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Steemit's Steemfest Scoop

Daylight Savings Time is over where the editors are (USA). And if you don't have anyone messing with your clock, be glad.

For us who are not in Krakow, we have a special SteemFest3 Edition. The trending and created pages are flowing with #steemfest posts but be sure to check out our staff picks!

Steemfest3 Day 1 Live Stream Recording

Main Stage

For Day 1, Ned's opening Q&A starts at 00:14:53. You can also check the Steemfest Schedue so you have an idea where to skip to next.


The Balcony recording is also a great one. Starting at 1:45:20 @noblewitness' @rhondak and @gmuxx talk about The Writers Block and much more!


Eat Like The Local Polish

Click on image to visit the post.

We can't vouch for it but for Steemfest attendees, you might want to try it out. Nothing like authentic Polish experience by trying out their local dish.


New Steemian IntroduceYourself @ Steemfest

Click on image to visit the post.

What a great timing to write an introduction. Welcome @corsicana!


SteemFest Contest: Funko Game

Click on image to visit the post.

Go find @blewitt and grab that Funko game! Head on out to his post and find out more about it... after a bowling game you'll figure out if you won!

EHU7q5Iz.gif EHU7q5Iz.gif
That's all for day 1 of Steemfest!

Oh one more thing...

Is Freedom at Steemfest???

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Weekly LIE editors:
@lovenfreedom @iamstan @enforcer48


Awesome! Thank you so much for the shoutout. :-)

You are welcome! You did great on the presentation. Hilarious mention about the witness in-charge of the controversy lol.

Hahaha! Hey, it's the truth, though, right?! LOL

There was a great energy there on the balcony, with that group of folks. Easiest presentation I ever gave, too, because of that. People make all the difference. :-) Thank you!

That's awesome. Too bad @gmuxx likes writing better (congrats btw on the win!). That was funny too, he handed the podium back to you as soon as he could. :D

LOL! I'm pretty sure he could do a great comedy act. :-)

Steemfest is great fun, but exhausting. Looking forward to another intense day. I'll report soon

Looking forward to your input!

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