The "Executive Board" Discord Links

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If you received a Discord invite as per below, leave the server and do not partake any further. Your account is NOT hacked.

Recently many users have received memos from @executive-board regarding Discord invites.


Many others users have received additional Discord invites from them on Discord.



  • We have received numerous complaints from users about suspicious messages.
  • Most complaints are related to potential phishing activity or an organized scam.
  • I have posted an official request for more information in the Discord server that was deleted. My warning there was also deleted.
  • Deletions indicate the lack of desire to be open and forthcoming about the intent of the server and the high potential of scam.
  • The @executive-board account is created by @apix.
  • The Discord server is owned by encyclopedia#6639 which is @apix.
  • @Apix, who despite being involved in what the community sees as various exploitative behaviors, is not known for phishing.
  • It is highly unlikely this setup is for phishing or hacking.

You have NOT been hacked.

Please carry on with your normal activities and ignore the messages and the Discord. If you are in the server already, go ahead and simply leave it.


@spaminator why do you continue downvoting my posts immediately after I post them? I am legitimately trying to be productive and it's kind of ridiculous. You didn't reply to my last attempt to reach out, so please lmk what the issue is here. Thanks!

Hey there! I have a question. Back in the old days (before the fork) experiments like upvotebank and coindoubler were OKAY to use and no downvotes took place because of them. How come things have changed? Who authorized that bots should downvote minnows who use those programs?

I'm just curious. I used to be on steemit 2017-2018 and I recently found my keys, and found my post downvoted because I had upvotebank autherized. Also, who removes the downvote after deauthorizing. And why is there so many rules here. It used to be a site about freedom.

What's is going on..
Downvoting my post all the time..

Thank you for this advice. I have been getting a lot of personal messages abou winning BTC. Too good to be true. So it must be...too good to be true...

There are a lot of bots going around. Just ignore them and delete/block their messages.

Please my account is being downvoted, I don't know what have done.

hello @guiltyparties , can you please let me know why spamintor has downvoted my post -

It's 100% plagiarism free and I provided source of the images! :(

And it blacklisted me!!!! What is going on here? And automatically downvoting all of my comments! Seriously! Pls review my account again.

@spaminator Why am I continuing to be downvoted? Really don't understand why you are targeting my content that I post which I would not consider spam, thanks.

hello friend, sorry if it disturbs your rest time, friend, I @mnurhiver apologize if I made a mistake, in my two days I got a (-) from a friend. if I have made a mistake I apologize profusely and I will not repeat it again.

My account is your block list needs your help review my account and remove me from the block list

hello spaminator today you add me in the block list.
but why
i always follow all rules and i upload our original content on my post.please again investigate my account and remove me in your blocklist thanks.

Why are there rules here? Things have changed.

Still every comment i make is getting downvoted for no reason....

hello spaminator today you add me in the block list.
Can you tell me why you put me on your black list? Spam?

Hi @spaminator What i did wrong? From what i see all my activity is downvote by you.

I've removed you. You were added last year in relation to a scam app that was since eradicated.

Hmm..i don't remember promoting a scamming application but,thank you so much for this precious news. 🙂

What did I do to you to deserve your unvote? I can’t do what I’m doing? I hope it’s a mistake but if it’s not you either misunderstood my post or that’s straight up bullying.

Come to the Discord and tag me. You're either who we think you are or you got scammed

Unvote again without giving an explanation ? What a loser...keep unvoting IDGAF and you know what you just made me make up my mind...I’m powering down...happy? Fucking idiot...I’m outta here

@spaminator could you remove my account from your blacklist? Or at least explain what I do wrong that I deserve to be on the list?

Can you tell me why you put me on your black list? Spam? Check my posts once again and read them actually. You know what 30 day song or movie challenge is? Everyday you post different song and movie. How is it a spam? And actually people comment and share their thoughts is it a spam?