Heartache | I'm still in your heart

in GEMS2 years ago


My heart, which was quite fleshy for a while


It's as if you're telling me you shouldn't forget me, it's like making your heart ache.

You, I'm not too bad

I’m not going to come back, but

My heart is recovering from aches and pains

So often, once or still four breast may

As a reminder

Make it

Yeah, I don't think I can endure anything like this

I will admit it.

It's true that I was proud to say I forgot all of you. And not as much as when the breakup first started

Sometimes the time I loved you

I miss you and my heart aches

But now I don’t despair just because I’m sick

Not to you

Even if my heart aches worse than this

I did well.

Your grumpy sometimes comes to me now

Even if a thrown heart is suffering from bodily pain, I still have room to accept her as a lover.




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