Thank you @roadscape for the mention at SteemFest 4 in Bangkok

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Steem Fest 4 has started and you can follow the event live, check the links to other streams on their blog.

I just got a Discord message from @ausbitbank telling me that my name was mentioned on the stage of Steem Fest 4 in Bangkok. It was @roadscape (nice to see your face man 😅)who was demoing Communities and mentioned my name as I did some contributions to the UI, one of which is bringing design changes to the Steemit Condenser app. I will say no more, you will discover it when Communities will be released to the public.

I wish I could be there and meet everyone but it's not realistically possible for me at the moment. Hopefully, one day it will be possible.

Anyway, kudos to Steem Fest organisers and to all the speakers!

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