@ocd-witness HF24 update

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Hey everyone! As you may have noticed, we don't do witness updates all that often, mainly cause we're here every day anyway as a community witness and engaged and are always available to get in contact.

We're looking forward to HF24, we realize this HF is not something that will influence regular users all that much but we're happy to see the optimization of code being so superior and allowing for way smaller boxes for witnessing. Alongside that the chain ID finally switching will set us aside from our centralized chains even more. We'll be looking to offer a full node very soon to help out, although we don't really run any apps and @ocdb being the only service that requires some API calls once a day from our side, thanks to the optimization of code it will become a lot cheaper to maintain witness servers so we'll be adding a full node to be used as well. Great job to the team working on the code! We also noticed hive.vote asking for help through the HF the other day and will be getting in contact with @mahdiyari to see how we can help as whether you like autovotes or not, the trail function it provides has made sure a lot of stake that would otherwise go unused or not used well, wouldn't be following manual votes daily to help with distribution and strengthening communities - more on that in the next part!

Some things we've been up to lately:

curation, curation, curation! As always curation has been the main focus, the past months it's been all about empowering a big selection of niche communities in many ways than just curating their selection of quality posts. For updated list of communities we're supporting, check out the @ocd communities update posts and feel free to drop by our [discord](https://discord.gg/vPRrzs7) if you think you know some unique communities not already in our list that could use our help to grow and prosper even more!


What started out as an effort to help the traffic onto the "struggling" Steemit turned into one of the most used initiatives to date with everyone turning to Twitter to share their Hive front-end posts. It's been awesome to see it grow! We have a lot more plans for this with the associated @poshtoken but we respect the devs attention towards whive and are eagerly waiting to further evolve it for more platforms, more incentives and better sharing. Bear in mind those who have registered their Twitter accounts under @poshtoken are receiving tokens based off of their Hive related sharing daily so keep it up!

In the mean time we're working hard on "beating the curve" by rewarding engagement and incentivizing community owners not only to reward amazing content in their communities but to also reward engagement through the !ENGAGE token and extra votes to allow for tipping funds which is made super easy and convenient thanks to !tipu and the @peakd front-end.

Contests, initiatives, curation, onboarding, retention, engagement and a fair and selfless distribution is what we're offering and planning on improving on all those aspects more and more in the future. To not make this post too long I'll be closing it here, I'm sure many of you have _witnessed_ what we do on a daily basis on chain and I thank you all for the support to OCD to make our job easier and possible to support as many as possible.

We are very excited about the future of Hive, one hardfork at the time. Let's hope this one will go through with ease so that we can go back on focusing more on mass adoption and building amazing things into our amazingly unique ecosystem!

Cya on the other side of the fork!




Is it @ocdb that is the account to delegate to? I think that there could be more stake coming to curation accounts.

In light of the LEO news (flat curation), I'm thinking of just trailing (when we have an auto-voting system back in place) the community account that votes late and manually. Should be a good test to see if it works.

Also, I'm not sure if the fork will affect @misterengagement and ENGAGE, but hopefully folks will be patient.


Yeesh! @ocdb for daily returns and you get your name on our site: https://thegoodwhales.io/delegators.html woOoo!

Yeah, we may have to pause payouts until we're sure the API's are all working well! The bot will continue counting the returns and send them out all at once when the time comes, though! Patience will be a virtue but hopefully it'll go well enough for anyone to notice/care. :D

Nice, I'm in :)

Always was a shit curator so it's probably better this way.

Sweet, enjoy the daily rewards! :D

Haha your nickname in the OCD server is still bad curator.

i hope that dont effect engage much anyway It always good to improve i was getting notice on peaked about HF24 some time ago

and they i don't get engage token often on comment can you tell me why or to who should I comment too.

Hmm dunno, probably comment on people who have over 1001 engage tokens and they may give them out to you if they remember. :)



Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Looks like you are getting your fingers in many pies once HF24 hits and I guess that will see Hive fully fledged and totally broken away now with any remnants of Steem vanquished. Great work everyone.

See you on the other side. Guess you won't have time for CS:GO these next few days 😁

I just played one and I was on fire! haha

yeh but it's been like max 6h a week lately.

Ooo nice! Montage?

I haven't played the thrills of de_dust2 since end of May, @gabrielatravels knife skills still give me nightmares 😂

I'll record some of the best moments, need to upload to @3speak cause youtube gave me a sudden "verify your phone number to upload vids longer than 10mins" restriction.

Member for 10+ years and even had affiliate at some point which I disabled, good stuff youtube.

Yeah YouTube really showing loyalty to its users there. They've got your best interest at heart, have always said that about them...

Will keep an eye out for the vid!

I got a knife kill as well in this one. ;) :D

Haha! Definitely wasn't me 😆

Hahaha! Always sneaky! Lol.

Everything is awesome just need more people here, so many people are blogging even in their websites still, where they get none readers. If only they knew about Hive even

They will. ;D

Damn, just noticed 80 rep you got there, it seems a decade for me to get one by one even😂

Sponsoring those fantasy football leagues sure got me up there pretty quick!

I hope you to visit my blog hive and vote my post, just one please

helo can someone help me how to contact devs, cause i cannot post anymore