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The morning walk of the dog is an everyday ritual for all the family, Marcos (the dog), @traisto and myself :)

Living in a rural place, the scenery of those walks is always great. Right in our doorstep we have plenty of dirty roads, open fields and amazing view. But sometimes we feel the need for something more special, especially since the last weeks, the morning walk was integrated into the work hours at the olive grove!





So after ten minutes of driving we arrived at the gorge of Richtis. For most people that have visited it, passing the gorge means hiking at a rare (for eastern Crete) scenery. But we live so close that we have the luxury to just go for a walk at a part of it and return home for brunch!





December has been ludicrously warm and so is January till now, so it feels and it looks more like fall, rather than winter. The plane trees haven't drop all their leaves yet, although there is a thick layer of them on the ground, making walking even more enjoyable than usual!




At the beginning of the gorge there are many gardens that the locals have fruit trees and plant their seasonal vegetables. Those small plots of land were cleared and cultivated many generations ago, when the proximity to water was essential for growing vegetables and some people still use them as such although now there is irrigation network practically everywhere!





The path is well-trodden and there are plenty of marks on the way that make it impossible to get lost. And in any case, there is the running water that goes undoubtedly to the right direction :)






This is an amazing place but the truth is that during the summer is extremely overcrowded. Having it all by ourselves was a special privilege and with the weather being so nice we didn't even notice that we were out of season :)





But no matter how much the humans of our little company enjoyed it, we were not even close to the wild joy of our four-legged companion who was running in a frantic way the whole time!

This is my contribution to the first #wednesdaywalk challenge of 2023, hosted by @tattoodjay :)



All the pictures and the words are mine.

Thank you for reading and if you want to know more about me you can check out my introduction post.

Commenting, upvoting and rebloging are highly appreciated!


Great photos 📸)

Thanks :)

Like always, awesome photography. It is amazing to see how much your doggo (or four legged companion) enjoyed it! It makes one happy and puts a smile on your face.

It is so interesting the part of how various people plant their crops and fruits there. If people did that here everything would be stolen!

You are really privileged to have such a beautiful area where you can hike! Enjoy!

Thank you very much!

Yes, the dog was a real pleasure to look at!

As for the vegetable gardens, most of them are like that. Small plots without fence among trees or other vegetation. We do have some occasional thefts but this is not the rule. Consider that each village has only a few dozens people so if you are a habitual offender, it won't take long for everyone to find out :)

That is awesome really. We live in ever bigger cities here, so you never know even who lives close by. And people are just inherently strange on this side of the pond. Internal rage I think of the past injustices. Even when you try to do good, like growing food on open property, some people will destroy it out of spice. It is really sad. But alas, we are still doing what we can to help others!

It makes one so happy to see the almost youthful energy of dogs! I love it.

Nature is magnificent. Congratulations on the photos, it looks like it was a great ride.

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Thanks a lot :)

trying to visit allthe Wednesday walk posts I sometimes quickly scroll through a post taking a quick look at the photos and reading the text, BUT!!!!

With such gorgeous photos as you share I just could not do that with this post I stopped to enjoy the amazing beauty in each and every photo, loved them all

Thanks for joining the Wednesday, its always fun for me to visit the walks from all around the world, getting a feel for communities where people live and what they see on their daily walks

Thank you very much for your enthusiastic comment, it always make me happy to know that people enjoy my pictures :)

damn, this second shot is waaay too fuckin beautiful
love that old bridge!

what a place! even orange trees! ;0

Yes, that's my favourite one too!

The only reason that it is second, is that I usually put a horizontal one as the first picture and thumbnail of the post :)

Thank you for stopping by!

Wow that is a gorgeous walk! Love that photo of Marcos framed so beautifully looking at you! Great colors!

Thanks a lot! It was a nice decompression after a difficult period. I am glad you like it :)

I think all of Greece is just outstandingly beautiful, isn't it. It must all be just gobsmackingly amazing. Your poochie certainly seems to agree!

Marcos finds everything amazing and takes advantage of every chance to be endlessly happy, a good lesson for us humans too!

Greece is very beautiful indeed but the way we mistreat it, I am not sure for how long it will continue to be.

Besides don't forget, photographers lie :)

Stunning captures @fotostef 👋🏻😊
Living rural does give you more opportunities to go out and walk in the nature.
Love the greens and browns. Lovely walk…
Thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you @littlebee4 for stopping by!
I guess that as a "homeless" person you don't have much time for reading posts :)

You are welcome @fotostef 😊👋🏻 Happy to when I can.

My time has been limited lately, sorry… (being sick) and in transit. Will catch up soon.
Today we started our next journey. Part 1 of 6 is done. Will share tomorrow when I can capture some photos around here in the daylight. We arrived in the dark after 5,5 hours on the road…

Have a wonderful evening!

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What a magical fairyland of a walk, it feels so Autumnal. I loved it @fotostef

Thank you very much @donnadavisart :)
I am glad you enjoyed it!