War in Ukraine. Live update from Kyiv, Feb 26th

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Hello there!

My main goal for yesterday is achieved: I am alive, and Nick too. Right now my main goal is sleep.

I don't think I slept more than a couple of hours since 5am yesterday. The night was very distressing. We were waiting for the bombing, then the saboteurs, as in other cities. They went into houses, took away clothes, threatened and demanded something. In the basement with me was another woman and 3 children. We saw a suspicious man only once, in the morning, but I managed to close the metal door before he approached.

After that, I returned to the apartment to sleep. I didn't turn off my phone because I must know Nick is okay (he is okay), and there was another warning that a column of tanks with "Kadyrovtsy" is coming from Belarus. This journey takes 2 hours.

I was tired and exhausted, so I closed all the windows (don't care) and settled down dressed on the couch. Yesterday taught me that getting dressed when you wake up to the alarming sound of a siren or an explosion, and your hands are shaking, is very difficult.

The phone kept getting messages, then my brother called and I had to open my eyes. The feeling was that even a bomb explosion would not make me get up.

What I know for now.

  • Kyiv left standing.
  • Transport is not working. A bomb hit an apartment building. The fighting was all night not far from me, but they passed by. Explosions can be heard even now, also Nick said the situation is good.
  • I have no strength left for fear. I have a terrible headache and not thinking straight.
  • Communication network works, water and electricity are available. Even gas (I live in an old house). The weather is nice and sunny.
  • I tried to sum up for myself how are things, which cities are still in danger. So far, the main danger is occupied nuclear power plant. We have a sharp saying: it's a monkey with a grenade.
  • I hear siren and explosions, and I must be crazy (although don't feel so) but I am staying home.
  • The teams of all TV channels of the country have united and broadcast one round-the-clock marathon with current information on main TV channels. Poor people, they also need rest, now I understand perfectly well what that means.
  • After the shelling or bombardment, investigators arrive on the scene and document the evidence for the international court.
  • During the last day, Ukrainians transferred to a special account for the army, opened by the National Bank of Ukraine, more than UAH 300 million.
  • Metro (subway) in Kyiv dont work as a transport, only as a shelter, and it is open.
  • My plan B was to drive toward west to my hometown. All my family and friends from there expected us to come. Why we stayed in Kyiv? Did you see "Good Omens" mini series? Remember Crowley was stuck on the M25 as a ring of fire surrounds London. This is how exit roads looks like on Feb 24th. The road to nearest big city toward west took 10 hours, and it's only in 140 km. I didn't want to be a target on a highway, without a toilet, when gasoline is limited to 20 liters per car, or not for civil people (only for emergency needs). On the next day, when we knew Nick will join Territory Defense I decided to stay here with him. Here in Kyiv, he and I are our only family and need to stick together. And today it turned out that bridged in western direction are blown up. I wonder, is there markets or supermarkets that are still open? Do they have bread? And what about pharmacy? I don’t make supplies of food, and on Thursday I was going to replenish food supply. I even bought something from my list. So far so good. I have enough of water and grain.
  • Internet disappeared oт laptop. still have mobile connection. Go to basement.


  • Nick has just called. I can't put details here. All I can say I don't smoke but need a cigarette. One more my neighbor has just left by car in a hurry. I wonder where did he go, and how many of them are still here. 😟
  • Curfew is changed to 17:00 - 8:00. All civilians who will be on the street during the curfew will be considered members of the enemy's sabotage and reconnaissance groups.
  • It was fake!! All bad news was fake! I don't know how the provocateur got to them, he is now being interrogated. We need him alive, for The Hague! 😠 Nick and the guys stay to protect us, they have everything they need. All our losses are one cigarette. Hold on!
  • My neighbor is back. He went to the gas station to fill up the car. There is gasoline. 👍 Although the parking near the apartment is empty, he warned that he parked his car as close to ours as possible so that the saboteurs could not drain the gas from the tank.
  • I think I better wash my hair while there is water and electricity, and have some meal. Or make a tea, and calm own.
  • Across the country, people are reporting individuals marking residential buildings, gas supply pipes as targets for shelling, and adjusting enemy fire over the phone. During interrogation, they say they are doing it for money. I try to imagine what can make me, at a time of war in my country, knowing what is happening, mark the roof of a house, knowing that living people and their homes, everything here, will be destroyed. My brain is torn. It's just another reality.


  • Bridges across the Dnieper River, which divides Kyiv into two parts, are closed to civilians. The saboteurs are trying to get from the left bank to the right. Therefore, anyone who tries to cross the bridge will be considered a saboteur. No problem. My home is here and I'm staying.\
  • "I need anti-tank rounds, not taxis," president Volodymyr Zelensky said in response to a US proposal to evacuate him from Kyiv. I never thought I would be proud of him. Country of heroes!

It's interesting how the brain works. (Does it even work? I hope so). It tells me that I am calm and in control. I get up from the couch, make two steps and don't remember what I was going to do. I filled the kettle with water, waiting for it to boil. Turns out I didn't turn it on. Then I tried to get it out of the microwave. I take not what I wanted, I make mistakes all the time .. It seems that my autopilot performs the usual operations, but in a random order.

All my things are by me packed and ready. But I don't remember what is where. I remember only where the documents, first aid kit and rifle cartridges are. Found pitards. I've never used them, but they might come in handy. Oh, by the way, need to add matches.

It would be nice distract myself, to talk to someone about anything, but not about what is happening. But I'm home alone. And my friends and relatives want to know only one thing - how the situation is here. I can’t concentrate on a book either, I don’t have the strength to cook food. I could watch some silly movie, but I'm afraid of missing important information or the sound of an alarm. Well, at least I was able to eat some chees and bread and our Ukrainian local delicacy - salo. No more alarm notices, this is good. We'll see how it goes in the night.

Oh, by the way! Alcohol doesn't help. At all. It did not relieve stress and trembling, but my head became cloudy, and this is not at all what I need now.

  • Curfew has begun at 17-00. I can hear our military equipment is riding by , and sound of explosions. Stay at home so far.
  • Nick came up with idea to join volunteers that works at their location. They need help and I gonna join them in the morning.
  • Explosions are getting closer. See you!
  • I am okay. After it became more less quiet, I returned to my apartments and took a sleep for 4 hours.
  • I have water, electricity, internet, television works intermittently, but it works. She answered all the messages, there were many of them, even from a colleague.
  • They say the situation could change very quickly. The occupiers launch missile strikes on cities around Kyiv. Nick is fine. He was in the combat patrol, now resting till 4am. Barricades and checkpoints in the city.
  • The missile hit the oil base in 40 km from Kyiv. People are warned to close all windows. So far, evacuation here is not nessesary. But it may cause environmental disaster.
  • Sad news from my hometown of Ivano-Frankivsk. My mother recently underwent heart surgery. She was in the hospital when the war broke out. They were urgently sent home. My daughter is with her. But she needs bandages and it is very difficult for her to move. When the alarm siren sounds, the mother cannot move quickly. Yesterday, my daughter and her boyfriend helped her out of the house, but she will not be able to walk anymore because she got worse. And I can't help her. 💔 😟

Staying awaked and prepared. I read about losses and victims. 3.5 thousand Russians were killed, almost 200 more were taken prisoner. Ukraine has lost 198 civilians (including 3 children) and has 1,115 wounded. No info so far how many military were killed. I do not believe that the captured Russians, who all repeat the same phrase that they did not know where and why they were going, are true. When I was awakened by the sound of explosion at 5 am on February 24, I knew immediately what had happened.

"Ukraine appealed to the Red Cross to take the bodies of Russian soldiers from Ukraine and transport them to Russia. These are thousands of bodies of occupiers. This is a humanitarian need." Do you realize it?? It's horrible.

But I feel sorry for their relatives. I am also a mother. I can believe that they were not told the truth about what their sons would do. What is happening in their souls now that they understand what is really happening? Your son, whom you love, turns out to be a murderer, including civilians. In the better case, he is alive and being held prisoner. After all, Putin will not be harmed. His life is not in danger, and he will not be left without money for living or food or a roof over his head. Russian television recognized for the first time that one officers died "honorably fulfilled his duty to protect Donbass." So that's what honor is! Is it possible that Kyiv is Donbass also? Is Ivano-Frankivsk Donbass too? Or Kharkiv? I'll check the map again ... In any case, Donbas in Ukraine too, they should not forget this. It's just temporary under occupation.

I want to make it clear. Yes, I sympathize with some Russians. But Putin forced me to choose - me or them. And I made my choice right away and without a doubt.

  • I confirmed that the curfew in Kyiv will end on Monday 28th 8:am. God it's Sunday already. But it means I can't get to volonteer point. I will try to call them in the morning and work it out.
  • Important clarification. It was my mistake to call russian soldiers occupiers, because they haven't occupied even a single more meter of my land yet, except Crimea and Donbas/Lugansk. 😉 Good night!

To be updated.

My dear, dear friends here on Hive. You help me to hang on! Your kind words, your support is deeply appreciated. Sorry that I don't reply to all of them, I know you can understand that.


I thank you with all my heart from all over Ukraine. For staying with us and praying for us, for your supports, for pressuring your government, for going to meetings, for not being afraid to spread information and tell the truth.

War is very scary and cruel. We will stop it together.


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Шановна @zirochka, дякуємо, що тримаєте нас в курсі ситуації. Я заспокоєний знати, що ви обидва цілі й здорові.

Ваше свідчення є дорогоцінним, щоб зрозуміти, що відбувається в Україні, що ви переживаєте, чого ми всі не хотіли б пережити. Я ділюся вашою історією зі своїми родичами в моїй країні. Ми вібруємо від емоцій з кожним реченням.

Всі мої думки з тобою. Піклуватися ! ❤️

I read great sadness in your beautiful eyes! We are with you!

I'm so glad you're ok, as ok you can be in that terrible situation. Thank you for the update, believe me, I'm checking my phone every half an hour to see if you've written something.

Stay strong, try to take care of yourself as it's going to be a long battle. We're all here to support you and help you anyway we can. Sending you strength and energy to fight. ❤🤗

Stay safe and stay strong!

I've been doing the same thing the past 24 hours. Feel like a cyberstalker @erikah

Me too, I woke up at night and checked Hive if our friends had new updates and were all right.

The power of the community is amazing! Thanks for being there for them 🤗

Are there other Ukrainians on hive posting updates?

Yes, occupy-mars, torem-di-torem are among them.

I'm posting every day, I;m from Kyiv, Ukraine.

You have a big heart, Neli!❤

I can't really do anything else honestly. My mind is always on the situation and hoping our friends are safe. The worst thing helplessness, as we can't help them. The only thing I can do is share her post and ask for the community to help.

Nina, thanks for being here for them. It means a lot. 🤗

Yes, the word "helplessness" sums it up perfectly. And I really dislike the feeling of my hands being tied when I'd be comfortable using my pistol in Kyiv.

Hopefully neighboring countries and the U.S. expedite sending help. Putin clearly lost his mind and acts as if he's the main character from the Game of Thrones.

Thank you for the kind words! @erikah😘

I am really sorry for what you are going through and what all the Ukrainian people are going through.
In 2022 war shouldn't exist but unfortunately it doesn't.
I hope the best for you and all of Ukraine
!discovery 40

Hi I just thought about whats the sense of giving you a 3 Cent upvote. But than I thought twice. Its not about money. There is something much more important to let you know that there are so many people all over the world, may they be in hive or not, who wished they could change something but only can give you strengh with all best wishes and prayers.
Thank you for your reports and please stay safe.
Greetings from Austria

Do you remember the Bible parable about the lepton? Today it's about you my friend <3

Didnt know about Lipton but reseached. It is the intention that counts and also the ocean consists at the end only of innumerable small water drops. My thoughts are with you ❤️

Looking for your updates. We heard Rus troops are heading to Kyiv, but I think the guerilla war-fare should start soon. Specially from the left flank of Chernobyl. These Rus monkeys should learn a lesson. Specially that bastard - Mr. Putin.

Stay strong, stay safe! It's a shame the world is watching this battle. Ukraine is no match for Rus. But this battle is proving headcount or military power is not a matter. Bravery & love of securing the motherland is the matter to do the best!

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Nick came up with idea to join volunteers that works at their location. They need help and I gonna join them in the morning.

At least you're not going to be alone and hope you can meet with your husband as well. And also hope you'll have internet.

Stay safe and take care of yourself as much as you can!

I do hope that internet will work fine. Authorities assured us they will not turn off anything. The only danger is terrorist attack or sabotage, there are many of them here intensified 🤬

Fingers crossed! 🤗😘🙏

We really appreciate you taking time to write this and are al thinking about you. I can't even imagine what it's like but your story helps me understand. I hope the situation is resolved quickly and you get some rest and sleep so you have strength to do what needs to be done. Take care and hugs xx

I hope everything will go back to normal soon.

Across the country, people are reporting individuals marking residential buildings, gas supply pipes as targets for shelling, and adjusting enemy fire over the phone. During interrogation, they say they are doing it for money. I try to imagine what can make me, at a time of war in my country, knowing what is happening, mark the roof of a house, knowing that living people and their homes, everything here, will be destroyed. My brain is torn. It's just another reality.

This part is just unbelievable...🙁😮

Stay strong! 🤗

From Venezuela I send you all my support and love to all the Ukrainian people. We are with you. Be strong and resist! You can do it. A big hug and keep talking to us until you can.

Hi there, I have a quick question - are you able to sell hive/hbd for UAH in your current situation?

@erikah is right. Operations with crypta are restricted, not sure about details. Credit cards can be used again since yesterday, but the biggest danger is atm may have no money or not work, besides it's curfew for 2 days for all civils.

Even if not that, I am not sure how I can use the money, is there food in markets, i mean fresh bread, milk, vegetables. I know that in Kharkiv they supply fresh bread for free directly to bomb shelters.

Thank you, my dear, we will be fine soon, I believe in it. Hugs

Please check out this post:

I think you should be the first curator - you would be able to upvote #ua posts with about $10 per vote :)

Hello there. I don't live in Ukraine but following the situation I can tell you their movement is kind of restricted at the moment, not safe to go out, in some cities ATMs ran out of cash but every help is welcomed as once the situation calms down a bit, they will be able to get to the bank and ATM.

Also they will need support to rebuild their life as the damages that are done now will hurt a lot.

Thank you for your support in her name and she's going to thank you herself once she has some free time. Your gesture is highly appreciated 🙏

you are amazing, my respect and admiration for all of you. Receive a huge hug.


Stay save. All gods will save u. I watched news here then i felt worried .how do the people live in bad situation ?

We live in constant alarm....

My heart aches for you and the Ukrainian people! It's unbelievably cruel what's happening, and the ramifications from this war is going to echo for years to come! You are very brave to be on your own at a time like this, I certainly could not, perhaps better to join the volunteers?
My prayers are that this sanity will return to the tyrant, that this will end soon!
Praying for your safety xxx

All of our prayers to you!

stay safe always! Hopefully this conflict deescalates soon.

It is a relief to hear from you! I hope the world steps up and ends this insanity. You are constantly in my thoughts. ♥️

Our hearts are with you. May Ukraine stay strong! And I am praying the capital will hold!

Capital is their main target to capture, thats why its so important. Thanks a lot, @jayna!

What's going on is horrible, but Ukraine and it's people are showing just how strong they are. Putin is nothing more then a schoolyard bully. My thoughts are with you and other Ukranians, stay safe, and please, if you're able to, keep us updated.

Keep safe 🇺🇦

All of our prayers to you from South Africa.
Try to stay strong!

We are with you. Our government has provided you with some weapons against the criminal Putin. Perhaps they will help you defend yourself.
Too bad we couldn't send troops.
We are with you.
Greetings from Pilsen.

The Czechs are very brave. We remember how you stopped USSR tanks! Thank you for support!

Yes, year 1968...
You are welcome.

Ви лишаєтесь у рідному місті, щоб допомагати у його обороні. Для мене всі,хто лишився, це герої.
Хай це жахіття закінчиться пошвидше....

Дякую!! Боже, я ще спросоння, прочитала "жахіття" як "життя", це мрак.

All our admiration for you, for you and your husband. I think all the time and I pray that this attempt for you will end as soon as possible, that it will end well! I want you to be safe from evil, your family, and all the people who defend their country in this heroic way.

Holding you steady in prayer. Stay strong and brave. I think it's a good idea to go to the volunteers. You will occupy yourself, be a huge help to others and will be safer to sleep while others watch. It must be very tough to be alone in times like this. My heart aches for you all.

Looks like it may not be possible :(( The curfew will ends tomorrow morning. unless i can get a pass or so. I'll find it out in the morning. now it seems too far in the future

Minute by minute or hour by hour, however you can make it through the night. Stay safe!

Stay safe! War is such a terrible thing, I hope & pray that the situation will get better. I'm shocked and scared, I can't imagine how it must feel for the poor Ukrainians. All the best for you and your family 🙏

My thoughts are with you all, sending 🫂 and ❤️

Thank you for letting us know you are okay. My thoughts are with you all.

I am leaving a few links to live webcams. Some are from Kyiv, some from different places in Ukraine. It may give you a better overview on what it and isn't currently going on.


Stay safe, Stay strong. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

It's always the normal everyday people that suffer due to a few madmen. So sorry.


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Given the current emission rate of LUV pushing 500/day, increases to required LUV levels will likely be forthcoming.

May God be with you during this terrible time and protect you and your loved ones.

Please stay strong @zirochka. We are on Ukraine side.

My handball coach that is Ukraine and living 20 years in Portugal.
It will join Ukraine force to combat against Russia.

My heart is with you 💜💜💜 If you need to talk about something silly or anything not related to war feel free to text me on discord or even call me. Maybe I can even help you do some breathing exercises or something to help the body relax! 😊 My username is BlackdaisyFT#9115

Hi. If you are in contact with untrained civils fighting for Ukraine, please share this email to get them information about urban defense

~~~ embed:1497583307504046087?t=b_nuNtAWQzdg--Q4_MHATw&s=19 twitter metadata:U3BlbmNlckd1YXJkfHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL1NwZW5jZXJHdWFyZC9zdGF0dXMvMTQ5NzU4MzMwNzUwNDA0NjA4Nz90PWJfbnVOdEFXUXpkZy0tUTRfTUhBVHcmcz0xOXw= ~~~

And here is second one for combat with tanks. Share by a tank mechanic.

~~~ embed:1497291283106250761?t=stFH9Szi3LacMl9rQ1T8zA&s=19 twitter metadata:SG9nYW42OTh8fGh0dHBzOi8vdHdpdHRlci5jb20vSG9nYW42OTgvc3RhdHVzLzE0OTcyOTEyODMxMDYyNTA3NjE/dD1zdEZIOVN6aTNMYWNNbDlyUTFUOHpBJnM9MTl8 ~~~

These tips are very smart and valuable. Ukrainians remember well the partisan resistance our grandpas and grandmas waged with the Nazis. Thank you for your support and info!

A sign of relief, stay strong and hope you are doing good.

My advice is to have enough water, preparing a homemade serum is a very good idea, to keep them hydrated, without having to spend so much water. Keep fighting and keep praying, God will help them.

I have enough water. Have to check what is a homemade serum. Yesterday I felt starving, but today no appetite at all. I tried to eat something, but my stomach is ... protesting )

Thank you so much for your care!

Steps to make homemade oral serum for hydration
A liter of water that is already boiled.
Two small spoonfuls of sugar.
A teaspoon of cooking salt or fine table salt.
The juice of half a lemon.
A teaspoon of baking soda.

Oh, what an interesting recipe. I have all ingredients at home. Thank you!!!

try to eat fruits, look for long lasting ones, you shouldn't stop eating, I have always been an admirer of your country, for how fighters and strong they have been, for a long time. God bless you all.

No fruits, no vegetables at home. I was going to get some when it all started and it was too late, and now it is curfew, so i think all markets are closed. Although, I have some dried berries

Excellent, nuts are a great alternative, I wish immensely that soon all these confrontations will end. Your country is in my prayers. God bless you all.

Thank you for your words and your updates on the horrible situation you and your country is going through. It is unimaginable for so many of us and I hope you are able to remain strong and safe. I can't help but follow the streams of media with a helpless feeling, I wish there was something we could do to help from half the world away. I hope you and Nick are able to stay safe!

What makes me angry is the fact that the so called allies at the end of the day, left you all alone... Stay safe. I'm really proud of you all.

All of them now agree to turn off Russia from Swift. This is something, at least. Wish it would happen yesterday

Thanks for the update dear @zirochka.
Stay stong and safe! Thinking of you and your family.

Any words that I can think of seem very insufficient. In my wildest imaginations I know I cannot fathom what you are going through. Just know that you and all the Ukraine people are on many hearts and in many prayers.


Thank you for this update from the "front lines" there in Kyiv @zirochka. We cannot imagine what it must be like to go through what you are describing so poignantly. We hope you will be able to sleep and keep yourself in a sound state of mind.

We are praying for the Ukrainian people and your courage in the face of such tyranny, as is now threatening your homeland. You appear to have a national leader who is not going to run away at the first sign of trouble. By itself, that is a very encouraging indicator to us. God help you all stay strong!

Reblogging, to do my small part to spread your post as widely as possible.

thank you so much for sharing all of this with everyone! Your bravery, and the bravery of the ukrainian people is just incredible.. the world is watching and will never forget how you have stood up to such tyranny.. and are winning! No fear means no win for putin..

sending my prayers and love.. stay safe <3

Please stay strong @ zirochka, you must do all you can and ignore what you cannot control. At this point, survival and sanity are paramount.

Really pray you stay safe. The recent news on the war is so disheartening and we can only pray all this ends soon for the sake of innocent lives.
Please stay safe!

Please stay safe! We are doing all we can to help. If you fall, we will be next. Slava Ukraini💙💛

Your country is the most courageous in all EU!

Героям Слава! Смерть ворогам!

Good to hear you and Nick are ok for now…
Take care dear @zirochka 🤗

Stay safe. ❤️💪

Thank you for the update! Good to hear you are okay! I hope you and Nick will continue to be okay throughout this situation!

Stay Safe!

Good to hear you are both doing well!

Tears come to my eyes, wish you strength! Try to be safe! 🙏🙏🙏

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