Renewing proposal for work on Hive Lightning Bridge and Podping

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This ends soon: please consider voting on the new proposal #265

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Update 2:

I'm changing the basis of this work and drastically cutting the requested amount to $40 HBD. This is a maintenance cost instead of a development cost and I will continue to work on this and develop it, but will instead ask for specific funding for new releases and elements.


Mi anterior propuesta @v4vapp ha caducado. Tengo una nueva que está en marcha, pero sin financiación en este momento. Sigo manteniendo @v4vapp y el resto de mis servicios, pero puede que tenga que aumentar la tarifa del 0.8% al 2.0% si sigo sin financiación.

Por favor, considera pedir a tus amigos que voten a favor de la Propuesta #244 o considera dejar de votar la propuesta del HBD Stabilizer explicada más abajo.

Por razones comprensibles en el actual clima cripto es más difícil obtener financiación del DHF, acepto esto así que estoy pidiendo ayuda a un público más amplio de nuevo. También volveré a redactar esta propuesta con más detalles (próximamente). También estoy buscando otras fuentes de financiación.

Además, también puedes ayudar con un voto para el Testigo de Brianoflondon usando KeyChain o HiveSigner.

Si has utilizado me gustaría mucho conocer tu opinión, y si no lo has hecho me encantaría saber por qué o si hay otras cosas que quieres que haga.

  1. El obstáculo para ser financiado lo pone el estabilizador HBD (HBD Stabilizer), cuantos más votos tenga, más votos necesita @v4vapp para ser financiada. Si lo deseas reconsiderar el apoyo a esa propuesta y anular el voto, eso también me ayudaría a mí (y a otros, así que tienes que sopesar esta opción).


My previous @v4vapp proposal has expired. This one is running but unfunded right now. I'm still running @v4vapp and all my other services but I may have to increase the 0.8% fee to 2.0% if I continue to be unfunded.

Please consider asking your friends to vote for prop #244 or consider unvoting the HBD stabilizer explained below.

For understandable reasons in the current crypto climate it is harder to get funded by the DHF, I accept this so I'm asking a wider audience for help again. I will also redraft this proposal with more details (coming soon). I'm also looking for other funding sources.

Additionally you can also help with a vote for Brianoflondon's Witness using KeyChain or HiveSigner

If you have used I'd really like to hear your feedback, and if you haven't I'd be happy to hear why or whether there are other things you want it to do.

  1. The bar to be funded is set by the HBD Stabilizer, the more votes that has, the more votes @v4vapp needs to be funded. If you want to reconsider supporting that proposal and unvote it, that would also help me (and others so you have to weigh this choice.)


I'll try to keep this one relatively short. Last week I published a review of progress on @v4vapp which I've been building for just over a year now and have received support from the DHF for.

I'm putting in a new proposal today which will start mid way through December (a week AFTER my current proposal ends). I'm asking for 300 HBD per day (a slight increase) and I'm asking for 6 months. I still prefer the discipline of coming back and asking again on this timescale.

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News posts

What's going on with V4VApp and a bit of Podping and Pingslurp News.

I will be pushing out a post explaining a new stats and monitoring site for Podping in the next day or two.

Running Systems

Spinning Plates

Nothing comes close to describing what it becomes like when you end up running multiple systems many of which you've built yourself.

I've got my site and service which has the following parts:

  • A front end website which you can see and use:
  • A behind public API which allows that site and a few other services on Hive to interface with my Lightning node
  • A Lightning Node V4VAPP Hive Bridge which runs on a cloud service.
  • A behind the scenes server which runs multiple internal systems watching both Hive and Lightning. This is the heart of my system and makes transactions bridge from Hive to Lightning. This is the part I'm working on open sourcing.
  • Some parts of this are on my github page and I'm working to take some private repos and make them public. My only hesitancy with this is my own inexperience and being super careful not to make anything public like Hive Keys. Github/brianoflondon


  • I work on the main open source HiveWriter repo with @alecksgates for the software which writes the majority of Podpings to Hive.
  • I run a specific version of this HiveWriter coupled with a tailored version of the open source Hive reader to put all @threespeak videos out as Video Podcasts.
  • A new dashboard site for Podping and the RC delegation system I'm working on.
  • An API to allow very fast retrieval of Podping information. This is somewhat duplicative of a HAF project but I've done this myself with a MongoDB and my own code for more flexibility.

Witness and Hive

  • I decided to start running a Witness node. This is an important part of being a good citizen within Hive's infrastructure world and I felt I needed the kind of understanding of this that only comes from doing it.
  • I've put in a issue for a change to Hive's core around

More Development

And when I'm not keeping all those plates above spinning I work on new parts of the system.

What I particularly need to do is learn a lot more about systems admin and automated deployment. I have a template for this which is the HiveWriter I've worked on. @alecksgates is a fantastic dev and dev ops guy and I'm learning from him a huge amount about automated testing and deployment. I hope to bring this more and more into my systems which will make them easier to pass on to others.

3rd Party Work

Right now some of the DHF funds I've received will be going to help the developer of HiveTube because he is going to be interfacing HiveTube, which is a fork of PeerTube, with Podping. This could make HiveTube the first turnkey solution to putting out livestreams with cross-app Podping notifications. I'll talk a lot more about this in the future.

I'm also still available and looking to work with other teams like @keychain and @ecency especially about bringing Lightning to their Hive wallets.

Parting words

I power up and reinvest as much of the funds I've received from the DHF as I can. I'm converting a steady stream of HBD and Hive to Bitcoin in order to restock my Bitcoin node, but beyond that most stays within Hive and is usually powered up because I fundamentally believe that Hive is an exciting future direction for technology.

I'm not looking for support from the DHF for this, but many of you know I'm also working with @apshamilton on the @jpbliberty class action case in Australia and will probably be flying to Australia next February for 2 days in court vs Google and Meta.

One more thing

And I leave you with this amusing chat which was sent to me. Charlie Monger, former Berkshire Hathaway vice Chairman is not a fan of Bitcoin or crypto.

I'm not building with a "currency that's good for kidnappers". As Charlie Monger says here "reputation is very helpful in financial life and to destroy your reputation by associating with scum balls and scam promotions is a huge mistake". His main complaint about "blockchain" seems to be this: "once you've got a good idea it's much easier to push it to wretched excess... of course it's always going to be a 'good idea', nobody is going to say I have some shit I want to sell you: BLOCKCHAIN!"

Well I'm not selling some shit. I know I'm making the world of Podcasting much more efficient whilst simultaneously keeping it censorship resistant. And I'm giving people, especially in nations with less captured banking systems, ways to use the Hive they earn directly in daily life. This is a valuable service.

So help me make more Fairy Dust for everyone.

Support Proposal 244 on PeakD
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Support Proposal 244 on Ecency

Send Lightning to Me!


Do u have any other pending proposals? Now that I’m on this interface I can vote Let me know

I have always appreciate the efforts you put in your work which is very nice and awesome with the aim of always making sure all progresses. Keep up the good work @brianoflondon it is really a job well done to appreciate.

Your amazing at @brianoflondon with how you spent your time on all these projects and I was wondering if you really had time for yourself lol.

I power up and reinvest as much of the funds I've received from the DHF as I can.

This is good, at least your keeping the value in the system and even looking for more ways to expand it. I'll vote your witness immediately, I can't believe I haven't set your witness all these while. Nice updates on all the projects, particularly the podging. You're doing well Sir.

✅ Vote is done @brianoflondon. Keep up the great work.
Regards Thomas 🙋🏼‍♂️


My brother congratulations, for creating a good app, give me the link where ican be your following in the app I'm very excited.

LOL. "Fairy Dust" FTW!

This could make HiveTube the first turnkey solution to putting out livestreams with cross-app Podping notifications.

This is very intriguing. I've been listening to Adam and Dave talk about the Live Item Tag (LIT) which allows listeners to know when their show is live so they can listen and send Boostigrams during the show. Currently Podverse seems to be the only Podcasting 2.0 enabled app that supports LIT. Would your work with HiveTube accomplish the same goal?

I am working with HiveTube and some of my DHF funds have gone toward that work!

Fantastic! These are exciting times we are living in. Thanks for adding the extra spark of innovation to the future of podcasting.

I shall vote for all your proposal. You really bring value to Hive, and podping notifications are a great utility !

It great always to hear about your time and dedication for this project v4vapp. I'm supporting this @brianoflondon. Keep the good work 👍

How is it going with the effort to decentralize v4vapp?

On Dec 24 my main development iMac suffered some kind of horrific Apple software collapse. The machine turns on but the system software is completely unusable. It was an old machine I just didn't want to replace it. Oh well, I've got a new laptop now and I'm trying to get back into dev but setting up everything takes ages.

Long way of saying, I'm getting back to it, and releasing my entire code is a top priority. It'll be unusable by others until I document it but I'll keep on with that.

I also need to reconsider my options around funding and how much time I can devote to this, so I may have to look for some other paid work.

We routinely take a loss of 5% when turning from one coin to another between Hive and other coins on other chains. If you cannot get funding with the DHF, it is still worthwhile if you charge 2%.

The issue which I'm going to explain in a longer post soon is that we just don't have the scale on Hive to run this kind of service profitably without DHF help (especially for building these services). But thank you for saying 2% is OK, I hope to avoid it.

It is of great joy to hear of the time and dedication you put in making this project work. It is worth admiring

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After the talk at hivefest how could we not support the cause of someone so dedicated.

I think a lot of stuff you make will or is already really usable and that deserves continuation as well! so yes.....a vote (even though it is only a small one)

Supported, Go Brian go...

I voted with my staking account. I believe you are doing valuable services to Hive.

I have a question: I've never used Lightning. How does one move sats from Lightning to the bitcoin chain? Probably I could've found the answer to this question by searching, but it's easier to ask the expert, lol.

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Proposal supported, keep on building!

I was amazed by the reach of the project. Great work so far! If we could see more people get attracted to HIVE after being exposed to the project via or any related material, we can have a snowball effect of more independent thinkers and content creators joining HIVE. Thank you for all the work!


I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
@vimukthi(3/5) tipped @brianoflondon (x1)

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Voted for and supported! Sorry I’m so late! I wasn’t set up properly on this end and normally just use