Sponsoring Splinterlands and Peakmonsters COLLECTIONS - A competition

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What is a collection (ccc/)

  • A collection is a type of post that contains links to other posts.
  • They always have a specific theme.
  • They usually also have commentary on each post by the collector that helps the reader.
  • Collectors often use the search tools and find the very best posts by other authors.
  • Some authors make collections of their own posts to help organize their posts and make them more accessible.
  • The collector spends time organizing the links in the order that they think will best help the reader.

View some collections here: https://peakd.com/c/hive-110144/created

Collections are very valuable to content consumers
We believe collections are perhaps the most valuable form of content curation we have on all of Hive... it's a new product on PeakD.com which we hope other interfaces will also start supporting. PeakD.com will continue to do more to help users find and be benefitted by collections. This means there will be updates to improve collections more and more.



There are thousands and thousands of new splinterlands players EVERY day... we have seen the analytics on @splinterlands content skyrocket on PeakD.com ... we believe that collections will be the most valuable resource for these new players so that they can have a list of posts they should read/view and have someone like you help put them in order of what they should read/view first.

The majority of the most read content on PeakD.com for the last month has been game related and most prominent among them is Splinterlands.

The exponential growth of Splinterlands game is a perfect opportunity for those that write and those that don't. Even if you don't write posts you can go and find the very best posts and put them in the order that you think will be most helpful to others. Are you a new player? What posts were most helpful for you when you were learning about Splinterlands?


  1. PeakD will continue to use our large vote on ALL well laid out collections
    (which includes Splinterlands collections)
  2. Peakmonsters will give votes and tips to Splinterlands related collections.
    (in particular those educating about Peakmonsters.com features like rentals or bids etc)
  3. Peakmonsters will give even better tips to Splinterlands posts and collections that talk about PeakMonsters.com


We will give the community 1 month to create and promote collections.
We will then distribute 3000 SPS to the creators of the best collections.
The whole month we'll be giving out votes and tips to both the posts and collections. We may do more SPS if we see a lot activity like 30 collections. But we may do less if almost no one participates and we see less than 10 collections.

The SPS award pool is being combined between PeakD and PeakMonsters with the majority being paid for by PeakMonsters.com @peakmonsters

We will look at the following things on each collection

  • How many visitors a collection gets (we have analytics we will see how many visitors the post gets)
  • How well laid out and thoughtful the order of the collection
  • We will pay attention to collections that get updated. Collections are best when they are made to be evergreen and someone puts care into them to stay up to date.
  • Which collections get shared with new users because other people think they're so helpful. (We'll look on discord, twitter, reddit and of course Hive posts)
  • As PeakMonsters is paying for a large portion of the contest we will also see if there are helpful posts that talk about how to use PeakMonsters. (but this is not required to win)

TYPES OF COLLECTIONS (we will try to award collections from each of these categories)

  • Best Overall Collections for: New Splinterlands Player
  • Best Collections for: Official Splinterlands Updates
  • Best Collections for: Rental users
  • Best Collections for: Splinterlands Economics
  • Best Collections for : How to play aka strategy
  • Best Collections for : PeakMonsters tools.
  • Best ongoing collections: aka those that are part of series.

Be Creative!!

We do not have a specific allotment as of yet for placement we simply have a commitment to give away 3000 SPS also we reserve the right to increase that allotment if lots of people make really good collections.


We will see collections no matter where you put them.

  • You can optionally put your collection in the C/Peakmonsters community but there is also a community that seems to be owned by 3speak called C/Splinterlands
  • IF and ONLY IF your post or collection talk directly about PeakMonsters you can add #peakmonsters topic tag.
  • If you're writing a post or a collection that helps PeakMonsters users please feel free to add to our discord channel https://discord.gg/ezUpuxpZfC There is a specific channel for PeakMonsters posts... do not add to the channels set aside for PeakD.com

This post has a video on how to easily create collections


I have created a collection for the contest: https://peakd.com/ccc/ojamajo/splinterlands-or-collection-of-strategies-for-beginners
It includes a lot of useful advice for beginners, including strategies, decks by splinter, and a success story.

Maybe a noob question do my collection need to involve mine article only or it could include collections of someone else's work put up in a systematic manner?

You can and should use articles other people make as well

Just created my first collection: https://peakd.com/ccc/handtalk5/splinterlands-players-guide-all-you-need-to-know

Tbh the formatting felt weird because Headers don't work as expected. The Header text needs to be put below the link to the post in order for it to appear above.

Thanks for the generous tip @JARVIE !
Really appreciate it and used it to afford some quests potions :-)

I didn't knew this feature in Peakd... Really useful as the information keeps populating at a really quick pace. A great tool to try to remove noise and place some good ol' bookmarks for useful contents.

@peakd! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @renovatio.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (1/10)

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

Dont compete, work together, for the game and the player base!

Ohh this sounds like a great little project for me to do. I am excited to sift through some good Splinterlands posts for things that I would have found helpful when first starting out.

@peakd I want to start delegating to you and your all your work here/the site and with splinterlands. Would I delegate to 'peakd' and 'peakmonsters'?
Thank you!

It was quite challenging to understand where to put the captions for the posts at first. Great feature nonetheless.

Sharing here my entries for the contest:


Hello, I'm new here, can you kindly put me through on how to go about my activities on this platform?

Here is another collection specifically curated for PeakMonsters tools. I hope this will help a lot of players in the future :)


I created a collection Splinterlands for dummies. Focus is on getting new player engaged in the mechanics of the game and clear out any doubts that they might have.

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what is their font style?

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