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Witness descriptions has actually been around for a while, however we wanted to highlight this feature to show users where they can find more information for voting and to educate witnesses so they could add their description.


Witness Description is a decentralized bit of Data in the witness account (which a witness can easily fill out) to help voters understand what the witness does for Steem, or why someone should consider voting for them.



Because voters have a hard enough time learning who they should vote for, what that witness does and even though big voters are likely more well versed with their options, (partly because they have been around a long time) it's nice to get all users involved with voting and this description can help voters in making decisions.


While any witness list CAN show these descriptions easily... to my knowledge may be the only interface presently showing it.

If you're on you can easily click this image to view it larger


Any interface is technically able to easily impliment this system, it's just a matter of editing metadata on a profile...
However to our knowledge only SteemPeak has an easy interface to add the text.

STEP 1 - Go to your witness profile


STEP 3 - Add text to "Witness Description"


STEP 4 - Continue - Sign transaction with Active Key


We invite pages that show witness ranks to add this data to their sites.

Also invite you to give witnesses an option for editing their description.

We invite witnesses to edit their witness description.

Many of them may just not have known that it's been around for a bit:
@yabapmatt (ADDED)
@good-karma (ADDED)


All the voters who don't have a lot of information to go off of really appreciate at least having these descriptions to start off their research.

So thanks to the witnesses that have put in their information

...and others



We want to thank everyone for voting for @steempeak as witness it means a lot to us and gives us faith in our mission on Steem. Which is to make the most intuitive site for Steem and put all the features we want in one place. We're working on a bunch more awesome features for 2020 with a focus on getting ready to target full-time influential content creators and their own followers. If you believe in that mission, love the features we create and believe we'll help direct Steem in a solid direction please vote.

Vote on out profile page: @steempeak
Vote on the witness page:

This works for all witnesses BTW

  • Using Keychain: You just have to click and approve the transaction
  • Using SteemConnect: You'll need access to copy paste the Active Key at least.

The SteemPeak Team

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Excellent addition for witness description. I'll update my own very soon.

You all are great and do so much to improve the Steem experience and will always have my vote!

Thanks. I forgot to ask, how is the publish page now? Do you have a bit more space when writing?

Yes, thank you. It is working out pretty good. I do like that they are separate so I can scroll to different or the same places in the post to check things.

It would be nice if the Witness Description supported markdown or HTML. Just my 2 cents ;)

Does profile description support those things? i honestly don't know i haven't edited my account profile description in a while.

They're basically the same type of thing.

I don't think profile description does support markdown/html. Shame on ;)
But witness description is an initiative from SteemPeak . Why not innovate on this? Up to the other clients to follow you.

This is a decentralized bit of data that any interface can use.
Just like the profile description is a decentralized bit of data.
I personally would hate profile descriptions if people could go all crazy with the size stuff. It's just meant to be a quick bit of data not a big presentation.

While there's nothing against markdown per-se let's look at some of the following:

  • We should realize that this is mostly designed to be A "short description"

  • If there was a need for a long description or a full about page then i could see the need for mark-down

  • And looking where it will end up in our interface and others means it has a small space that it occupies or it may end up being inside a popup.

  • With our UI if we allowed markdown, we'd just have to develop something that got rid of markdown because we can't fit it where it's at.

  • You could make the case to future proof if we feel like it could easily move toward a longer description... (however we do link posts)
    But in the future if everyone does a description and they become very important then I suppose we should give it more high priority. If there's a demand for it to move from short description to a medium one... then yes markdown could maybe make more sense.
    Remember long descriptions are meant for the URL link post.

In the end it makes sense to wait for more interfaces to start implementing the description and see what the witnesses want to do.. maybe they'd like to have a medium description. However i feel like users still want to have a short description.

with the help from people like you, we would experience Steem better

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