My garden is again in danger zone

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The fate of my garden is undecided again - May be Time to say goodbye...


It has been long since I did my last update on my garden. All the hard work did paid off well and the garden was really attractive this winter. You can feel it from the above picture ?






Even the cat did enjoy the view from the top 😀


The Kashmir Project did go well, with the uncertainty of what flower it would bring, but I did care them to see the result.



And they did not disappoint.


A red beauty.


So many plants in a single pot, but they grew well and finally added to the beauty. It's a unique plant that drinks lot of water - watering twice a day is a must.



The yellow inca did exceed our expectation, kudos to the organic food applied every week.



In preparation of summer, I started planting all seasoned inca, the results did inspire me to continue making it beautiful in the summer even. I also tried to look at some other alternatives and visited a nearby big hospital which has a nursery of its own. They said, they plant a different variety of all seasoned inca - Ashoka inca, which is pretty costly. A packet of 100 seeds costs more than 1000 rupees - that's a lot, but I have asked them to provide me some plants. And look at their garden.

















Every time I go there, it does not feel like coming back. I wanted to make my garden similar but in a small scale. So a lot of preparation was going on and unfortunately, the road in front of our society is getting expanded and now they want to acquire the entire frontage for that road. It's all because of upcoming election, they want to make it beautiful and show their work instead of focusing on real issues. Today they came and marked the entire area, and our society members are going to meet their high level executives. They need a little for the road, but they want to acquire the entire area and don't care of so many families residing. Interestingly the area where the road is coming up, was full of slums, and they moved them to 1 BHK apartments in posh area - all free for the vote politics. If they really acquire the entire area, then there is also a possibility of another slum. Surprisingly they are facilitated by the local leaders by taking money from people and promising them a free house - all in taxpayer's money. Even they take a share while giving them that house. It's double benefit for them - they earn money and they also earn the votes. There is nothing in this country for middle class - pay tax and struggle everywhere. May be I will take some pictures and save it and share how the road project is going to finish. Until then waiting and hoping for the best - even today I cared the plants by giving them their organic food - their blessings may change their destiny. When everything ends, hope still remains....


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I´m so sorry to read this. I remember some of the hardships that you had to deal with while taking care of the garden. Seems like all your gardening efforts will be eventually ruined by someone or something :( That´s just not fair...

@tipu curate 4

Seems like all your gardening efforts will be eventually ruined by someone or something

Yes, after bringing them here at one point I had given up, but rebuilt again this year. If they really take that entire area, then I will have to quit finally.

I really hope that the common sense will win and that the garden will stay where it is. Please keep us updated on this.

Even the cat did enjoy the view from the top 😀

ha ha ha

There is nothing in this country for middle class - pay tax and struggle everywhere.

The burden of welfare is borne by the innocent taxpayers and their feedback is not even taken into loop. What an irony. Unfortunately this has been the democracy for us. Where numbers outweighs genuine voice. And the most productive member is unjustly sanctioned.

I really feel bad to learn that your hardwork to create that vibrant garden is about to shatter, due to fanciful and whimsical approch of politicians and local leaders.

I hope the politician and local leaders become more prudent and loop in the concerns, divergents thoughts and opinions of stakeholders.

Thank you.

Unfortunately this has been the democracy.

And we have to live in that. Every bad thing happens in this country in the name of democracy - because of lack of right people not interested to join politics.

Democracy works only in those countries where these is a halthy gorss social consciousness, if the knowledge economy is not strong enough Democracy will be cunter productive.

LIPSET, has rightly said, democracy rests on the assumption that a good society is in operation, otherwise u can easily trade vote for liquor or bribe voters or for that matter assortment of goodies, freebies, etc and that cost shall be brone by the most productive member of the society.

And in India, right people only join the passive politics at best, i.e. Rajya Sabha...because politics is not aaffordable for the common man and for that matter right man.

yea.. polotics! so bad..

Gardening takes a lot and u are very good at keeping up with it. I tried growing just a few herbs and gave up, due to the consistent effort for just a small yeild. Your garden is so beautiful. 😊🤙

The flowers look so beautiful. The multicolored petals were my favorite. It's a shame regarding the news. I hope the community can prevent it since they also see how beautiful the garden gets as well.

I hope the community can prevent

Fingers crossed, and I am praying for the same.

Your garden looks great, what a beautiful array of flowers.

That would be a shame if the entire area is turned into a road.
The games politicians play seem to happen everywhere.
They buy their vote by promising those people something that others have to work for, and they line their own pockets with the money from hard-working taxpayers.

It won't be long before the middle class disappears and then who will pay for everything?

May be they think, there will be always the middle class who has to suffer.

Your garden did well and I hope they don't take it all from you.

Yes, hopefully.

Your garden really looks so fresh and well maintained

Outclass garden.
You have done a marvellous job dear.
All the flowers are looking awesome but I like white flowers.
It is my favourite.
Unfortunate to read that the govt has marked this area.
But hope for the best dear.

Unfortunate to read that the govt has marked this area.
But hope for the best dear.

Hopefully our people will make some deal to save it.

You must have really put in a great effort in making sure this your garden works out

Yes, it's a lot of effort, but then its a pleasure for me.

Your plants are looking very good and healthy
Keep it up!

no, your garden is still great, better than my garden, so dont give up theres hope still ☺️

The garden is so beautiful. I hope you can do something so you'll be able to go on with your garden.

Hope to have our people doing something to save it.

You have beautiful plants, I loved the variety of roses that grace your garden. Regards @sanjeevm

Your garden is so beautiful and it has many kinds of flowers. You have a nice hobby at all.

When the weather changes, the flowers and plants that are in the same way start to deteriorate, but it is not a problem, water them in time and they will set again.

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Each single plant, and each single beautiful flower, Shows your hard work that how much time and care you have given to this garden. Time never wasted here.

Thank you so much.

Wow, that is really impressive! I might need to hire you to come do something in my backyard. I can barely keep a couple tomato plants alive!

I might need to hire you to come do something in my backyard.

I would love to do that..

Amazing stuffs ....👍👍 looks so beautiful when flower blooms..and make the garden attractive and beautiful...After it is the reward of all care and effort put into it's maintenance....simply superb...

After it is the reward of all care and effort put into it's maintenance

Yes, love them like a child and they will never disappoint.

These plants are like the babies, the more you care the more they bloom

 2 months ago  

It's so frustrating when politicians don't see the bigger picture. It looks so lovely as well.

And they always change their words based on what benefits them. Unfortunately they always are on the winning side, as the bigger vote bank do not want to change for good.

Sounds like politicians there are similar to here in the Philippines. Before election, they destroy roads that are still in good condition, and construct a new one.

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