Well spent nights with friends at Highlights Bar Harold's Hotel

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Hello itinerants all over the world and steem community! You must be having some enjoyable moments now with your friends and loved ones spending the weekend. I just thought of sharing this content that might help you decide where and how to spend your weeknights. If you are into drinking your favorite drink and eating your favorite snack while listening to a live band on a roof deck this content might just right for you.


Cebu is not just popular for having beautiful beach resorts, watersports and seafoods but as well as its active night lives. It is known to be the Queen City of the south which is really popular for local and international tourists. Did you know that most foreign visitors highly appreciate the alcoholic drinks in the Philippines since they are much cheaper compared to theirs. That's also one reason why there are so many lucrative drinking places being established in the metro. I will be sharing with you this affordably elegant drinking place in Cebu, the Highlights at Harold's Hotel Cebu.


Highlights bar is actually situated at Harold's hotel roof deck which opens every week nights from 5:30PM to 2AM but I think the last order will be taken around 12MN. The place has no entrance free so it means whether you stayed in the hotel or you go walk in as long as you order you are definitely welcome. The place is really good for family and friends hang out. You will feel relaxed by the live band playing and looking at the colorful city view.


They offer variety of drinks from ladies drink to hard liquor. As far as I remeber the prices were not that pricey. I got the San Miguel Light flavored beer which costs 100.00 pesos (2.00 US Dollars.)

It is located at 12th floor Harold’s Hotel (Roof Deck) 146 Gorordo Avenue cor. Rosal Street | Cebu City, Philippines. It's very accessible from any places. It's near the Ayala Mall Cebu. If you are coming from SM City Cebu you may ride the multi cab which has a digit sign of 04L. If you have ever been here before please let me know your experience in the comment section below.

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Restaurant Information

Highlights Bar
C. Rosal St, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Well spent nights with friends at Highlights Bar Harold's Hotel
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Drink responsibly guys! 😆 Missed you too! Brings back the memories 😃

@jassennessaj ! how are you? busy na kaayo kas love life. Miss you jass. God bless you always <3

Di pud sa lovelife Jan. Hahaha busy lang gyud's life.

God bless you too Jan! :)

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Di pud Jan. Sakto lang hehe. Looking forward to meet you again guys soon! :)


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