Taking a load off

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Australia Day is my favourite public holiday after ANZAC Day and, traditionally, I use it to relax in some manner. A BBQ at home with friends, a day at the beach, hiking and a picnic or some such thing that doesn't require a lot of effort are the usual activities. The day is just made for taking a load off, for rest and relaxation.

Today was no different and although I had some tasks to perform they were enjoyable and going to take place in an enjoyable environment. I was excited.

In a post a few days ago I wrote about taking my Lego Technic builds apart - I just have too many and due to their size I'm running out of room. I decided to take some photos of them, just as memories, prior to deconstructing them and building them into something else. That's the task I set myself today.

I put all of the sets you see on the table below into my four wheel drive together with my camera, some water and picnic stuff and headed off to the pine forest about a forty five minute away to see what shots I could get.


I drove into the forest and found a few great spots, one of which was off-road slightly, through a bog, up a hill, and started shooting.

I finished up there and was driving to another spot on the graded gravel road when a ForestrySA four wheel drive with two rangers in it pulled up into the dust cloud behind me. I was going slow so pulled over a little to let them by. He parked up about a kilometre further though and there he was waiting for me when I arrived. I went past looking left and right scoping out good places for my photos and he followed. Ok, something was up so I pulled over.

He came over to my car and asked me what I was doing and immediately went on to say that four wheel driving in the forest is not permitted. OK, so he thought I was looking for places to off road my vehicle. I get it.

I told him I wasn't doing that and said something like, I'm just here taking some photos of my Lego Technic. I thought I'd just be honest.

He looked a little quizzical and I followed up with, do you want to see? He did. I jumped out and opened up the back and he saw all those sets you see above all over the back seat and rear load area. He smiled and said, that's cool!. I pulled them out one by one and the guy and his partner-ranger and I spent forty minutes talking about Lego and various other things. It was a legit chat.

Right before I left the guy asked if I'd want to take some shots on their runway (light plane runway) and I said that'll be cool. He also said they had some gravel and rock piles back at the forestry station which would be cool to take some shots of the Volvo Hauler. It was a deal. I said I'd swing by after I grabbed a few more shots and off they went.


I headed over to a camping ground I knew of inside the forest where there's some legit rock formations and loads of trees and stopped there for some photos and a bite of lunch.

Just a word on lunch. You may be picturing a beautiful spread of cold cuts and exotic cheeses, olives, a pâté or dip, a crusty sour dough bread stick and a lovely bottle of Chianti wine. Well...my picnic was sort of like that. Ok, it was nothing like that at all.

I had some crackers and a can of Sirena chilli tuna, and some water too. I know, basic. It did the job though and there's something rather nice about such simple food in an amazing location accompanied by my girl-person. I was content.


Australia Day was going really well so far.

I was quite impressed with the lack of people in the area although it's a vast area so I'm sure there were plenty there. I only saw a few cars here and there however, and small groups of people having picnics; I was pleased to see Australian flags flying proudly at their picnic sites or on their cars, as I also had on mine proudly flapping away on my CB radia antenna. #proudaustralian

I sat for a while after lunch then packed up and headed over to the forestry ranger's station for some more photos.


I met up with the two rangers again, spoke some more then one of them unlocked the gates to the runway, generally used for medical emergencies and firefighting planes, and I took some snaps of the McLaren F1 car. Just behind was the rock piles he mentioned and the ranger basically let me have free reign there, he had to go back to work.

I've not included all the images in this post, there are just under a couple hundred of them, but you'll get the idea. I also included a couple of me holding the Lego for size-reference. I didn't actually get to take images of the Mack Anthem and car carrier I also had with me, that's a mission for another day.

I had a really great day today, it was nice to take a load off and relax my mind.

I got to hike around a little, got some really great photos which will serve as great memories for when these sets are deconstructed and had a couple really great chats with some legit ForestrySA rangers. Oh, I didn't get a $200 fine for not sticking to the designated gravel roads in the forest either...and lunch was good. Yeah, yeah, it was super simple, but come on, not everything has to be over the top spectacular right? It was a great Australia Day.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default; tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind - galenkp

All images in this post are my own and were taken today.


Ha, that's awesome of those ranger guys!! You got some good shots too and it looks like a good day was had.

Happy Australia Day!

One of the Rangers was telling me later, he's always reluctant to approach vehicles like that, he has had some aggressive characters go at him and he said he was shitting himself as he approached me. I get it. He was a good chap though, as was the other.

Australia Day was a resounding success. 😉

I can imagine. It's like that over here, you speak to a random and you never know if it is going to go well or fecking awful!

Top notch. Now get a barbie on the go. I demand barbies when I see sunny pics!

You are such a NERD..!

Bad Ass nerds like us are just well..?

Bad Ass!

In your conversations with the Rangers did you mention Hive? Juss curious wondering if they were nerds too.? And had ever heard of Hive? I have yet to meet someone out here in the real world that is a Hivian. But I have given out the get started post link a few times. untitled.gif

I'm many things and am comfortable with them all.

I never mention Hive to anyone, there's reasons, but none I'll mention here.

Just like me I always love it when there is national day because it's a day I can have a full rest, have some fun with some friends.
You really like fun I can see that.

I like fun, because life is too short not to right? And yeah, public holidays are awesome.

Yesoooo is good to enjoy

Keep it simple, loads of fun taking out the little ones to photograph for use later on.

Happy Australia day, always an awesome feeling to be proud of where one lives and roots go deep, well as deep as the dry Australian soil allows!

@tipu curate

Yep, I'm as Aussie as it gets ai think, born and bred and proud of it. Thanks for your comment Joan, and the curation.

Day off looked well spent, plenty of Lego building over the years.

Country of our birth normally goes deep emotionally, no matter what scars we carry we know there are many very good people out there who helped build a nation to what it is today.

Australia Day (National Holiday) is beautiful and at all terrain as your fleet of Lego vehicles, for the shared landscape and history with the rangers... manage to travel to that beautiful natural setting...happy day Galen and family.

It's a legit public holiday for sure, I've always loved it. I had a good day, came home feeling tired but satisfied I'd spent Australia Day well.

Glad you had a great Australia-Day!

Gorgeous photos, I love lego they are my passion!

in the end just a beautiful day and the Rangers were really kind, it's nice to find people who give kindness every now and then eh eh!

Yeah, those chaps were good. They said, you were looking around and looked dodgy. Yep, looking around for places to photograph my Lego, like a nerd. 😊

It was funny and they were good sports.


Some may say as a nerd, some as a passionate photographer ... but who cares about definitions, right?😉

Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm pretty comfortable with who I really am, and other people's perceptions often mean little, unless those perceptions come from people I value, and then they're usually accurate and based on facts.

Yes, I agree, those who know you well know who you are and don't define you according to stereotypes or categories.

But deep down those who know us well probably simply love us for who we are😊

People are very judgemental these days, but the legit ones take the time to understand before passing judgement.

Well yes I believe that expressing judgments is something that belongs to the judges, then for heaven's sake each of us formulates an idea of the other and has likes and dislikes ... but they should never be understood as absolute truths in my opinion.

Anyone who doesn't like me doesn't necessarily mean that he's unpleasant or a bad person or anything like that.
Sorry for the philosophy heh heh!


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That's awesome! Great story. Amazing what just talking to people can accomplish.

Great pictures, too. That must have been a really fun day.

It was a good day for sure, the forest, Lego and a basic picnic lunch. Pretty perfect.

Fun shots XD and lucky encounter with the rangers there to get another interesting location for more shots :D

It was a complete reversal once the rangers realised what I was there for and resulted in a great chat and the chance for some good photos. I was happy

Those Lego kits are great and have been eyeing them out of late and may just try doing one after seeing your collection. How many do you have if you are having to take some apart? The rangers were pretty cool as what guy doesn't like this stuff as these are man toys.

It's been a lot of fun to build these models and I'll continue to do so. I have several more than those you see on the table and some regular (classic) Lego also. I try not to buy more but those buggers at Lego keep coming up with great sets!

I had fun yesterday and it was great to see a couple fellows get as excited as I do over Lego Technic.

I hope you decide to get some as the process of building them is enjoyable and relaxing...and then you get to play with it! 😊

I saw them when I was hunting for my grandson's gift a remote control rack crawler/off road and they even have motors which is mind boggling. Lego have really turned their company around as they were struggling at one pint. I am sure the 3d printers have helped create these models as this is not cheap to design and get from drawing board to prototype.

Yep, that orange 4x4 and the Volvo hauler in this post are remote control via an app on my phone. It's a lot of fun making Lego move.

You got awesome pics and met some cool people, had a chill time over a picnic in a forest. Gosh what more could you possibly need to make Australia Day fucking awesome. I'm glad it was a good one, you deserve the break 😁

PS The McLaren looks SICK on that runway!

The only problem on the runway was that the sun was on the wrong side of the car. Had I been there in the morning it would have been better, but that's how it goes. I might jump the fence and take some shots on the tarmac at Adelaide international airport this weekend.

Not really...or really?

Still epic shots!

The plan you've hatched is ill-advised, unless you have someone there who will photograph the tarmac police chasing you with your McLaren in hand 🤣

No, but seriously, it would be a poor idea me thinks.

my other plan is to go toe Victoria Park in the city where the Senna (Ayrton Senna) curves are, a remnant from the days of the Adelaide F1 Grand Prix, and photograph it there. The ripple-strip curbs are still there and painted.

Fucken legit plan, I know. It's ok, you can agree.

YES !!! DO IT !!!

I loved Ayrton Senna, what a freaking awesome and humble guy. I think it would be the perfect setting for the McLaren!

I do agree wholeheartedly.

I knew you would.

I decided to take some photos of them, just as memories

Great idea. Since I am never sure if a move back to the States from my home in Japan is in the future, I don't keep a lot of stuff. Kindle is my friend for books, and other things I take a photo and then let it go.

He looked a little quizzical and I followed up with, do you want to see? He did. I jumped out and opened up the back and he saw all those sets you see above all over the back seat and rear load area. He smiled and said, that's cool!. I pulled them out one by one and the guy and his partner-ranger and I spent forty minutes talking about Lego and various other things. It was a legit chat.

That's cool. I love when a situation reverses like that and leads to a great discussion instead.

Great photos. I enjoyed going through them.

That's understandable and would make things a lot easier if that day came. I try to maintain reasonable levels of stuff, am someone who doesn't by things unless I need them, although things still accumulate I guess. I'm no hoarder though.

Yesterday was one of those simple sort of days, no real time frame and nowhere to be other than where I was. I enjoyed it.

Happy Australia day I can see you really had a great time. Just like me on our national day I use to

National holidays are a good time to relax, find enjoyment and feel patriotic.

Nice you have an entire collection, looks awesome, is that a fireman truck in the table? Is how fast does the Mclarent goes? anyways looks like a lot of fun, I love to rest during any hollyday just stay in bed until mid day 🤣👍

Nope, there's no firetruck on the table. The McLaren F1 car isn't remote controlled so doesn't go fast at all.

It was fun, better than staying in bed until midday.

Thanks for your comment.

Que bien que disfruto wl día y aprovecho para tomarme fotos a tus legos y que te que wl recuerdo de ellos amigo @galenkp, saludos desde Venwzuela.

I'm sorry, I don't speak this language, just English.

Sooooo, in other words, you spent all day playing. 😏

Pretty much, except for when I was snoozing. 😁