Nitrous/Scotbot Updates

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General Updates

I recently merged recent updates to the hive condenser repository, so it is relatively in sync with current state of This has already been deployed for a few weeks, so you may have already noticed. Some of you also identified a few issues as well, so thanks for that! The changes were quite substantial so the merge required a significant amount of effort. This isn't a comprehensive list, but includes:

  • Hive onboard beneficiary changes
  • Hivesigner integration (although you'll see @ewd as the account, which I should probably change at some point. If you own a tribe and want to set up your own app account, reach out and I will change it to yours)
  • HF24 support
  • Communities, see below
  • Twitter, video embeds

Communities Support

Nitrous instances has limited supported for communities. Where it makes sense, it will expose community information the same was does, e.g. any instance of hive-#### will be replaced by the name. I have also made a change to use the community titles for the badges next to a user's name.

Also, for the community corresponding to the tribe, badges for the Nitrous will use the given community titles. For the time being, pins/mutes/reports will not work, as it will need Scotbot changes to look for those community operations and record them. Tribe accounts can mute/unmute posts with a custom json operation, however.


Not much has changed in Scotbot, but we should be ready for HF24 as it will involve updating the beem library and a few small areas.


Otherwise I'm generally still maintaining Scotbot and Nitrous, but due to other obligations it is in a fairly limited capacity. We will be looking into integrations with chat though as mentioned in this post.

That's all for now, stay safe and sane!


Excellent job!

Muy buen trabajo, saludos.