1 HIVE and your upvote can make a difference (Day of hope / Update)

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Friends here writes @fucho80 to share with you the update of the HOPE DAY program announced in my most recent publication of @hope.venezuela that you can read below 1 HIVE and your upvote can make a difference (Day of hope).


I want to start this publication by thanking all those who supported us with a direct donation, also those who supported us with their upvote and resteem of the publication, with their support it was shown that 1 HIVE, or upvote really made a difference.

Thank you all!

Program summary.

The contribution received from all those who participated in this first installment is as follows, in direct donations to the wallet we received 11,354 HIVE, plus 1 HBD that the change to the HIVE market and the rewards obtained from the publication made a total of 28 HIVE, money that together with what was collected in the Blockchain Hive helped us to buy what was necessary to start our program, delivering breakfast to 50 children in the "Punta de Barquiz" Sector.


Evidence of delivery.

On Wednesday, May 13, we held our first day of the DAY OF HOPE program, an initiative that will be bringing breakfast to children in extreme poverty in the most vulnerable sectors of our small city. Today we share breakfast with at least 50 children from the aforementioned sector, putting a smile on the faces of the children benefited in this sector.

The children who participated in our first day enjoyed an Arepa filled with beef, in addition to receiving the good news that we will be visiting the community every week to benefit them with breakfast.



Words of thanks.

To be honest I don't think I can find adequate words to express my gratitude to all those who supported this program, I want to mention some names of those who made a direct donation to our wallet and some projects that collaborated with a powerful vote in our publication.

@ritxi, @ojerinde, @preparedwombat, @vlemon, @fucho80, @lanzjoseg, @xchng as well as upvote of many like @project.hope, the members of this community and other friendly communities.

Your donation and your upvote made the difference ... Thank you!


The road continues.

This program has just started and we want it to be permanently maintained in the most vulnerable communities. Of the food we purchase, we use 2 Kilograms of Cornmeal for this first day, in addition to 1 Kilogram of meat.

Thanks to your support we had corn flour to make 3 more days equal to this one, but we have the dream of making it permanent in this sector and taking them to other sectors, in addition to adding other foods to this diet.



Finally I want to invite you to continue this journey with us, to become a permanent support of this program, only 1 HIVE, your upvote and reblog will help us to continue this program and continue bringing joy to those most in need and food to their table.

If you are one of those who are learning about this program now, I ask you to consider joining us in this crusade to bring bread to the table of these hungry children, I understand that with this action we will not change the world but we will make a difference and we will be the miracle that many children need now.

Note: This post is being cross-posted on both STEEM and HIVE networks in order to reach more people.

We hope to have your support

1 HIVE and your upvote can make a difference

Will you come with me to make a difference?


@fucho80 I have to disagree! By those actions you actually DO CHANGE THE WORLD! I am very very happy and thankful to you, that you give us the opportunity to help with nearly no effort on our side! Its really amazing... those 28 Hive in the USA would be like a drop into the ocean.. whereas down there it actually really makes a difference! 100% upvote and reblogged

Friend @solarwarrior, your words inspire me and strengthen me to follow this path, there really is a lot of need that we can cover if we all decide to help.

Thank you for your support. I will try to continue managing here so that this work does not stop but we can expand the scope of the program.

Next week I come with more news, I hope you will stay together with us in this effort.


That is for sure!

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Very good, how to participate, I do not understand, how to do it ,,

Hello friend @tailah.bayu, it is easy to participate, you just have to donate one HIVE or more, vote in the publication and reblog.

Support us in this project.