Delegate and share 98% of our profits

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Did you know we have profit sharing with @upmyvote?

Did you know we pay out 98% of our profits?

Want to delegate?

I recommend using SteemBotTracker's Delegation Manager to delegate any amount you want. If you want to increase your delegation, use the total amount as the number to delegate, not how much more you want to delegate.

Want to remove delegation? You can use the same tool to do.

Payouts are made daily to all delegators using 98% of our profits.



I see your bot has been stuck for 7 hours without an upvote.
I realize that it is an unattended service, so it may take a while for someone to see this.

You were sent 2 sbds by me for my post upvote through the SteemBotTracker.

Please either return the SBDs or perform the Upvote....

Thank you

I only see one (which has been refunded because it is too old).
Do you have a transaction for the second or a link to the post so I know which one?

Hey!! @upmyvote. Why you cheating with steemitian! You don't refund invalid bid. But you say, @steembottraker," Refund invalid bids".

Pls refund my 7.255 steem if you don't want to take my bid vote

I follow you on steemit.

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Hi upmyvote, my latest bid hasn't come through ):

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I sent you @upmyvote 4.00 steem and you did not upvote my post, now you moved on to the next round and im not on that round eigther , please refund my Steem back to my account , or upvote my post , thanks!
Here is the link:

@upmyvote I sent you 4.00 steem 5 hours ago with no upvote, your service is really bad as theres no way to contact you! please return my steem back to me, this is the lnk, and my second sttempt at contacting you!

@upmyvote , I hwve still not got my money $4.00 steem back or the upvote since yesterday, please refund my money!
this is the post link and third time I am messaging you about this:

Fixed, sorry for the delay.

Please, check my transcation yesterday, I didn't get your vote:

alexanderfluke send 15.000 STEEM to upmyvote

Thank you.

All set. Sorry about that.

Hi @upmyvote,
Please could you check my transcation yesterday because I didn't get your upvote, you can see details of payment below:


I wish it can be resolved as possible as I use you guys always. Thanks.

All set, sorry about that.


I just paid 9 steem and got a $1.63, I'm not sure what happened there, seems like I lost a lot here.

Is there a better place to ask questions about how the service works for us potential investors or is this latest post the best way to get info on how things work?

@upmyvote Sir I do not know i am on your blacklist so i bid on your bot plz refund me i will not use it again or check my last post i am not posting bad content now thanks

Why i am on blacklist you should warm once so i will not use again please do refund thanks