The Logic of Enslavement: 'Left Vs Right' Has Always Been a Trap. Liberation Now!

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We create our lives first and foremost from thought/imagination - so it follows that our physical destiny is tied to the quality of our internal information processes. Errors in thinking get us killed or enslaved and our liberation is ensured when the light of truth shines brightly within us at all of our levels. It's time to honestly reassess the frameworks through which so many of us have been taught to perceive politics and reality.

When people want to control animals for exploitation their goal is to break the will of the animal and herd them into limited areas (farms). As the movie 'The Matrix' shows so clearly in it's metaphors, our world today is one where many humans have similarly had their wills broken and have been herded into 'human farms' for exploitation. The goal in all of these situations is 'energy theft'.

Humans like to think of themselves in ways that help them to feel better about life, but which are often not actually based in reality. The false beliefs involved are easily exploited (and often created/inserted) by the would-be owners of the 'human farms' that so many are trapped in. Often these parasitic people are part of a long lineage (bloodline) of such people and their strategies have been passed down in secret from generation to generation.

As long as people think they are 'the top of the food chain', 'God's chosen ones', 'too smart to be caught out', 'on a planet surrounded by mostly good people' or other such beliefs which obscure the threats posed by highly organised manipulators - it is highly likely that they and their dependents will be lost to the human enslavement projects that run globally.

Fundamentally, we are all powerful beings - able to create change through will. In order for people to SEEM to be hugely more powerful than others, they need to effectively capture, control or steal the will of others. This is being done in a variety of ways but since the vast majority of them require the consent of the victim, the methods involve a large amount of denial. As long as the perpetrators can get the victims to deny what is happening to them, the victim can do nothing to reclaim their power.

This is the basic model through which ALL empires have been built throughout the aeons. Apply enough pain and discomfort to people and if they cannot find a way to change the situation they will likely capitulate to your demands and normalise the new reality they are experiencing. If the enslaver can apply the pain and discomfort in ways that obscure the fact that they are it's cause, then liberation is even more difficult to achieve and the 'solutions' to the problems can seem to be organically generated when they are anything but.

This is where things get very sticky.

Subtle Invitations To Self Harm

Pretty much EVERYONE has been tricked and trapped by such agendas.

Controlling agendas have been in place for thousands of years and gradually built/shaped/evolved over time in response to the acts of will among the human population. The sneakiness of the enslavers is not only one of their main tool but also the main thing stopping them from facing epic levels of revenge from their victims. In other words, these people are forced to continue telling ever more lies in order to try to protect themselves from retribution.

This is part of why we see ever more grandiose lies being sold on the world stage. While it is true that ever more people see through the lies as they are forced by circumstances to increase the scale of their mental 'lie detector', at the same time the situation reveals just how many people are utterly lost and bewildered.

I have always thought that the way that political dialogue is often framed relative to an imaginary spectrum of 'left vs right' is one of the most obvious examples of what is rightly called 'mass psychosis'.

Even as a child I noticed that, considering the weight of the importance of the topics that were often 'debated' in relation to references to 'left' or 'right', the definition of these terms and their application seemed shaky and imprecise at best.

As I got older I learned that not only were these terms bizarre in their application, but that people in the USA region use them very differently to their use in Britain.

Left vs. Right == FAIL

The use of the words 'left' and 'right' in the context of politics began during the French revolution. In that context, the establishment, monarchists and 'traditionalists' sat in the right hand set of seats in the parliament, while those wanting change sat in the left 'wing' of seats.

The use of this language moved around the world in the years since the French revolution at the end of the 1800s, but the meaning of the words is not concrete and people often use different definitions of what they mean without realising that those they are arguing with are not even hearing them speak in the ways they intend.

Millions of human hours are lost every year due to this one failure to make sense.

Generally, the left-wing is characterized by an emphasis on "ideas such as freedom, equality, fraternity, rights, progress, reform and internationalism" while the right-wing is characterized by an emphasis on "notions such as authority, hierarchy, order, duty, tradition, reaction and nationalism".[17]

source: Wikipedia - left right political spectrum

The view of left/right provided in Wikipedia actually highlights the gargantuan flaw in the use of these terms. Those who see themselves as 'right' will tend to mostly think they are promoting freedom, rights, progress and so on just as much as anyone who views themselves as being 'left'.

The 'truly correct' solution is not even remotely simple enough to be able to be summarised as simply either 'left' or 'right'. The people in these groups often don't even agree with each other! Any time anyone speaks about 'the left' or 'the right' in a way that attempts to neatly define the people they are describing, they are both failing to do so and also exposing their own ignorance.

If we follow the definition in Wikipedia, we could say that decentralised projects like Hive must automatically be 'left wing', since they promote cross border freedom, access to resources and progress. However, Hive also has hierarchy, people who attempt to exert authority and a built-in order based on wealth - which are allegedly 'right' traits. So is Hive somehow magically breaking the mould? Or is the mould of 'left/right' simply nonsensical?

danny zeck quote

This post from a now removed Twitter account nicely summarises what is taking place here. The would-be farmers of human beings rely on denial, deception, distraction and ignorance to control their victims. The earlier they can capture the child's mind, the longer the lies have been believed and the more people that repeat them, the greater their ability to enslave.

If the tools they provide their human cattle are deliberately distorted, they know that they will not lose their power position unless the victims somehow start to think differently. This is part of the reason why the internet and corporate social media sites are now so heavily censored.

I could easily point to people who are 'right wing' in the minds of many people and show how they are tirelessly working to shut down free speech. I could do the same for people who are often thought of as 'left wing'. I could spend the rest of my life pointing out people who are denying that this is happening and that are blaming only either the imaginary left or the right.

The reality here is that these false definitions are nothing more than tools of oppression, that are designed to divide, confuse and conquer the minds and will of the masses.

As long as you can blame your problems on a somewhat abstract group of people, while being assured that 'your team' is busy fighting against them every day - then you yourself neither need to take responsibility, nor have any real responsibility. In reality, such a situation only has one outcome for most people - they lose personal power. Trapped in a false paradigm, you will have neither power nor the vision needed to gain power or solve problems.

This is why politics always seems to go in roughly the same direction regardless of which 'party' 'leads' a nation.

Belief in and continued reference to 'left and right' is a sure sign to me that a person is operating on sub-optimal thinking. At best they are going to be somewhat annoying and at worst they are a direct threat to the future of all life on this planet.

So what is Liberation?

We all have free will and it is for each of us to create as we prefer. Valuation of free will is necessary for us to do this and simply to continue living at all. Denial of will only ever leads to death, sooner or later (usually sooner).

Liberation requires us to rigorously examine and clear out our own limiting/false belief systems so that we think/see/create clearly enough to make the best decisions so that we remain free and alive. This, in turn, means discarding falsely colouring definitions such as 'left/right' and replacing them with more precise and meaningful definitions.

I willingly update my thinking on this and many other topics constantly, so my own definitions might be different next week as compared to today. However, in simple terms, I have replaced anything remotely like the 'left/right' paradigm with a different spectrum which is 'liberation/enslavement'. I track the extent to which people have done the necessary work to align their thoughts, words and deeds towards liberation and away from enslavement.

While it is true that people who use 'left/right' will typically promote the idea that their chosen side of the aisle is the one that promotes 'liberation' and not enslavement, they need to look/feel more closely at what liberation really requires and what modern enslavement looks like too.

Regardless of which of the common definitions for 'left' and 'right' we use, it is true that both sides of this imaginary spectrum have obviously initiated massive enslavement at different times in history. Neither 'side' is one that automatically leads to freedom.

Modern enslavement is often non physical. That is to say that it begins with thoughts and leads to self imposed physical enslavement. It relies upon denial and that the victim does not even acknowledge their plight.

With this in mind, perhaps it can be more easily recognised that a system of governance and control which relies on massive centralisation such as 'representative democracy' is never going to deliver real freedom as it literally relies on the limitation of freedom down the barrel of a gun. Failure to recognise this means the perpetuation of the logic of enslavement.

Liberation isn't so difficult to achieve or understand as long as we are willing to accept that our mind may be peppered with self limiting and harmful beliefs. Just like a drug addict or alcoholic, we can easily become addicted to holding on to cherished beleifs, mistakenly thinking that we can't do without them. Eventually, reality will force us (or those who survive us) to recognise the errors involved - our job is to find them before reality smacks us across the face with a wakeup call.

Life can be effortless and enjoyable once a deep enough truth is lived.

Liberation requires personal empowerment. You cannot be personally free while conforming to the rules of other people. Voluntary free will is the basis of human survival, yet we live in a world where agents of the human farmers have attempted to seed such crazily impossible thoughts into mass consciousness as 'free will does not exist' using 'voices of authority' from 'science' to do so.

Liberation does not mean losing the things you need. On the contrary, liberation means an increase in personal power that enables us to live out our preferences all the more. However, liberation also requires deep respect for free will and so there is a need to find balance with other people in the process too.

Liberation does not generally require the overpowering of other people. Overpowering other people means an overall reduction of liberation, except where the overpowering is necessary to prevent the others from overpowering you. If all parties agree to peacefully respect free will, then there is likely not going to be a problem.

The reality today is that many people are heavily conditioned AWAY from free will and mind controlled to support those who deny free will as if they are somehow righteous and even promoting free will in the process.

Liberation is a personal process of increasing understanding, increasing honesty and exposing deeper parts of self to allow us to become more of who we are and to express more of ourselves in life too. The more people do this, the more we will be able to create a new paradigm and culture that feels good and that nurtures life instead of crushing it while blaming the results of our actions on everything except our own failure to think with integrity.

In truth, liberation depends on having a working memory too - something that most humans are currently seriously lacking. If you want to improve all of life and the future in general, work on improving your own memory... but that is a topic for another day!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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This is precisely the kind of knowledge every one on Earth should know. I mean, we spend years of our lives trying to discuss if "left is right" or perhaps "right will fix the problems" and what we don't accurate see is we're puppets. True liberation is critical thinking, not following someone's point of view as a dogma.

"Hey, look over there - that person is doing something that you should be thinking about!" ;)

i agree, almost, completely with all you have shared here, @ura-soul

my only feelings which deviate are related to the definition i ascribe to “liberty” and/or “liberation”…

whereas “liberty” is the temporary freedom which sailors/military personnel are granted by their, consented to, ”controllers” when permitted to leave their slave-laboring or voluntary servitude, temporarily. ”Liberty” is not “Freedom”… but only a step/s toward it. i view ”liberation” as the process One endures on One’s personal journey from absolute slavery, to absolute Freedom.

much love 💗 respect ✊ and gratitude 🙏, to you (and all of us), for all we each be and do within this amazing lifetime experience! 🤲

Ahoy! ;)
Well, I didn't use the word 'liberty' in the article here, but it is actually an older word than it's use in the world of nautical forces!
The basic root of the word 'liberty' is 'free will' but it seems it was also then applied (using the kinds of warped mind control tactics I mentioned above) several hundred years after it's earliest usage (according to modern research) to also apply to sailors etc.
This pattern is similar to the way that governments pay out 'benefits' to taxpayers as if they have won some kind of prize for paying tax. In truth, they are simply receiving some of their money back to placate them.
Much love!