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Welcome to our 200th Featured Showcase!!


We are so thrilled and excited to have achieved this milestone! It’s hard to believe that we have published this many showcases featuring so many different beautiful handiworks made by this wonderful community.

To show our thanks and appreciation we want to honor the veterans of NeedleWorkMonday.

The members that we mention have been posting about their needlework at least once a year during the timeframe of 2017 to 2019. That’s at least 4 years of sharing on chain which is amazing!! We are so appreciative and grateful to them for being here.

We take this time to acknowledge and recognize the veterans of needlework (in no particular order):

@shanibeer, @akipponn, @carolinacardoza, @creacioneslelys, @jicrochet, @marblely, @devyleona, @fiberfrau, @inici-arte, @minismallholding, @irenenavarroart, @afrikablr, @brittandjosie, @erikah, @neumannsalva, @phoenixwren, @romeskie, @sarimanok, @starjewel @tahiaarq, @tali72, @tesmoforia, @blanca56, @eveuncovered

THANK YOU for your longevity in sharing what you love to do. We honor you, your creativity and your veteran status! 😘

The payout of this post will be distributed evenly to each of you ~

We still have a showcase to present or we couldn’t call this the 200th edition. 😆

Every Monday we get together to share our love and passion for the needle arts, posting from the NeedleWorkMonday Community and using the #needleworkmonday tag. On all other days we use the #needlework tag. We enjoy each other’s creations, ideas, patterns, tips and shortcuts.

Here are our featured accessory posts this week:

Tutorial: Bolso Tejido de Unicornio 🦄. ¡Simplemente Hermoso! / Tutorial: Unicorn Woven Bag 🦄. Simply beautiful!

by @lacochinaensalsa


Mothers have a superpower in knowing how to make their little ones happy. This unicorn bag that @lacochinaensalsa made for her daughter is extremely adorable with all of the little details. I think it’s clearly seen from the photoshoot just how much she adores her new hand knitted bag.


Mitten Madness / ミトンたのしい・・・

by @akipponn


Wanna know what a knitter’s life looks like? This post by @akipponn is a good example. We see cute patterns of handmade items and have to have our own. Once we start searching for that perfect pattern we’re usually there for hours lol. These mittens look so warm and cozy. I’d say it’s another mission accomplished :)


🌻Transforma tus viejos zarcillos con este hermoso tejido🌻//🌻Transform your old earrings with this beautiful fabric🌻

by @selenediva


It’s quite amazing how the smallest touch of needlework can add so much flair to a piece. I love how the pretty yellow compliments the pearls. The overall finished look is simply beautiful.


Making my first crochet ponytail / (ENG/ESP)

by @lauracraft


@Lauracraft shared with us that by seeing the projects our friends have made in the community it has motivated her to try new things. She took it upon herself to watch some videos and learn the basic stitches of crocheting. This cute ponytail holder is the result of that learning.


Thank you for stopping by to view our featured posts for this week. Please stop by their posts and show them some love with a read, a comment and an upvote for sharing their handmade creations.

To see more needle arts, please check out the the NeedleWorkMonday Community and check back here with @needleworkmonday every Wednesday / Thursday for the weekly Curation posts!!

If you are a needlework artist we’d love to have you join us to share your work and inspire the Hive blockchain to give a craft a try.


Please Subscribe and Post from the NeedleWorkMonday Community for a chance to be featured and upvoted (please follow the posting guidelines in our updated FAQs)! On Mondays, please ensure that you include the #needleworkmonday tag and on other days, please use the #needlework tag (without the word Monday attached).


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Today’s curation is written by @crosheille ~


It's been ages since I posted on needlework. Ages since I posted on anything much, for that matter... Posts keep forming in my mind, but I've yet to find time to write anything down. Although I guarantee if I did find the time my mind would go blank. 😅

Honestly dear, I also missed the needlework as it has also been a long that I have not made a post. But I think my love for the community was one of the first communities I ever approached and enjoyed in Hive. I just shared a post recently. I hope to see you too and make a new post friend.

I've been there for the past two weeks. Ideas are there but the time does not allot for it.

Lol that is why I write my ideas down as they come or I’d forget and go blank too. 😅

 2 months ago  

What a joy to see how our community continues growing, congratulations to all the team and of course to all the users who choose to share their content with us.

Congratulations to all the honorees and thank you very much for sharing your creations with us for so long.untitled.gif

It's such a joy isn't it?!!! 😆

That’s exactly it, we wouldn’t have a showcase without our members who come here week after week to share. 💕

Katty, thank you for all you do behind the scenes, helping me to keep it all together. I love you and are truly blessed to have you as a friend and as a part of this team ~ 💝

 2 months ago  

Thanks so much dear for these beautiful words, my feelings for you are the same 😘🤗


200 editions! Amazing! 😍

Here's to all the fabulous needleworkers old and new! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

It truly is!! 😍

All those who have come along the way to pitch in on the growth of this community are greatly appreciated.


Congratulations to all these veterans for their dedication and perseverance in the community.

I hope to be constant every Monday to be integrated into this great family of seamstresses and crafters with threads and needles.

Very nice all the creations promoted this week.

Congratulations on this achievement. Exhibiting our work is already a recognition of the work we do with so much affection on a daily basis.

Many congratulations to those mentioned today as veterans and outstanding.

Much success to all in the community and on the blockchain. Hugs.

Thank you @creacioneslelys! It's a wonderful occasion to celebrate!! 😃🤗

Thank you for maintaining this community so well. I always learn from the veterans and newcomers alike. !BBH

Thanks for this comment @fiberfrau! It means a lot coming from you who has been here for so long.

I feel the same way. I learn from everyone old and new ~ 😊💕

@needleworkmonday! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @fiberfrau. (1/5)

Congratulations to all distinguished veterans in the art of sewing and knitting!. And to the community in its 200th edition. These achievements give much joy and satisfaction. In unity there is strength, once again congratulations!🎂🎉🥂

Yes, I agree @multifacetas! There is definitely strength in unity! 💪🏽😁🤩

It gives such joy knowing we have all achieved this together. Each and every member has help contribute to this occasion ~ 😘

Awwww thanks for thinking of me! I'm not prolific like so many on here but I enjoy sharing when I can! :)

Of course! We weren't gonna leave you out. 😄😉

There were a handful of people I knew right off that were going on this list that I didn't have to lookup and you were one of the ones. ☺️❤️

Congratulations to the community and veterans for their 200th edition, it's easy to say but it's a long road travelled, full of great experiences and learning. This week's selection is very beautiful and colorful congratulations to the authors.

Success and many blessings!

it's easy to say but it's a long road travelled, full of great experiences and learning

💯 all the way! Thanks for saying that because it has not always been easy. I do appreciate the learning experiences along the way.

So many people have pitched in with time and effort to get us to where we are today and for that I'm grateful ~ ☺️

Thank you!! I am happy to be part of this amazing community
Thank you for all the support and work you do for us!!

Absolutely @tahiaarq!! We are happy to have you and it's been a pleasure supporting your work and efforts ~ 🤗😊🥰💓

You are so kind!!! 💚💚💚

Oh my God! I hadn't been able to connect for days, and seeing this publication is the best of welcomes. Thank you @crosheille for your unconditional support, for every word of encouragement and every lesson.

I extend my gratitude to each member of the community, each stitch made a letter full of life to this ecosystem of wool and needles.

Let's go for more stitches and have them shared in text form.

Just thank you 😍

You're absolutely welcome! It's so good hearing from you and I'm glad you enjoyed this welcome! ☺️😉❤️

It’s a joy having you as a part of this community ~

Thank you so much for the Hive! It was just enough to put me over 50 liquid so I can get a nice badge for Power Up Day! Hooray! :D

Oh Awesome!!! You are very welcome. We thank you for sticking around with us and being a part of what we do ~ 🤗🥰

This is awesome, needlework had come along way and am glad to see how you all have work so hard to make the community a successful home. Thank you for all you do and sharing your Inspiring contents

I must commend every other workers too for a job well done.

That unicorn bag by @@@lacochinaensalsa is so adorable.
And imagine that first crotchet ponytail by @lauracraft so beautiful like my Adire fabrics..

Well done lovelies, keep doing what you do ❤💖

Ohhh! It is a total compliment to have been among the featured crafts, it really is an honor!
Second, congratulations to all of you for your great work, creativity and dedication.

So glad you feel that way. It was a pleasure featuring your work ~ 😉

Thanks for the comment ~

wow! Thanks a lot!!! it makes me so happy!!! Has it been so long already?! wow!!!

You're very welcome Tali! We thank you for sticking with us for so long and continuing to share here.

I know it's crazy! It has really been that long. 😃🤗

That's a nice milestone. Congratulations and thanks for the mention :)

Thanks @erikah! It was quite a nice feeling to see the 200!! ☺️

Absolutely! We truly appreciate everything you share here ~ 💓

From the beginning I loved this idea of sharing our fabrics. This community is made by everyone, so let's keep on creating!.

YES!!!! This community is made by everyone for sure. It truly is a group effort!! ❤️

Each individual has played their part in helping this community grow and be where it is today ~ 🤗

Congratulations @needleworkmonday and all the members you guys are doing a great job to make sure this community keep growing. Keep it up a good job weldone

The perseverance, love and dedication of each work done by our colleagues selected in this showcase, has paid off.
Let's keep on giving our best.

I'm gonna cry, omg, thanks a lot, I hug you, you have no idea what this means to me. This community have become in a very importante part of me. I justa wanna say thanks and you have my all support. Thanks a lot.

Awww! 🤗🥹😘🥰

Thank you very much for the mention as a veteran of the community, it is very gratifying for me to see how the community has grown, incorporating more and more creative people with a natural love for needle art. A hug for everyone 🤗

Absolutely! We thank you for being so active and involved here ~ 💓🤗

I'm so so so happy to be on the 200th featured post with other great needle works! And yes, also happy to be here as a veteran 😁 I couldn't continue posting on Hive without Needlework Monday! Juhuuu 🥳

Awww how sweet!! 😃😍🥰💓🤩🤗

Congratulations to the all the veterans, you guys rockkkkkkkkkkk🙃

Este reconocimiento me llena de alegría y me motiva a seguir creando😍, se siente bonito saber que tu esfuerzo y trabajo no pasan por debajo de la mesa. Igualmente aprovecho a darle mi apoyo a ese equipo que está detrás de la comunidad. Un abrazo y muchas bendiciones🤗. ¡Felicidades a todos los distinguidos veteranos en el arte de coser y tejer!🎉🥂💪🏽

That's correct @blanca56. Your efforts and contributions will never go under the table here. We appreciate the activity and efforts that each of you bring and it was a pleasure honoring you ~ 🤗😃🤩🥰

This is actually good news to hear and I pray that the community keeps growing in achieving its goal.

Thanks @apunawu!

Waooo, it is incredible that so much time has already passed. The truth is that one comes to qui and falls in love with the community project, you encourage us to move forward and not to stagnate, but rather you invite us to continue growing and to be better every day.
I wish you many more years, where we can all be happy together, united, in fraternity. God bless you.

Waooo, es increíble que ya haya pasado tanto tiempo. La verdad es que uno llega a qui y se enamora del proyecto de la comunidad, ustedes nos animan a seguir adelante y no estancarse, mas bien nos invitan a seguir creciendo y ser mejor cada día.
Les auguro un montón de años mas, donde todas podamos ser felices juntas, unidas, en fraternidad. Dios les bendiga.

Thanks so much for this comment Carolina! I hope to continue going in this direction being able to encourage and support our needle artists!! We adore and appreciate each and every one of you ~ 😘🤗💓🥰🤩

Felicidades a todos los veteranos destacados en esta Linda Comunidad!
Que sigan los éxitos.