Why are @familyprotection working so hard to collect stories about the Child Protection Service?

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This video I have made highlights the severe problems with an organisation known as Child Protection Service(CPS). It includes edits from a 4 hour deposition with the head of a CPS division as well as proven facts and statistics. The information in this movie is very disturbing and highlights the problems that are leading to the daily tragedies of children being removed from their families and home with no due process or any legitimate reasons. Families are being put through great atrocities and injustice, and even if these mistakes are undone, it is often too late as the trauma that children have experienced through being separated from their biological families doesn't just go away.

Please watch this short 4 minute video and see for yourself what is actually going on. The CPS system is unfit for purpose and we need to spread this awareness and bring great change as soon as possible. If you have doubted the stories or accusations being made every day at @familyprotection, please take the time to watch this video so you can be informed.

Please read other stories in the @familyprotection account. Child removal happens every day and everywhere to normal functional families. It could happen to YOU!

My video is at DLive


The town that I live in is TERRIBLE for the number of CPS abuses.
My friends have had encounters with them, and much of it I saw with my own eyes as I tried to help them with their cases.

These events are NOT RARE.

2 months ago I wrote this post that linked to all the personal true stories of CPS or Foster Care injustices by Steemit bloggers that had been posted in the previous 6 months.


There are SO MANY stories already recorded permanently right here on the blockchain.

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-- "Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families. --

How can I join this #familyprotection community and what are all the things I need to do to be able to join this community ?. thanks a lot of information.

wow! nice and great post I like this type of post. familyprotection you says realy well.

Well done on doing this video @eco-alex, At the end of the day, families have been torn apart by CPS in Europe and America and else where for no good reasons. These are the families that need support and help in getting their children back, we should not be silent when this happens, just as we should not be silent if we see any type of abuse happening. You are putting your energy into this cause which is fantastic, if everyone else decided to put their energy into other causes that help people then the world would be great. We should be able to highlight the injustices happening with out other people who are not directly involved taking offence. We have voices and we should be using them, this is what community is all about, helping one another and so many have come to @familyprotection looking for that help and support and that is why this video is important.

Lovely comment.. thanks for these WISE WORDS!!! If we all embodied these traits.. what an amazing world it would be for us all!!!

Child protection is the protection of children from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect. Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child provides for the protection of children in and out of the home.

Child protection systems are a set of usually government-run services designed to protect children and young people who are underage and to encourage family stability. UNICEF defines[1] a ‘child protection system’ as:

the set of laws, policies, regulations and services needed across all social sectors – especially social welfare, education, health, security and justice – to support prevention and response to protection-related risks. These systems are part of social protection, and extend beyond it. At the level of prevention, their aim includes supporting and strengthening families to reduce social exclusion, and to lower the risk of separation, violence and exploitation. Responsibilities are often spread across government agencies, with services delivered by local authorities, non-State providers, and community groups, making coordination between sectors and levels, including routine referral systems, a necessary component of effective child protection systems.

— United Nations Economic and Social Council (2008), UNICEF Child Protection Strategy, E/ICEF/2008/5/Rev.1, par. 12-13.

Isnt theory wonderful!

Thanks to everyone who has commented, this discussion needs to happen so that we can all understand what is really happening and what changes are needed!

To any doubters or people who question what @familyprotection is about, I have written a post to pick up on the comments and discussion we have been having on this post..


CPS answers to no one. You are guilty until proven innocent and family court is a kangeroo court where you have no rights. The whole system is rotten I always upvote the family protection posts here

I had a neighbor that didn't like me. Tried to use cps as a weapon. My daughter threw a temper tantrum because it was time for bed and 20 minutes later had a cop show up for a well check, and then 2 days later had a cps van show up. Thankfully, since my best friend had just dealt with cps, I knew I didn't have to let them in without a warrant. Never saw them again. Oh, and the neighbor, who tried again to get me into trouble, was given a notice for harassment. I told the cop that I had the right to know who was making the accusations but, if he would kindly inform the nosey Nancy I could press charges with any further false alarms, I would respect the neighbors privacy. No complaints since. Don't put up with anyone's b.s.

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Thanks for sharing this! One of the major reasons i made this video is to show people their rights so innocent people can avoid the great drama of going through and battling overzelous CPS agents!

Well I salute you for doing so. Too many get their children ripped away. It's not right.

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Growing up poor we were always stressed about CPS ... they've had a terrible reputation for doing this kind of stuff for decades. It's sad how gross these systems have really become.

yes nick.. it is time for reform of CPS and major changes are needed. Families need support not harassment.. Today people are criminalised just for being poor.. and the only reason people are poor is because the whole system is slanted to ensure that happens and continues .. ugh!

CPS needs transformation, alteration, modification as they want to say, Today people are criminalized just for being poor and that is the saddest thing in the world

CPS is a racket. They are not about protecting children they are about collecting money.

Couldn't watch thanks to connection problems, but I can say it's truth that the people whos job is to protect your children are problably the biggest danger to your children.

Thanks @eco-alex !!!
Your post is very useful !!!
children really just need the attention and affection of parents, about the attitude of those who often make the annoyed parents that is the nature that is in children.
our duty as parents is to give them understanding, caring and loving, instead of punishing them with our selfishness because of the emotion in their attitude.
we too have felt to be children.
Protect our children.
Your post opens our eyes to always keep and educate children.

Absolutely deplorable. Children are the responsibility of the family and communities they reside within, not the State. To believe that this government non-solution is appropriate under any circumstances is to fundamentally misunderstand what government is, and to remain blind to the dangers of supporting its invalid and immoral powers.

Just curious what your solution is for children that are living in abusive and/or unhealthy conditions? Are you suggesting that they should just remain there because it is better that they are with their family? The parent that beats them every day and the parent that is too drunk/high to function? That is a healthier environment than them being taken away?

of COURSE there are some times when children REALLY need to be removed and fostered.. the problem is that in a HUGE percentage of cases CPS are removing them for no good reason.. It is atrocious, the system is totally messed up and in the worst possible ways.. so what im saying is that there is MAJOR reform needed on CPS and how its funds are allocated .. courts need to be open and not secret .. and many more changes are needed to prevent 100,000s of children being messed up for life by improper removal..

I would argue that just as many are being messed up by not being removed. Too many people look the other way or don't want to get involved. Too many children slip through the cracks because CPS doesn't get involved. I am not saying that CPS doesn't make mistakes or is perfect. However, I know of many times they didn't remove the child from the parents when they actually should have. I work for a public school system so I am a mandatory reporter. I have to have faith that if I see something concerning CPS is going to do their due diligence to make sure the child is safe. I know CPS workers and I know what they have to deal with and go through every day. Too often parents view them as the enemy because they are the ones that are taking their kids away. CPS workers do so much more than that. Their goal is reunification. They are there to provide support to the parent to get their crap together so they can get their kid(s) back. Too frequently they want to just be the victim and not fix anything though. It is easier to paint CPS as the bad guy and play the victim than to get your life straightened out. Again, no one is perfect. I think we just need a little less hate and a little more understanding on both sides.

you said it my friend.. CPS miss the ones they should remove and KEEP removing up to 40% of the ones they shoudlnt.. it is an atrocity.. and ALL because they are run as a business.. CPS agents are pressured to removed children because that is how they are funded.. they do almost no due diligence.. and fail in their job WAY to often.

This 'service' is horrifying.. they need to totally clean it up and change the entire system.. they have NO incentive to reunify.. did you watch the video? that is not their goal because they have no incentive to do it..

they have also NO budget to help.. their ONLY power is to remove children and that is it!

Did you not read my reply? I know people that work for CPS. That is absolutely their goal. I am going to take the word over someone I know and trust who has been doing this for years over some random rant video on a social media platform.

u know someone in ONE small part of the world.. whereas i know people worldwide ... so yes perhaps you can listen up.. as i have heard and seen enough to know that the GLOBAL facts are indisputable.. you probably live in one of the better places..

My part of the world is small, but that doesn't diminish its impact. I really don't mind if you don't agree with me, I just wanted the other side of the story to be presented against this campaign of hate. Thanks for the healthy discussion.

You trust them? Probably in part because you're cut from the same cloth. My husband and I started being investigated about 1 1/2 months ago, and the social worker has already lied to me 3 times. Will there be any consequences? Of course not, they can do whatever they want.

You are right. My number 1 goal and responsibility is the health and safety of the children. I guess I am cut from the same cloth as the workers I know.

Oh god that is what I wanted to say, but I was hoping someone else said it first. Its a buiseniss, the interest is not on the child, but on the money. And its a state buiseniss so they can do whatever and nobody can do anything about it or you get police at your home faster than your ordered pizza.

im sorry but with over 30% of agents lying and falsifying information in court.. this is too far.. there is nothing to understand past the fact that they are unable to do their jobs as the system is fundamentally set up wrong.

to be clear i aim my arrow mostly at the system rather than agents.. who i see as victims in many instances

I think it has to be a regional thing because that just isn't happening where I live. I can imagine that in larger cities where departments are understaffed and caseloads are extremely high, things fall through the cracks. I still think it is wiser to rally for better funding and training of CPS than to just vilify them and paint them as horrible monsters. That isn't fair to the workers that are busting their butts to keep every child safe to the best of their ability. Just browsing through the familyprotection tag makes me sad to see that so many people feel more comfortable complaining than taking action. Thanks for the clarification. The people I know would be devastated to hear they are seen in this light.

@bozz, I understand your feelings about this. And I am sure that the people you know that work for CPS are good people. However, you are sure that they always tell the truth and the people who are affected by CPS workers (not saying the ones you know) are making up excuses and complaining. You mention larger areas and it not happening where you are. So I take it you live in a small community? Well, I live in rural Ireland. The thing here is that in the larger cities, like Dublin, they have so much going on, there are places they won't even touch. There are two well known areas of Dublin where police won't even go, let alone social workers. Places where you can see 5 year old children outside smoking...In those places, you won't see CPS show up, because they're afraid. In other bigger cities, they have too many 'big' cases, like drug addiction, they won't even go to 'lesser' cases, like people living in a messy house etc. As I said, I live in rural Ireland. Here, it's totally different. Of course, they will have cases of real neglect and abuse, but a lot less. The problem here is that they somehow need to keep themselves in a job. And that's the problem. I've met a social worker here who used to work with problem youth. She has more experience than some others and will not nick-pick and try to make a case if it isn't there. She is one of the good ones. Unfortunately, I have been the target of one that isn't one of the good ones. My sister in law, who teaches child protection law at university and deals with lots of these cases, met her too and she will tell anyone that I am not lying about this. About 8 months ago, this case worker came to my house after we just moved here. Yes, the house was a mess, since everything was still in boxes and we only just handed in the key to the old house the day before. They came because my daughter (almost 16 at the time) had been staying elsewhere after she told me she was with her best friend. The case worker thought what I told her about just moving here and therefore not having things settled in was an excuse. But it was the honest truth. From the beginning, she worked at making a case against me, never to work with me. Our family is 'different' you see. My kids are home-schooled. That was an issue, because in her opinion, kids needed to be in school or they would be socially isolated. The fact that all of my children are involved in a few sports and other clubs and that I drive around the place 6 days a week to bring them to places, wasn't enough for her. My youngest had to go to creche, even though he was just 3 years old, and it's not mandatory to send him anywhere. There are many, many things she came up with that were either unrealistic (she said for instance that our animals, 2 dogs, 3 cats and 1 pony could cause my kids to get sick...even though the neighbours cows are closer to our house than the pony is and my dogs never soil around the house) or complete lies. Everything I told her, she twisted into her own fictitious stories and she even made stuff up. Now, last Thursday I had a hearing about this. Before that, I filed a complaint about her. I was lucky. The chairman saw right through her games and wouldn't have any of it, since there was no evidence that my kids were in any way mistreated. So he threw the case out. I am sure, that others aren't so lucky. If the man would have not seen through it all, I could have lost my children, for no good reason other than the case workers own opinions. So I was lucky he saw the case for what it was, but at the same time I have been tormented by this woman for more than 8 months! I hardly slept in that time. I was so stressed that people around me were worried I would end up getting seriously ill or end up in hospital. Something that can never be in the kids' best interest. The stress rubbed off on them too of course, because their mother had them change their clothes 3 times a day just in case the case worker would come in and see a stain on their shirt. It was absolute HELL. So even though I don't doubt that the people you know are good people, I am about as sure that this woman will tell her friends our story, and these friends will probably nod and agree that I must be the most horrible mother they have ever heard about. They only hear her story. Not mine. So they can never be a judge of what really goes on in her world. The only hope I have that people will realize that she , in fact, should not be working in the job, is when the complaint is taken seriously and they talk to other families who she has been working with. Maybe they have been lucky too. Maybe not...

In the small town where I live, I have a few friends who have had HORRENDOUS experiences with CPS.

I have had a lawyer tell me that his cases defending families from my small town are the very worst cases of misjustice that he has ever seen. (He has clients from several communities.)

So yes, some places are worse than others. Just because it may not be bad where you live doesn't mean you can assume the same for anywhere else. I had first-hand experience helping 2 of these families and I saw the atrocities with my own eyes.

That may not be your experience and maybe your friends are some of the better SS workers. But believe me that atrocities happen to innocent famlies all the time.
Please look at this post that I made listing all the stories that have already been shared here on Steemit by bloggers just like yourself. I have published true stories on my blog too.


PLEASE reconsider thinking of people like me speaking out about these injustices as spreading hate.
Eco-Alex and I are spreading LOVE. Love for children and love for families and love and support to the countless victims out there. I am also doing my best to prevent this from happening to any further innocent families.

Oh, and the other part of what we speak about @familyprotection, is the abuses that often happen to Foster Children. @markwhittam who founded @familyprotection with me was a foster child himself and saw many atrocites from that angle as well.
So even when the child's own parents are terrible parents and the child really needs a better situation, they are very often put into situations that were much worse than they ever were with their own parents.

Thank-you for listening.

bozz. im sorry your friends who im sure are VERY GOOD PEOPLE get caught up in this net.. but the system is inherently wrong and has incentives in all the worst places.. with huge pressures to remove children regardless of the circumstances... they should NOT be run as a business.. that is ridiculous.. the system NEEds to change!

Not happening here either.
We had to deal with them not that long ago....my wifes ex called them in hopes of getting custody of his son to dodge child support. They came, did their due diligence and went about their way.
Yes, there are flaws in any system....but this is a bunch of nonsense.
Sounds like a hit piece to me....and there are always underlying reasons for a hit piece.
Moving on....

Im very happy you were treated well. There are of course cases where it works out well. But thisnis anything but a hit story! CPS themselves have admitted 75% of removals happen without any evidence at all! So you are part of the lucky ones my friend! This video does explain and show these facts and these facts are real and accepted figures!

I wish it were that simple.

Many, if not most of the time, CPS cases are of a legitimate concern.

However, all it takes is a vindictive person to call CPS from a few different numbers to complain about you, and they show up by default and you are at risk of losing your kids regardless of your capacities as a parent.

yes.. thanks for your comment.. there lies the problem.. that once they are put on the trail.. they are TOO motivated to remove even without good reasons..

It 's alway better that they have dad and mom.

Gran post

I've met those people couple of times. Luckily I have never been forced to be taken into a foster home or nothing even close to that. My family has been pretty lucky with that thing even when times have been tough.

But still, regardless of this, they've always felt as if they are just doing an automated job; asking the same questions, forcing to do the same things etc. They have no feelings, they only work.

Oh and they don't understand the phrase "I don't need your help."

thanks for your feedback @dromzz.. the more people that share their stories the better here!

You should do something by yourself. CPS do it because it is their job. But you can do something with your love.

Children we can call the victim's greed from the crime of an adult.

Under child protection legislation, it can not be blamed. They can not be called as perpetrators.
(Indonesian law)

''So take care of our children''

hello there!!!!
nice video, but it too sad to see it. thanks for sharing!!!!
good luck!!!!
have a great day!!!

Right child is the most important strength for him to be a confident generation. An honor I can read your post @eco-alex

What's Most important to our family in babysitting?

the fact that it is happening now becomes a failure for parents in keeping the child to grow and give confidence to the sustainability of his hidunya into a confident generation, trageni beating of children, sexual abuse and other names to the child is very affecting his future life, life, rights Growth, protection rights, participatory rights are often ignored, the spotlight of events beyond these limits has made child protection institutions should take a serious stand.

What do we think of the worth of life for children?

The feasibility of life to be the trigger of a future generation success, this must be really considered by parents. Many things must be prepared for a challenge of his life in the future along with the development of the era that never stops and keeps spinning, then save the child from the disturbance of the physical very important.


the child is the power of a nation when in his time he will lead this nation, May we share that keep the integrity of this nation stronger

We Win together

Thanks for sharing..

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good post .i read that post attentively and hope you will be with us by sharing those kind of post

I wish to join these community.....nice information

Nice to meet you. I am a friend from today. I wish you all the best and healthy. Your friend lucky7777

CPS I still have in discussion what is really trying to do, it is necessary to change there, it is obvious that something is still wrong, and what does not work is changed, we must change the chic that being bad is poor, I always remember this phrase "Who knows what it is to be poor, knows everything"

because protectionism does not help

Excellent. This culture should be prevalent

Excellent. This culture should be prevalent

This a creative platform for the children good post

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Although I have been in the community for a short time, even seeing their publications that I have run into by chance, in many opportunities they tear their stories to me, one of the purposes of family protection is to provide support and relief to the victims, giving them a voice to be heard, all of us who have gone through this know that telling it is not easy

Congratulation !
Your Video on dlive !

I am @Rihannas!
You are Amazing and Your Post is also Amazing . I Like Your Post .

Excelente post, @eco-alex.

@eco-alex would you like my info that was gathered? It's stories from Texas Ohio etc, and also outlines laws that reinforce this insanity (incentives). Also a few excerpts of judges commentary in a few cases! Glad more people are starting to see the war waged against families, how an executive agency kidnaps for profit.

@ihashblox why don't you write a post about it and tag it familyprotection? That way you can also receive some rewards for your efforts!

Sure, I think I can handle that. Thank you

It’s a shame how power and control is misused.

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It is impressive that these things happen without legitimate reasons to make these decisions that could be atrocious in the children's future.
On the other hand is Venezuela where the competent agencies do not work on things like homes, homes for the homeless or that, which forces children who do not have families, or have gone through mistreatment, rape, drugs or other atrocities within their nucleus family to live in the streets.
I have a project a large group of children who are homeless. Their stories are impressive and sad. I would like them to find homes and good families.
Thank you for sharing this information, I will use your label so you can know my project if you wish.
Happy day.

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This is a stain on the country's global reputation. Something needs to be done.