NeedleWork Your Bucket List!!! A NeedleWorkMonday Community Challenge!

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Authored by @crosheille

photo credit: @crosheille

If you have goals and aspirations to achieve then you have a Bucket List!

Over these past few years I have learned from your posts the things you wish to do and the supplies and skills you hope to acquire one day.

Many of us, including myself, have several projects we want to accomplish and have already accumulated quite a list to mark off. There are also a variety of needlework techniques we wish to learn.

Iт’ѕ Tιмe тo Cнecĸ Oғғ Oυr Lιѕт!

This will be a Community Challenge and NOT a contest.

What that means is we are encouraging you and hope through other’s efforts you will be inspired to reach your goals. We will be cheering each other on as a community of supportive friends throughout this entire challenge (as we did with the WIP challenge).

We are giving you 3 months to mark at least one thing off your 🄽🄴🄴🄳🄻🄴🅆🄾🅁🄺 🄱🅄🄲🄺🄴🅃 🄻🄸🅂🅃!!

Whether it’s completing a project, learning a new needlework skill/technique, purchasing those must have supplies for your next venture, visiting a fiber arts fair, festival or museum, creating your own pattern for the first time etc etc, we want to challenge you to it!

Remember, we do accept any form of fiber arts that deal with knotting, braiding, felting, lacing or any form of manipulation of fabrics and yarns. If any of these are on your list of things to accomplish you can include those in this challenge as well.

The aim is to at least reach one goal but we want to motivate you to do as many as you can within a three month timeframe.

No more excuses needleworkers!

Aren’t you ready to start marking off your long awaited list?! Well here’s your opportunity to line through some items! 😃

Even the smallest achievement can give the greatest feeling of accomplishment!!

𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝑅𝓊𝓁𝑒𝓈:

1. Your bucket list goal(s) must be needlework related or any form of fiber arts that deal with knotting, braiding, felting, lacing or any form of manipulation of fabrics and yarns.

2. Once you’ve completed a goal make a post all about it and share it with us.

In your post please give us some background details on why this particular goal was added to your list, how long it’s been on there and when you thought you were going to accomplish it (give an estimated year or timeframe). If you need help with adding more spice and life to your post and want to know exactly what we are looking for please read Oh, Just Another Tutorial for guidance.

We will definitely want to see some photos of the supplies, process, final results or event depending on what your goal is.

3. Must follow posting guidelines as outlined in the FAQs.

4. Include #needleworkyourbucketlist as one of your tags.

5. Must post your entry directly to the NeedleWorkMonday Community!

6. Must leave a link to your challenge entry below in the comments of this post so we won’t miss it!

Per the questions in the comment section you can make as many bucket list posts as you’d like 😃!

Also, you know that we love joining you in your creative journeys. With that said, if you want to share with us your progress along the way and make a few posts leading up to the completion of your goal then that is great too!

photo credit: @crosheille

𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒟𝑒𝒶𝒹𝓁𝒾𝓃𝑒:

You’ll have 3 months to join in and complete this challenge. All posts for this challenge are due and must be submitted by Monday, March 13th.


The rewards for this challenge will be done a little differently this round.

With the payout from this post we will be distributing tips on your posts according to the judging criteria below that we use on all of our contests. You have the potential to earn a good tip on top of having your post nominated for an OCD upvote! 🤩

I highly encourage you to read the post link I left above and push yourself further to making an exceptional post about achieving your goals. It could really payoff for you to go an extra mile and put more thought and feeling into your publication.

Judging Criteria

As with all challenges, we base our judging on certain criteria to help us narrow down the final winners, among which, but not limited to: the final presentation, techniques and materials used, story/inspiration behind the project, originality, creativity plus level of complexity/difficulty.

We are so ready to see what’s been on your bucket list but mostly excited to see things crossed off!!!

As we work through this challenge we encourage you to support one another and cheer each other on as we aim to accomplish those aspirations.

There is no goal that’s too simple. Sometimes the simplest goals are the most rewarding! 😉

Have Fun! 😆

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This challenge was written by @crosheille.

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Could there be anything more exciting than this?
God bless the mind that thought about this and brought it to life.

This is for certainly for me.
I do have a long bucket list regarding my fashion career and just to think how frustrated I started feeling about achieving those goals, this has cheered me up.

Am gonna pick them up one at a time and see to it that I mark out all the list and add some value and life to my career.
Thank you for this challenge.

And the graphics wowed me, its so lovely I feel like finding where to learn how to design something as lovely as this.
Thank you dear @crosheille, the graphics is breathtaking.

Hahah I'm thrilled you love this idea! This is something I was going to do this year anyway so why not make it a challenge and accomplish our goals together?!! 😆

I’ve had things sitting on my list for years and want to mark them off.

I’m glad this has cheered you up and motivated you to get in gear and start marking off your list too! 😉

Thanks so much for the compliments on the photos. I’m sure someone noticed that I used a crocheted scarf I made and paired it with those circular knitting needles 😂🤭. It’s a neck warmer I crocheted years ago.

Wow, and its is still very lovely...
Maybe just one day I could learn how to crotchet too.

Thank you!

Yes of course you can!! 🧶

haha your words denote emotion! I am very happy that this is one more reason to achieve those dreams in a tangible way in your life! wish you all the best.!!

Thanks dear, they really mean alot to me.

Greetings @crosheille, a very interesting challenge, my goal was to finish my sewing projects in 2022, but due to the various occupations of the month of December and other pending activities I could not meet my goal, although I must say that I advanced a large percentage of them, some only lack the elastic, in other cases I lacked a little fabric to combine the sets of my son, I set myself for late January to finish them all with God's favor.

In my country children go back to school after the Christmas vacations, which requires managing time to meet the daily schedule, this challenge comes at the perfect time, I aspire to finish all projects and participate; thank you for bringing a new challenge that invites us to dust off the unfinished work and techniques that we will use to finish them.

Happy and blessed start of the week!

I am sure that with a good work plan and effort you will be able to achieve it, friend :) I wish you the best.

I'm glad we are able to bring this challenge to you! 😃

I hope you are able to finish all of your projects and even beyond what you planned.

 2 months ago  

I think this contest is great because I have many things on my to do list, one of them is to learn to embroider with ribbons, although I still lack some implements, this challenge has encouraged me to start my learning process.
I love community challenges because we can support and encourage each other.
Thank you for this new challenge.

It is ideal that you acquire everything you need so that your work is of quality, I am sure that you can achieve it and we can see your creations.

 2 months ago  

Thanks friend for your support. 🤗

Yay that's awesome to hear! I can already imaging how beautiful your work with ribbons will be. 😍

I love community challenges too. What better way to get encouragement and a boost to get moving towards our goals?!!

Let's do this!! 😆

 2 months ago  


Please, I’d like to know if the challenge has ended.

hello everyone, it seems to me a very special way to motivate ourselves to break paradigms for this year, going beyond what we have done... I think it is a nice opportunity for the community as a catalog of original creations in thread, needle and tissue, it is a good opportunity to see new content and celebrate together the growth of the participating countries together with the creators of the community; my best wishes to all.

hola a todas, me parece una manera muy especial para motivarnos a romper paradigmas para este año, yendo mas alla de lo que hemos realizado... me parece que es una linda oportunidad para la comunidad como catalogo de creaciones originales en hilo, aguja y tejido, es una buena oportunidad para ver contenidos nuevos y celebrar juntas el crecimiento de las pas participantes junto a los creadores de la comunidad; mis mejores deseos para todas.

Thanks for adding your input @dloreantdisenos! This is definitely a nice way to motivate ourselves and push beyond what we normally do. I know everyone has time constraints but we’re hoping this helps everyone complete at least one goal from their list! 😊

Even after the challenge we hope this would be a motivation to continue achieving the goal of marking through our bucket lists ~

My bucket is the size of a semi-trailer, but I will see how much I can get done!


Love it! Let's see!! 😃

There are so many things I would like to do, that this challenge seems to be the best way to start them. Create a cushion for my rocking chair, some handles for the kitchen curtains, do a sewing course and so many projects to accomplish that I hope to take the time and share with you each process. Thank you @needleworkmonday, @crosheille for creating this interesting Challenge that motivates us and promotes our creative process. Greetings.

Then you've definitely tuned in to the right challenge. This will definitely boost your motivation and hopefully your productivity. Even just accomplishing one of your many awesome goals will make you feel such a great achievement that you took the time to complete it.

We hope that even after this challenge you will be inspired to continue on and stay consistent with marking off your list. 😉

We look forward to joining you as you work towards your goals ~ 😃

I was attentive to this publication, so I read on oh, one more tutorial.

I think it's great. If we had not written down our resolutions we are still on time.

I just have several in the world of sewing.

We can make a post with what we want to achieve or we should do it with what we achieve.

It seems to me that I will be frequent in this community.

The normal thing is to post once a week, right?

Thanks for these great ideas friend @crosheille

 2 months ago (edited) 

Thanks for being attentive and reading the other publication as well. I hope it was helpful.

This is a great question and thank you for asking. I have updated the post with the answer. Please read above where it says Update in red print.

However, to answer you a little clearer if you want to make a post sharing a list of things you want to achieve that is allowed as well 😉. We just ask that you give the background detail info talked about in Rule #2 when sharing.

Thank you ~

Thank you very much for answering and clarifying the doubt, I'm going to read the post again.

And if the other post was also very helpful to have clear the firm to focus the publications, not just a tutorial.

No problem at all. 😉

Woo, me parece interesante éste reto,ya que el año pasado compré telas antes de navidad, para hacer la camisa de uniforme del Salón donde trabajo, pero como aún no tenía el diseño o el modelo que iba a plasmar, no pude hacerlo, además que para esas fechas había mucho trabajo y no me daba tiempo; bueno, así que éste será el reto perfecto para poner manos a la obra y crear mi diseño y plasmarlo. Saludos y bendiciones amigos.

asi es, lo importante es que haras con amor tus diseños y sin apuros, eso garantizara un exxcelente resultado.

Gracias amiga @dloreantdisenos por tu comentario alentador, así es, las cosas con amor salen mejor. Saludos 😊

Yes you can do this! We encourage you to get to work and start the designing process. I look forward to seeing what you’re able to achieve!! 😀

Gracias estimada @crosheille por tan gratas palabras, así lo haré 😊👍🏻

You're welcome ~ 😉

Oh, wow, this is great! 😍 And I already started mine with those flower bouquets. 😘😍 But of course, there's a lot on my bucket list that I wanted to try and I'm so excited to see everyone's participation on this challenge. Count me in on this challenge. And let's rock the art world! 😘

Thank you so much @crosheille for this wonderful challenge. I hope everyone could participate and inspire one another.

Oh Nice! I'm making my blog runs now so I'll be stopping by your post soon!! 😃😍

So glad to count you in. It will be so fun seeing everyone participate in this one. 🤩

Always a pleasure to encourage consistent creativity through what we are already passionate about ~ ☺️😉❤️

Such a nice community challenge ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I'm already making my needlework bucket list and thinking about what to try in the three months period. I look forward to reading about what other Needlework Monday friends do 😊

We're happy you like this challenge! Looking forward to seeing what you'll be working on ~ 😉

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In the future please don't spam with these types of comments. If you're going to leave a comment make sure it relates to the post.

 2 months ago  

This is great! When I read this title, the exact project I want to do came to mind. Of course I have several, the world of sewing is for everything...

It will be an exciting months, we hope it will be a great opportunity for everyone to encourage us to make those projects that float in our minds a reality. I love this community ❤️.

I'm the same way! I have several projects but the one I want to share the most immediately came to mind.

I hope these next few months are full of inspiration for us all!! I love our community too! Yay! 😃🥰😍😘

This is great!!! 😻 @crosheille

I love it 🤩 My list is moderately long 😅 This really motivates me to get to work. Thank you so much @crosheille 🥰

How many posts can I share? As many as I can from my list?

Blessings to the whole team and to my fellow members of this beautiful community 💟

Yay Great!! Hahaha my list is pretty long too! 😅

So glad you are motivated!! Oh for sure! I love seeing everyone get excited about getting to work with their craft!! 😍

Thanks so much for your question. I’ve added the answer in the Update section of this post. 😉

😻😻😻😻😻 Very thank you 🥰

For sure ~ 😉☺️

How exciting since I saw the publication of Oh, just another tutorial, I thought it was great, as it helps us to improve our publications, it will really be a real feedback in the community.

And what about, the announcement of our first bucket list challenge, which we couldn't complete last year, I said to myself "how wonderful, I love this idea", so I kept an eye on it. Wow, last night when I sat down at my desk to check my computer, I was happy to see this, I have things I want to finish, and others I want to create. Thank you @crosheille, for your ingenuity and concern in motivating us to be better every day, so, as I always say, "Hands to the needles"!

I hope that post encourages improvement across the community where needed.

It’s great you have things on your list to get done. It’ll be fun seeing how many you can accomplish during the next 3 months! 😃

I appreciate your comment and you are very welcome. It makes me happy seeing how excited and motivated everyone is about this challenge. ☺️

I love this challenge and from the comments I see that many are excited , so much that inspire and motivate , I am in several projects, I bought last year a fabric to make a sports jumpsuit and it remained as part of projects for this year, also for some time I want to make a bag with reused jean fabric and thinking about it, I have to make my list, not to be distracted with so many things I want to do, embroidery is also in my projects, I hope to share both my list and my creations. Greetings 🤗

Greetings @anamariag! It has been fun reading all of the excitement in the responses here. I think we're going to see lots of people mark off their list.

It will be nice seeing everything that’s on yours and really nice to see your creations ~ 😉

Wow this is another amazing challenge. I did not have what is take to work on some contest here but has for this one I am ready to participate and immediately I saw this challenge and went through many things come to my mind. Thanks so much @crosheille for this challenge I love it

Do you remember me telling you that you'd be able to join in this round?! See, told ya you'd love this one. 😄

I'm so excited to see you join in. Yay!! Have fun!

Yes I remember. Thanks so much. You have done well

It's a pleasure! Awww thank you, I'm glad you think so ~ ☺️

I love this challenge! Too bad I am not good on this activity but at least there are plenty of talented people to learn from! :)

Thanks for your feedback on this challenge. I am so pleased to learn so many think it’s a great idea. You can surely learn from so many people here. Maybe one day you’ll give needlework a go!! 😃

Yippee work-to-be-completed initiative. This excites me because every time I see the initiative in the community I remember the 12 dolls that I started knitting around this time a year ago and there they are still without arms. This challenge is for me and for my dolls that one of these days will come out of the box where I keep them and they will finish themselves... I mean they must be bored of being naked and incomplete.

Hahaha yes! This is another opportunity for you to finish and clothed those dolls. 😁

I hope to see some progress on them throughout these few months. I know they’d be happy to get some more added to them. 😉

Omg, I feel greatful for this, you and the community, because, we can have many goals, ideas or project but we also need joining, schedule, organization. Thanks a lot for this.

That's great to hear @afrikablr! I hope you're able to take full advantage of this challenge ~

Have Fun! ❤️

It's a great challenge, and although I'm personally a little intimidated by it, there are several things I'd like to learn how to do and I think this is a great opportunity to do that. In this new year I hope to dedicate the necessary time to those things that arouse my curiosity and admiration but that I have not ventured to do. Good luck with this fantastic challenge.
Allí estaré.

I commend you for wanting to take on your curiosity and venture into new territory. I hope that whatever you aspire to do it will be fulfilled this year.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment ~ 🙂

Amén. 🙏😊
Thank you very much.

Absolutely!! 😊

These is such a wonderful concept and an avenue to get every of our pending needlework project done, I look forward to seeing different entries and as well reading through each and every story behind each one.

Here is a link to my first accomplishment in line with the needlework bucket list prompt.

Thanks for being our first entry!! Yay! 😃

Smile, it's a pleasure.🫂

Feliz Año Nuevo amigos de Needlywork, leyendo este post sentí una emoción enorme, he estado un poco ausente ya que por las celebraciones decembrinas mis máquinas estuvieron guardadas pero ya las desempolvare ya que tengo muchos proyectos en mente y que mejor que compartirlos con ustedes, con el favor de Dios pronto estare compartiendo 🙏, muchos éxitos para todos 🤗

It's good that you'll be dusting off your machines to join us in this challenge!

Happy Creating ~ 😊

Excellent!, I think this new challenge is great, I still have unfinished WIPs and I also have new ideas to project, and I will be ready to share. Congratulations to all the crafters of sewing and knitting.

Very good to hear you'll be ready to share. 😉

Que buena idea! Espero en estos 3 meses poder lograr cumplir algunos de mis deseos.
Gracias @crosheille por proponer este desafío.

I hope you're able to fulfill some of your wishes as well.

You're very welcome ~ 😉

Thats going to be really exciting!! Awesome challenge as always, thank you for that @crosheille I guess that's going to give me some final inspiration to finally start a few of those long planed techniques and projects😊🙃 ...and I wonder who is going to come up with what!! (will we see some macrame around here?😉)

I'm glad you're excited like we are!! 😀

I have a goal to hop in this challenge but I'm not sure if it will be with macrame. Maybe the next round of this I'll be ready for it. 😄

I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll do though ~ 👀😁

I mean when I read the challenge I thought of macrame right away, but to be honest it might not be my choice eigther🫢
...anyway surely looking forward to see some awesome projects!!🙃


Hello dear family, I'm glad there is plenty of time to participate. I'm sure I'll get a few things out of the "things to try" drawer.
Also from my fellow needleworkmonday members I have learned a lot and have a few ideas saved to put into practice.

I am sure that soon there will be many beautiful ideas to show.

Greetings to all of you and have a good year.

Yes, pull those out of the drawer and get started! 😃😄

We’re looking forward for your participation ~

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This is amazing and we feel very grateful for it! Thanks so much ~

You're welcome @needleworkmonday! Have a nice day 😊👍

@kaerpediem I remember you saying you enjoy knitting, are you up for this :) ?

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Thank you!!

My pleasure, keep up the great work 🙌

That’s the plan! 😆

Much appreciated!!

I sure hope to make a post soon. Thanks to @kattycrochet for using this post link so I could know about this challenge.

I do missed this community which has been part of my achievements here. Good luck to us all! Lots of backjobs in there too!

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Thank you so much for this incredible news. I am already participating. Here is my entry:

Hello my beautiful community 🌺 The encouragement you have generated in me with this community challenge is wonderful. I am very grateful to my dear @crosheille and the whole team because you have been the energy I needed 😻 This is my first of several projects that I will do. Blessings friends 💟

Feliz viernes amigos hoy me encuentro muy feliz ya que por fin tengo listo mi primer proyecto y los comparto con ustedes:


Hi, I hope I understand what this challenge is about. For the moment I leave you the list of my next projects for these months. ¡Great initiative!.

Hello everyone. Here is my entry for this challenge. 😉


This challenge will make me get down to accomplishing my needlework goals as soon as I can. I decided to introduce my bucket list first. Here they are:

This is one of the things on my wish list. I hope you like it. This is My entry woven macramé bracelet.

Felicitaciones este me parece un reto muy interesante estaré feliz de poder participar

This is cool! I have lots in my bucket list I don't know where to start, with hope that I'll be able to deal with them one of these days! Wish me luck!

Feliz lunes amigos de @needleworkmonday aquí tengo mi segunda lista de deseos cumplidos, estoy muy feliz de tener mucha mas motivación en realizar mis proyectos y poder compartirlos con ustedes, en mi post incluí varios proyectos realizados en esta última semana, aquí se los comparto:

Hello, here is my entry to the challenge. First part ☺️

Hola. Por aquí comparto mi entrada al desafío. Primera parte ☺️

What a wonderful challenge!

I've chosen to learn Procreate - or start learning it! 😍

I finally completed my first project for the challenge! It feels good to know that I’ll be ticking one of already. Here’s my post:

Here I leave my first result of my long list

Have a lovely week💕

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