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Deep Dives 20 - The Wikileaks Archive

On January 4th 2021, judge Vanessa Baraitser will announce the verdict in the Julian Assange extradition hearing in London. The 4 week trial of Julian Assange at the Old Bailey courthouse was highlighted by a glaring lack of due process and countless violations of law from each country involved in the extradition process: the United Kingdom, the United States, and Ecuador. Further, violations of human rights, international law, the rights of political asylum seekers and basic human rights according to the UN charter were equally ignored throughout the proceedings.

Facing up to 175 years in prison the defendant, Julian Assange, was denied access to his legal team, held in abysmal conditions within Belmarsh prison, kidnapped from the Ecuadorian embassy and subject to psychological tortured as concluded by UN special rapporter on torture Nils Melzer. Despite not being a citizen of the United States a secret grand jury as indicted Assange under the 1917 Espionage Act (often referred to as the most controversial laws ever to become law in the United States) - claiming universal jurisdiction.

During the trial it was also revealed that on behalf of the CIA and US billionaire Sheldon Adelson, the private firm UC Global in charge of security at the Ecuadorian Embassy systematically spied on Assange and his legal team. This is a clear violation of attorney client privilege, denying the defendant of the possibility of a fair trial, which necessitates that the case immediately thrown out.

However, the facts matter little in the British Kangaroo court making a mockery of the British legal system. As the legal proceedings have plainly demonstrated the US military and intelligence agencies incessant determination to get their hands on the Wikileaks former editor-in-chief. Violating international law, human rights law, standard bail procedures, spying on the defense, smearing the organization and the defendant in the press, and prolonged psychological torture and confinement are all part and parcel of the military and intelligence industrial complex's war on journalism.

Assange is being persecuted for his journalistic activities that include publishing information related to US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Once again, we'd like to welcome you to Deep Dives #20.
This is the 10th Deep Dives research challenge with the spotlight on the Wikileaks archive. Many under-reported articles have been produced by Deep Dives researchers on a variety of topics originating from material found in the archive.

This is a special edition of #deepdives as we believe that the verdict in the Julian Assange extradition case is of critical importance to free speech and a free press around the world. This Deep Dive into the Wikileaks Archive is dedicated to and in solidarity with Julian Assange.



We hope that participants can help to highlight the importance of the whistle-blowing website that has performed great services to the citizenry of the globe. Wikileaks has drawn back the curtain and exposed government corruption, war crimes, press collusion, and how governments consistently serve special interest and their own self-preservation above the public good.

It's time for Deep Dives 20. It's time to get back to building an archive of research on the blockchain.

The Wikileaks archive remains one of the most trusted publicly available archive and one of the largest collections of government documents, files, emails, and cables anywhere across the internet.

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The Wikileaks Archive


“WikiLeaks is a giant library of the world’s most persecuted documents. We give asylum to these documents, we analyze them, we promote them and we obtain more.”

- Julian Assange

Der Spiegel

  • The Wikileaks archive contains well over 10 million documents
  • Wikileaks Docs have been cited in over 28,000 academic papers and US court filings

The Wikileaks Index

Back in late 2016, Wikileaks revealed the existence of a little-known index that combines onsite and offsite resources relating to Wikileaks material. This invaluable tool helps make the mammoth amount of documents available on the Wikileaks website more accessible and systematic.

Index of  file .png

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Always Exercise Caution

When engaging in research of government websites, intelligence agencies and whistleblower sites, such as Wikileaks, we strongly urge you to take all necessary precautions.

We recommend that you take the time to properly explore available privacy tools and VPNs.

Check out our Resources for Researchers post for tips on protecting yourself online and resources for diggers.

The Wikileaks Archive Challenge

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  • Search the Wikileaks archive at or
  • Find an overlooked, underrated, underreported or obscure leak/ email/ cable/document/ court filing on a topic that interests you.
  • Build a post around your findings
  • Provide additional sources to make your case and strengthen your position
  • Explain the significance of the leak and why it’s an important piece of news that should be communicated to the public.

    If you’re having trouble finding a focus, begin with a person, country or topic of interest such as; Clinton / Netanyahu / Gaddafi / Saudi Arabia / China / Chemical Weapons / Free Trade / Trafficking / etc.

    You never know what will turn up!


  • Help spread the word, reblog this post
  • Limited to 2 contest entries per account
  • Submissions must be made in a separate post (not in the comments)
  • Submissions must be posted before the deadline
    (UTC - Monday, February 1st 2021, UTC 11.59.00PM)
  • This research challenge is open for 1 month
  • Please make sure to post or cross-post to the “deep dives community" page
  • Indicate that your post is a DD20 entree in title of your post (so we don't miss it)
  • Your entry must include references to a document/documents found in the Wikileaks archive
  • Provide a link to the specific document or page
  • Make an attempt to keep your post concise and to the point
  • You may leave a link to your entry in the comments below

  • Please, do not plagiarize the work of others


The Winning Post Should

  • Meet the rules criteria
  • Well researched
  • Fully sourced
  • Clearly presented
  • Original Content (not widely reported on in the media)
  • Significance should be clearly articulated
  • 3 Outstanding contributions will be acknowledged
  • *Winners will be announced within a week of the submission deadline

Prizes 500 Hive

1st Prize = 250 Hive

2nd Prize = 150 Hive

3rd Prize = 50 Hive

Bonus Prize = 50 Hive

  • The current prize pool is 500 Hive to be divided between the top 3 submissions.

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    Good luck and happy digging!

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    Be sure to check out some of the great work done by Deep Dives contributors over the last several months. Past winners and contributors include:

    Be sure to check out some of the great work done by Deep Dives contributors. Past winners and contributors include:

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      We hope you join us in building this unique resource.
      It truly is a community effort and your exceptional contributions are what fuels this project.


The Judge in the Julian Assange case has denied the extradition request!
We celebrate this good day but it's not over until Assange is released from Belmarsh prison and goes home a free man.

Keep raising your voice in support of Julian.


Citing harsh federal prison conditions in the United States, a British district court judge rejected the United States government’s extradition request against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Judge Vanessa Baraitser found Assange suffers from a “recurrent depressive disorder.” Although he functions at a high level, he suffers from autism as well.

She accepted that he would likely be imprisoned at a supermax prison in the U.S. under special administrative measures (SAMs) and would find a way to commit suicide.

“I am satisfied that, in these harsh conditions, Mr. Assange’s mental health would deteriorate causing him to commit suicide with the ‘single minded determination’ of his autism spectrum disorder,” Baraitser declared.

“I find that the mental condition of Mr. Assange is such that it would be oppressive to extradite him to the United States of America.”

US prosecutors are expected to appeal the decision.

Looking forward to doing some digging in support of Assange despite whatever the joke of a judge determines on Jan 4th. It's a complete farce from start to finish. Bastards, the lot of 'em.


Great work you are doing @deepdives, reblogged, I would have only one slight correction:

However, the facts matter little in the British Kangaroo court making a mockery of the British legal system.

Actually, the case against Assange proven that there is no such thing as ‘the British legal system’. The legal system is completely suspended, and now we only have one law left: The Law of Stronger, a.k.a. The Jungle Law.

You have a point there... it illustrates that justice is an illusion and the court system is simply a grotesque pantomime.

Hmmmmmmm. This really looks like just another one of those crazy nut-job conspiracy theories to me - right up there with aliens, the moon landing, flat earth and Democrats who drink children's blood - and let's not forget the reptilian queen. That's every 'conspiracy theorists' wet dream.

Are you really sure about this? Are you mocking some of the most prestigious newspapers and journalists in the world, who clearly produced undeniable evidence from the most credible sources available (i.e. intelligence agencies), that the defendant is a traitor, who then directly put millions of lives at risk, along with the national security of the most democratic and free nations of the world, with his subversive actions to undermine our 'freedoms'?

This also looks like an attack on the judicial system and it's very foundations, that protect every citizen and their constitutional rights to free speech. How can anyone possibly question the courts authority, including the extensive education and credibility/integrity of a judge who could never possibly do something as despicable, as partake in a Kangaroo Court to uphold a government mandated and predetermined outcome, before the court proceedings even took place?

I'm really starting to question peoples sanity around here. With all those 'facts' on the table, it's simply impossible to deny the court's decision will nothing but fair and reasonable, which involved nothing more that an independent inquiry into a traitors actions.

As serious as this story is, I'm obviously being extremely sarcastic with that comment above, but it serves as a template for some of the ludicrous bullshit, that we would all hear from establishment run institutions and their proxy's as a way discredit anyone who does not strictly obey to their edicts.

Sadly, it's the same establishment run institutions that leverage their power and influence on a 'normies' mind, that would make them utter absurd statements, such as the opening line.

I did not write this as a sign of disrespect or to derail this post of its intended purpose. Neither did I write this as a sign of disrespect for the defendant in this case, who is likely going to suffer the full and brutal force of the Kangaroo court and its predetermined outcome.

I hope this story gets the continual attention it needs, and the entrants do it justice with some great deep diving research, to set some 'facts' straight.

I also welcome some of those people, who claim that everything is a 'conspiracy theory', to participate themselves. Who knows, they might learn something along the way and respect anyone who attempts to cover stories such as this, in a journalistic fashion.

you've outlined their methodology.

-> aliens -> requires space

-> moon landing -> requires space

-> flat earth -> voids space

-> demon-crats -> voids man, conscious -- people fail to believe possible (all things are possible)

-> reptilian queen -> no conscious, the appearance is thus, reality may be otherwise (human that gave up their soul)

given these facts, their tool for remaining hidden then is discreditation.

Who knows, they might learn something along the way

I am constantly updating my understanding.

Once you see God in all things, there really is no way to see it otherwise again.

now the question is, can I help others see themselves as That with is All so we can clean this mess up?

because you can't do it if you are a dis-empowered no-thing that believes all life is accidental.

I'd be happy to have someone prove me wrong on any point. The God point is impossibly bound.. that is the only one.

I welcome it, I will be here all day.

TL;DR - Deep Dives 20 is a contest that focuses research on the Wikileaks archive. It is open to anyone to participate and is especially geared towards independent and DIY journalism.
Newcomers are welcome, don't be shy!
Check out our previous contests (links in OP) for some examples.

POSH-bit-bank - Cheers!

This is awesome, thank you guys for putting together this research contest and I cannot wait to get started :)

We're looking forward to it as well.
Happy New Year and good luck with the research!

I got an email from a friend with a new dump of files from Wikileaks that's supposed from yesterday or early this morning. I hope it's useful.

Clinton files

Thanks Rich!
This is not a new dump, unfortunately. This collection has been circulating since 2016, we believe. The same link is included in all of the Deep Dives Wikileaks research challenges. If you scroll through this post, you will find the same link.
Several times over the last few years people have posted the link believing it to be a new discovery.
Happy New Year!

Oh well, everybody makes mistakes. I'm actually going to try this Wikileaks contest.

what a great post and content and that to with addition of helping fellow users.

Thanks for sharing

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