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Hello my lovely steemians! BIG NEWS TODAY!!!

I feel like we need to come up with a word to call you all. Any suggestions on how we can cross call foodies and steemians into one word? Best comment will be upvoted and I will follow you! So get thinking!

BACK TO HUGE news!!!!!!!! 

After my live show I'm excited to announce that I am bringing amazing Youtubers/ Chefs/ Bloggers into Steemit. I will introduce them one by one and it mean the world to me if you could give them a big warm welcome and follow them! I have given them my advice and told them to explore the platform, check out what other people are doing and start building their reputation and leaving meaningful comments.

First I want to introduce Rus - he is from a youtube channel called Smoky Ribs. I met Rus online through youtube community a while back when I was a tiny channel and he actually messaged me and offered to help out and collaborate! It was amazing help at that time so I really wanna welcome a truly genuine, nice and kind person into steemit! Rus specialises in BBQ and grilling, he has some mouth watering recipes! Rus has nearly 100,000 subscribers!

FOLLOW RUS HERE : @smokyribs

Second I want to welcome Bobby - from my flavcity here! Bobby is such a great guy, full of charisma, passion and dedication. We met at the Tastmeade back in the days when Facebook was just starting with videos. Bobby does healthy prep meals and loads of other easy, yummy recipes.  Bobby has 300,000 followers through Facebook + youtube!


Third. I want to welcome Vincenzo from Vincenzo's plate. He is one crazy Italian man living in Australia. We also met through Tastmeade and remained friends and helping each other throughout tough youtube years. Vincenzo does amazing and the way Italian food - I am yet to try out all his delicious goodies. Vincenzo has over 135,000 followers combined with facebook. 

FOLLOW VINCENZO HERE : @vincenzosplate

4. Jac from vegetarian baker. Jac and I met and talked many times over last few years, he is such a sweet humble and lovely person. He does vegetarian and vegan food and super healthy recipes. Jac helped me to get into another platform called Nom which at the time helped us both through hard times, but that platform shut us down and we were out of work again. Jac is awsome and defiantly will bring a lot to Steemit. Jac has 65,000 k followers on youtube and Facebook.

FOLLOW JAC HERE : @vegetarianbaker

5. Victoria is such an incredible, strong and determined Russian woman. She is married to her partner and they both have a food cooking show. I think Victoria started with other recipes but now has her niche. They have amazing  son who is also part of their show. Please welcome them! She has over 30,000 followers on social media.

FOLLOW VICTORIA HERE :  @lovinglifefam

6. Ivars- we have met recently just few weeks ago, but I have been talking about steemit pretty much all the time. He is an ex athlete who specialises in body building and has competed in loads of competitions. He probably knows everything about the body, how it works and how to lose weight and get in shape. He is actually from latvia so warm welcome To him. He is such a lovely, down to earth and kind person. He will bring so much knowledge and fitness stuff to steemit.

FOLLOW IVAR HERE : @ivargereiko

7. Sasha from Totally Sasha. I met these guys because we both live in England and we helped each other through hard and easy times on youtube. From my knowledge Sasha had to stop his passion and wasn't posting on youtube anymore as it wasn't possible to survive on that alone. I hope he will find his spark here. He has 20,000 k followers across his platforms. 

FOLLOW SASHA HERE : @totallysacha

8. Tess is also a Youtuber who does food and we have spoken briefly over the years and supported each other channels. She reached out and said she has joined steemit so I wanted to welcome her here too! She has over 50,000 k followers on her social media platforms.

FOLLOW TESS HERE : @tesscooks4u


So here we go guys!!! Amazing 8 new huge bloggers and influencers joining steemit! 

Who I hope will spread the word further and bring in more people. I have given them guidelines on how to start and what to do, but it would mean the world if you could help them with their first posts! They will do an introduction post tonight so welcome them with all your STEEMIT LOVE :) 

The total following of everyone combined is = 700,000 k FOLLOWERS

I am very excited for them to start and add value to our community!

Lots of love,
Alla xoxo


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Thanks for on boarding some great users! don't forget to invite yourself and others to where a bunch of us steemians hang out and chat.

Thanks @allasyummyfood for such an introduction. Let's take the world over one food post at a time. :)

I hope you have enough to go around :) I wouldn't want to leave people without space on the table

@vegetarianbaker @allasyummyfood hope it goes really well guys well done keep on steeming on

Looking forward to enjoying those ssteeming meals. :)

You are welcome :)) Yes you have been listening to me so I know you will do really well :) look forward to your first intro post :) x

I've enjoyed your YouTube channel for awhile. It's great to see you over here at Steemit, too!

:) Woohoo. I never know where I'm going to find my fans.

Glad we can have you and welcome to Steemit!!

Thanks. I'm glad to be here.

Can't wait for some veggie recipes! Welcome

Thank you so much Alla! Is great to meet team Steemit!!!

Looking forward to your posts, I've been missing out on good training and exercise material, it's time for me to get back into that sphere of knowledge

he will def be the person to help you out!

you are welcome ;))) You will love it :)

@allasyummyfood I hope that more awesome people come in from youtube and create high quality content on!
Thanks for informing of new Steemian Youtubers!

haha well I hope the Video Hosting here can blow youtube back to it's stone age, for leaving all those great personalities and giving voices to media channels

Shaq is very funny man!!!!!

Thank you for a lovely introduction to the world of Steemit @allasyummyfood ! Really looking forward to getting start and posting some fun videos :-)

You are welcome :))) I hope you will love it as much as I do ;)

There are many great bloggers here, I haven't seen many vloggers apart from heiditravels here but there are many great images coming from the eastern part of europe, be it on cities, buildings, nature all great stuff, there is also golos to check out a steemit for the russian natives. You can post in both places :) I think(haven't tried it)

yeah i still need to start posting in goals!!

Steemians + Foodies = Stoodies!

Ex: Hi my name is Alla! I'm a foodie/food blogger, and you can catch all my recipes on Steemit :) It's chockfull of a bunch of other Stoodies you CANNOT get enough of!

hahah love it!!! STOODIES is the best word i think and it makes me giggle :D

You are so so good @allasyummyfood ... and you've got good taste, in the different ways.

Let's see here... Steakians? Steem cookers? Pressure cookers? Maybe scratch that last one =)

Edit: Wait here's my last minute thought before going to bed: FEASTIANS!

aww thanks so much :)) hahah those were good attempts and quite funny!

My vote is on Feastians!!

Wow, impressive @allasyummyfood , great going bringing all these wonderful people here.
So my suggestions for steemians + foodaholics = steemaholics
steemians + eats = steets
steemians + people = steeples
steemians + yummies = steemies
steemsters, steemers

That's all for now. Good day!

Amazing news :) hopefully some of the following people decide to join in on the dun.
Thank yoy for informing the people of the growth.
Cheers and much love

Wonderful introduction.
Many people will follow you more and upvote your post more everyday also.

thank you :) I'm trying to make the community better!

Awesome work, it is in deed BIG NEWS!!!

Thanks for your sharing and dedication to our platform. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

hehehe namaste :))


Brilliant welcome all, you each sound like you will bring quality value to Steemit which is always great to see!

Ya'll can be Feedians or Feemians or Foomians, maybe flip things around and use Stoodies....haha steemit foodies. :-)

And welcome to the party all you new faces!!!

And one more thing, @allasyummyfood, your friend Rus @smokeyribs may actually be famous comedian Bill Engvall :-)


That would be awesome because he's a hoot. :D

hahah yes I love STOODIES! soo funny!!! love it!

Great, guys and gals, Welcome!

You should feel as if you are at home, I gave some follows and I'm looking forward to your posts and stories :) If you need help getting in the know with steemit, steem the currency and steem the blockchain, feel free to ask :)

I'm sure you will do fine with formatting and will find many interesting topics to band us around.

@allasyummyfood i just saw your question :) I think Steemians are inherently foodies :D Food and Travel has seen many great authors here. Steemies would be cutting it short it seems :D it sounds nice for a recipe, how about tastyeemian the most logical word I can jumble up :D

Thanks for your offer and help, I'm sure they will appreciate it!!

well done

thank you so much :)

happy for you my friend ;)

Great work @allasyummyfood :) upvoted and resteemed!

thank you so much Heidi! Really appreciate it :))

I've added them to my follow list but not all have started blogging yet and it took me a minute to figure out how to do it. :D

(For anyone else out there that is not super tech savvy like myself, just right click their channel name, open in another tab, and click the follow button in the top right hand corner.)

For those that don't have a blog started and I couldn't say welcome on their pages, welcome to the steemit family. :D

(I know that is probably a bit corny but it feels very family like to me, supportive, helpful, always there when you need help, family. :D)

Any ways, welcome everyone. :D (I'll probably bug most of you at one point or another for a recipe or 10. :D I hope not to be a bother, but really need every ounce of help in the cooking department that I can get. :D LOL. :D)

hahaha yeah for sure, they will do their first post soon :))) we are family! i love that word!

Thanks I like it too and it seems very appropriate to me in this regard. :D Take care and chat again soon, or I'll be asking for or drooling over one of your recipes at least. :D

Wow, you're doing some good work here! There's going to be so much food stuff on Steemit now, maybe soon ya'll could start a chain of restaurants where we could go and eat what you guys make! :D

And after filling ourselves up, we could ask the fitness guru on how to be fit and healthy! :P

Welcome @smokyribs @totallysacha @tesscooks4u @lovinglifefam @ivargereiko @vincenzosplate @vegetarianbaker and @flavcity!!

heheheh yeah for sure :)) thanks for warm welcome to everyone :)

wow~ kind of snowball effect! great job @allasyummyfood! you are the best headhunter for steemit~! :)

hahah love that :) I'm th headhunter for steemit :P

Thanks @allasyummyfood for bringing more life to the foodie part of Steemit!
Just one question, should we boil the clams, or should we Steemit?

HAHAHA love it :))) thats a good one!!

Ok, how about, Steemchefs!

Hi @allasyummyfood and thank you so much for the amazing article and for the beautiful introduction. I am thrilled to be part of the steemit family and can't wait to start sharing my recipes with you all

im so glad to hear that ))) welcome :)) you will love it!

Big kudos for doing a terrific job introducing and promoting new Steemians to the community Alla! It sure feels like we're getting more talented and more awesome by the day with every new member that joins, doesn't it?

I've already gone ahead and followed these 8 YouTubers/Bloggers - looking forward to big things from these guys. I am especially looking forward to getting some new insights from Ivar on fitness and weightlifting!

As far as a good name that combines Steemians and foodies, I have a couple ideas: Steempies, Steemenators, Steemeaters, Stoodies, Foodians.....and now I'm actually getting hungry! :)

yes we are for sure :)) well i wanted to try the platform before i bring these guys on! hahaha all of them are good!

Awesome, I already see the cool blogs and videos they're creating in their first few posts. And even cooler is that these guys are bringing hundreds of thousands of followers from Facebook and YouTube - even more talented and creative Steemians are on the way to our community - very exciting!

Fantastic post Alla! What about Steemtreats?

hahah actually like that one ! hehe

I am honored! It's a hard challenge. There are only so many words that can be combined! Have a great day Alla!

Thank you @allasyummyfood and you worth to have such amazing number of followers. I upvoted , re steem it for you. I am here blogging for some good reasons and you will only wonder when you go through my last #introduceyourself post.
Hello Steemers ??? I need your Attention and HELP to Go UK for Training

Please Check my Help post and do upvote and resteem for me

thank you :) welcome to the platform!!

Hello @allasyummyfood - i followed all you great foodians and upvoted them if they had content too -- i am a disgruntled youtuber who stopped using it a few years ago and still have 40000 followers on youtube facebook and twitter from my music days -- i am new here and could use any help in building a base and am sure to be passing it all forward as i grow -- i found this posting cause i have been following you too and it makes me happy seeing youtubers moving over .. i reckon we can make Steem the most imoressive and best social network if we all work together --love and light -David

Hey David!! yes for sure! sorry to hear about your youtube, its been so tough on everyone! start working here, invest your time, learn - this is very beginning so it will be great ! :))) I will have look at what you have done!

thnx Alla- i am humbled that you gave me the time to reply with thought and genuine caring advice- David

Will follow all that you posted and check them out! Thanks. And hey! I just joined in May. Facebook + Youtube + Twitter = 160,000 followers on social media. Check us out at

ooh amazing!! welcome guys!! You wanna feature me on your website with some delicious russian food hahah :P following you!

YES! Come out to the homestead and you and Jaimie can do a cooking episode OFF GRID! That will be fun!

hahaha yessssss!!! u going coming to portugal?

I wish! But they are saying next year it will be in Austin Texas. That's pretty close to us. So if you can make it next year, we will do a cooking episode and I will bring you some of our EXCELLENT Lamb/Venison hard salami!

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Terrific job bringing some new bloggers and highlighting their work!

thank you Tom! I really worked hard :) It will pay off! :)

Huge Huge Huge!

That is so awesome, you brought some of my favorite Youtubers to here. @vincenzosplate is my buddy and have been talking to him on Youtube since he had only 8K subs and I had like 1K on youtube. Love his stuff and Smoky Ribs also is amazing always really friendly and answers every one. So does Bobby from Flavcity, he has similar cooking style to mine with lots of fresh herbs and veggies. Steemit is about to be Lit now. I am so excited for this, I cant even walk away from here.

thats really good :)) yeah its a small youtube word!! we will all help each other :)

wow. This is great. I am new here and the energy seems infectious. Look forward to great content and community experience..

yes its really infections, glad you are catching on it ;))) hehehe welcome!

You're developing you're very own Team Steem. I think it's amazing you're bringing more people over and expanding the Steemit movement. Keep up the great work!!

yeah i think its great!! :) thanks so much!

Good job recruiting! If this was MLM your downline/upline would be amazing and you would be going to conferences abroad... Wait you already are!

Foodies + Steemians = Feemians
Steemians + Foodies = Stoodies


thank you so much :)) hahah you are the 3rd person with stoodies and its really growing on me :)

Now following all the people you introduce...Keep up this great work to make this platform live and active.

aww thanks so much! :) I'm doing my best!!

So many steem-y and delish dishes to sample, off the top of my head (or rather, tummy), I'd go with "Feedmians".

heheh yeah its a good one, hard to say it thou :))

I like your Feedmians very much.

Haha! Thanks... I thought Feed - me -ians sounded apropos ...

Epic work you did :)

I put @smokyribs on the Follow, maybe just it bbq weather....

Keep this good stuff coming, Resteeeeem

hehe yes he is great :))) thanks!

Liked your first choice especially. Look forward to their post. I'm new here also, check out my first post today. It goes along with yours in regards to marketing your business. Love to know what you think.
What do you call them, steamin foodians

so first thing i suggest dont spam your links on other ppls blogs, i will have a look but its not appreciated here on steemit!

Awesome job! Really well done. I followed all of them and looking forward to their posts :)

P.S. A single word for foodies on Steem? Foodians!! :P

thank you so much :)) aww thats so nice of you!!! Foodians! hahah maybe maybe!!

That is quite the lineup! Rollin' in with a full crew!

hahah yes quite a lot of new foodies :)

Hey hey, @allasyummyfood you totally forgot us, we have about 1.000.000 followers on social media. Also just joined :) @adinarivers and me :) MyTinySecretTV in the house!

Congratulations @allasyummyfood!
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oooh cool!! thanks a lot!

i was more impressed with the good looking people in your post lol

hahah yeah :D

Hi, I'm Jan by name and I cane be your numberone foodie fan, I love food especially good food and how i want some smoky ribs I must say, that got me excited and ready forh grill, any way I think the perfect foodie-steemian cross word would be foodsteemian.... Lol sound like a terminal disease but I can live with it..... Im hoping to get some great recipes to add to my collections and cook up some good tasty meal for my next family dinner

heheh thats good :) he is pretty awesome :))) glad you are excited!!

interesting post

So much success from your live broadcast! Fantastic.

thanks so much! it was amazing!

Great job! I guess with all those Steemfoodians we'll need the assistance of a good body builder as well!

heheheh yes we do, to lose weight! hahah

Thank you Alla for the post and the introduction! Can't wait to see all the new upcoming content on Steemit! Cheers!

you are welcome :)) they have already posted stuff! should be good! exciting times!

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