physical state of being and personal or financial status is what comes to mind when I think of self improvement - the thoughts, attitudes and actions that we apply upon the journey of life and towards making every facet of our lives better. Self improvement is continually growing, developing and working towards becoming better versions of ourselves.

The self improvement community is...

This community is a place where community members can tell their personal stories of self improvement, hare triumphs and failures, and share knowledge, information and wisdom about their own person development or that of others.

The community founder, @stevenwood says, "The Self Improvement Community is one in which we can all add to the collective narrative creating a resource helping us learn and develop strategies for personal growth and development in all areas of life."

With Steven currently working on real-world charitable endeavours I've been tasked with creating a brief posting guide to assist people in understand the community a little better.


  • Don't be abusive
  • Cross posts will be muted
  • Off-topic content will be muted
  • Only original content (no recycling)
  • No plagiarism (words or images)
  • No political or religious content
  • No spam posting (One a day)
  • Write in English

Post creation tips:

Ensuring your post fits the community brief and follows the rules is important, however there's a few other elements that you can bring to present at your best, help others find your posts interesting and which will help you grow as an individual and as an account here on the Hive blockchain.

  • Write with passion, personality and effort. This means you check your spelling and punctuation, ensure you've laid your post out well and have gotten your message across to the reader; Think about the, beginning, middle, conclusion framework, when constructing your post. We suggest a minimum of 250 words is suitable to convey your message and tell your story and to give yourself the best chance of catching other people's attention use an interesting, in-focus, photograph - I always suggest using your own photographs shows more personality than a stock image.

  • Be your true self. The point of this community is to share your own experiences, thoughts and ideas - Don't manufacture them. Write from the heart, with passion and personality, people will respond to that. Don't use artificial intelligence (AI) to construct your posts, people can see that a mile off and will not accept it kindly - Your original content is what we want. Write to the best of your ability and seek to improve along the way.

  • Don't make it a job, have fun. Posting many times a day is spammy and will not work well for you when discovered. You're best to focus on quality, not quantity, which will give your readers something to engage with. If they read one of your posts they may seek out more and reply to you, that's how relationships begin.

  • Always respond to comments left on your posts. Not doing this is a sure way to lose potential followers and votes. Commenting to others, on their posts, will also help to build relationships, but read them first, don't fall into the trap of commenting without reading, it's recognisable a mile away.

  • Unless you're an expert, don't pretend to be. Representing yourself as an expert on a topic if you are not an expert will undoubtably bring the wrong sort of attention. Again, be true to yourself, you're awesome in your own right, so don't feel inclined to misrepresent yourself, it will have the reverse effect of what you intend.

Content tips:

  • Any content revolving around, your own self improvement, is welcome in the community whether it's something that worked out well or something that didn't work for you at all. We learn from our mistakes and if you've made some and learned, someone else may benefit from hearing about it. You never know who you may be helping, so don't only focus on the triumphs, we learn more from the challenges, adversity and failures.

  • Write about your health, fitness, emotional, behavioural, societal, professional, personal and relationship self improvement journey in the past, present and for the future. Share self improvement goals and the plans to attain them, successes and failures and feel free to tell the stories that brought you to the decision to change, develop, grow and improve. Share your thoughts and fears, opportunities gained and lost and what you learned from them and talk about the attitudes, mindset, ownership and responsibility you have shown, and will show, in pursuit of your own personal development.

  • Share tips and tricks that have worked to inspire confidence, reduce stress, deal with emotional and mental fatigue, depression, anger, pain and suffering...And talk about how you've found sustainable happiness, positive emotional growth and development and gained valuable knowledge and wisdom also. The pendulum of life swings both ways and we're interested in the balances and imbalances of life and how you've improved yourself along the way.

It's a simple concept...Share content about how you have personally grown and developed as a human being - What has made you a better partner, parent, work colleague, friend, son or daughter. Remember, this is a vault in which the valuable experiences we have can be stored and the words you write may help you by getting them at arms length, or someone else who may read them and relate, feel inspired or empowered.

We are all one people, all citizens of the same planet, and linked in some way, shape or form as human beings.

We have the power to choose to buy into humanity, to become an active part of the collective, and we all have our individual journey's to share. Not a single one of us is better than the other, we're just people with faults, frailties and fallibilities and we're all able to make a difference to ourselves, choose to be better in and of ourselves...We believe it to be our responsibility to do so, and we invite you to share your stories here.

Feel free to comment on this post if you have questions about suitable content, what might be permitted or not, or any other general questions you may have.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default; tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind - galenkp

Any images in this post are my own - This post was written at the behest of @stevenwood, the founder of the Self Improvement community.


This reminds me that this community is a match for the stuff I like to write about. Thanks for the useful and timely reminder and the clear explanation of what the community is about, Galen. !LUV

The scope to write here is huge I think, there's so many ways in which a person can improve themselves right?

Grateful of the very clear guide, Sir. It always feels so good to be reminded with the proper things to do here in Hive. All things noted with thanks. Literally, I am always open for self improvement. Once again thank you so much and have a great day, Sir.

You're welcome, I'm glad it helped.

Indeed your insightful suggestions will help not only every beginner but everyone here in Hive. And must say that the reminders are like gold to me, hehe. I am genuinely grateful Sir. More power to this amazing community where we can freely express our personal stories of success, failures, and all related to personal improvement as we stay authentic and real. !PIZZA

I feel very inspired reading the purpose of this community, I have written about my academic self-improvement and I usually read the community rules very carefully before taking the step to share what I consider very valuable to me, because as much value as I have in my heart, it is important to respect and align myself with the guidelines of a community, but reading this guide, I have found more than guidelines, I have found a real inspiration to move forward.

Thank you, aibwas hoping to open people to some of the writing opportunities and it seems it worked. I appreciate you letting me know.

Reading this was so wholesome. This is the perfect space and community for people to bare out their souls, and speak honestly from their hearts. I look forward to my experience here. Thank you so much.

You're welcome, I appreciate your nice comment.

I'm very grateful for this community. Any change, must start with self xxxx

There you go being all thoughtful and passionate again. Lol

I hope you're having a good weekend.

I always wondered if the community was still functioning as I never saw any updated post from the admin. But it's all good. I have been looking for communities like these and I really look forward to being here.

Many people post into the community weekly, so yes, it's still running.

Speaking of spamming is it adviceable to post twice a day but in different communities?

If you post twice a day I suggest they are 10-12 hours apart and yes, different communities. You're best to focus all your efforts on one really great post though, that's the best chance you have to attract the right sort of attention.

Alright. Thank you for the advice.

Too much rules for my taste.

No worries, there's many other communities, that's the beauty of Hive.

Me gusta el concepto de la comunidad, de seguro estaré por acá bien activo

I don't speak or read this language, sorry.

This is very interesting, now i have gained full knowledge on what i was supposed to be posting here.

Excellent, then this post has done its job.


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There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.

Been thinking about this for a while now and I just realized how important and powerful striving to become a better human can be. The most powerful thing you can achieve in this life is self discipline and self control.

I agree completely, although there are many elements that have to come together to create one's best life. All of them work together.

Really nice to be here. Just have a lot to write about myself on how growth has impacted a lot on me..

No worries. We're always looking for well-written original content.

Oh yeah, I think this community suit my style of writing. I will be posting here henceforth

No worries, good luck.