Hello, Hive community!

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Hey guys! So I remember seeing Steemit long ago, but I used to have concerns about inflation before they changed the token economics. Then all that drama because of Justin Sun happened.

My buddy @qwoyn / @hashkings was always trying to keep me in the look, though. We have this whole blockchain gaming community around www.blockchaingaming.com, and have done some events together.

What I really started to notice more lately was the strength of the Hive community. I was worried it might crumble, but it pretty much all coalesced around a common foe, instead. All the developers migrated to the true chain, as did most users.

HIVE now has superior fundamental value, especially if you measure user activity, but still a smaller market cap than STEEM. Blockchain Gaming has a hedge fund, and we notice market inefficiencies such as this. We are taking action, which has already included:

  • Adding some HIVE to our portfolio
  • Hosting an event about gaming on Hive
  • Adding a detailed Hive page to our wiki, which links to 5 Hive games we have also made pages for

Now we will soon be proudly announcing a Hive game as the next addition to our Blockchain Gaming Accelerator. You will soon see exciting promotions, particularly for play-to-earn fans. We're gonna give Axie Infinity some competition.

We've also joined the Community Incubation Program by @ocd. This will be used to bring even more publicity to Hive games that join us. Our Fund has also dedicated some Hive Power to upvoting all who post good content here in our community.


Welcome to Hive.

Nice one, great to have you hear! Love gaming and the Pizza crew are cool gamers too @thebeardflex so eat !PIZZA and play games!



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Hey @wagginston, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

Welcome and great to see more gamers making their way here. I am the creator of the $PIZZA token here at HIVE on the second-layer and we have a major focus around gaming. We run several game servers catered to the HIVE gaming community and even run a store where you can buy Steam games on PC with HIVE.

I can't wait to see what else you have in store! Let's chat sometime!

Glad to see you guys decided to look deeper into Hive and grow your own community here dedicated to blockchain gaming! Looking forward to see how you'll get more involved and which games you'll help accelerate, I hope this will also encourage other people who've been thinking about creating their own games on Hive to get going!

Glad to be here!

Welcome! :)

Special shoutout to @niallon11 for having opened contact with blockchaingaming.com initially and how I found out about it!

Thanks for the shout out and glad to see something positive come from this situation and hopefully even more to come.

Thanks for joining the community!!

Cool stuff. I saw you had an entry about Hive on your wiki with some good references. Hive is not the easiest thing to search for, but having stuff like this may help.

Cheers and !BEER

Welcome welcome welcome!!!

Welcome to Hive! Hive is a great place for games with the community involvement and of course the fast and free transactions, looking forward to seeing you around the chain!

Great to see these types of colaborations!

Exciting news and plans, welcome to Hive guys! :)


Good to see some new faces here, specially the ones interested in blockchain gaming. There is a community here specialized in blockchain gaming where you can also join and share your content. https://peakd.com/c/hive-107975/created


Really cool, I think hive is great for gaming simply because of the custom jsons that are some kind of NFT, special for ingame Items.

I think your move to hive will be a really good long term play :)

More games are always good 👍

nice to see you here and welcome :)

welcome! A hive game sounds fun! Looking forward to seeing more :)

Welcome to hive! Love all the momentum crypto gaming is gaining these days.

What I really started to notice more lately was the strength of the Hive community.

The strength of what? 😂😂😂

Dan from @hashkings was pretty patient with me, to be honest, and also covered resource credit costs for me before our hedge fund had the resources to commit to this. I can't really speak to what's going on with the social media side of things, but with the gaming side of things, the pace of development lately has been very healthy.

This is true. I also see it. Nowadays my favorite Hive blockchain game is Splinterlands. I am playing it since 2018.12.30. It was Steem Monsters on the Steem blockchain at the beginning. hope that Splinterlands will continue to have the good development it has since its release, and that more good games will come to the Hive blockchain.

And you wonder why you don't get much support?

I am sorry, but this is exactly why I asked the question above.
I really/genuinely do not see the stength of it, no matter what I do.

Some will see and some won't. Some participate and forge connections others shower negativity. For example, on am introduction post in which the new person expresses their feelings about the community at large you sarkily ask what community

Just because you don't see it or you haven't found anything yet doesn't mean everyone else is wrong and there isn't one.

Some participate and forge connections others shower negativity.

Not negativity, but straight facts. And maybe for a reason. I tried to "forge connections". I was in the top 10 of the engagement league multiple times in the previous weeks. And there is also the fact that literally thousands of people left the platform in the previous months/years. And nowadays the average number of comments per post on the Hive blockchain is 2-3, and most of those comments are bot comments. Most of the posts on the Hive blockchain are either ignored or overlooked. Not just/only mine, but in general.

So the question pops up again:
What strength and what community?

It is not just/only me. Most people do not see it.

I have looked at your comments.

Sometimes, and it can be a difficult thing to accept, it's not always everyone else's fault

I only went back a little and saw you being rebuked for off topic comments and negativity more than once.

You say is not just only you but maybe you are chilling in the wrong circles?

What I would say, if you dislike it so much and are so negative towards it then why bother?

That's a rhetorical question though. I don't want an answer as I have spent far too much time talking to you the last couple of days.

and negativity more than once.

Honestly? How would you react if you would be ignored for more than 4 years, despite of trying and engaging with others?

I think that I am not wrong if I say that you would be disappointed.

why bother?

I live under the minimum wage. I would like to earn money.
This is why. And I do not want to give up. I am trying to be consistent. Many people give up. I do the opposite.

This is a honest and genuine answer. Most people are doing this for the money, even if they do not admit it.

Oops, meant to upvote with this account, but yeah, just cause many won't speak up and tell people they're being unnecessarily negative doesn't mean engagement on Hive is dead, they probably just don't want to engage with you.

Welcome to the HIVE :)




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Welcome fellow PNWer! Really excited to have Blockchain Gaming here and look forward to creating content to help get the world out about your games...

Hello and welcome. Gaming and Hive make good bed fellows.

Wow a new program for Hive, I am very confident in the next few months Hive is growing and popular @wanggiston

Hello, I looked over Taurion Game from Xaya, are you involved with the development of it or working with the folks at xaya.io? It looks like a very interesting game, I would sign-up for the e-mail, but I pretty much ignore my e-mail accounts.

If you are helping on the game, a few progress reports on it here in hive would be appreciated by me. Good luck on Hive, some friendly people, some not so friendly people, a pretty diverse group of people.

We know them pretty well. Not sure what they think of Hive, though. But we might post updates about it here in the future

Thank you, I have made a new list on peakd for games I will be checking it on a regular basis to see what is up and happening.

Have you checked out the game Splinterlands? It's an amazing blockchain play to earn game on Hive!
They're even issuing their own governance token this month called SPS. It will be huge.

Yeah, it seems to be the biggest game on Hive

May I suggest reading about the Splinterlands governance token? It will be released this month and will be very big news. Splinterlands is also attracting huge investors either financially or because they want to work together bridging their chains and platforms. Splinterlands just completed a massive land sale and Card Pack sell out.





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Es excelente lo que explayaste es muy instructivo, gracias por compartir.

Hive is surely a place to be and glad you see it. Welcome to hive