Introducing Liketu - A playful new experience on Hive - Launching soon!

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Authored by @elmerlin

Visual, low barrier to entry, vanilla social on web3 rails.

Are you ready to change the way you "Hive"?

Liketu - pronounced as "like to", was originally conceptualised in 2018 and briefly introduced during STEEMfest in Krakow.


Liketu began with a singular goal in mind, and that is to allow users from existing social media platforms to migrate over to HIVE with as little friction as possible, giving them the experiences they have now come to expect from our tradSoc contemporaries except with the benefits of being mostly powered by Web3 technologies.

Although the vanilla Hive experience remains cutting edge, liketu puts a playful spin on the frontend to update the experience in several key ways. We believe these interpretations of how an individual might choose to interact on Hive, will enable a broader base of participation, achieve higher retention, foster more atomic engagements and empower users even further than the core experience.

Be financially driven but enjoy the experience first and foremost.

The crypto industry is rapidly evolving. Buzzwords like "metaverse" and "web3" dominate the discussion. We are committed to bringing our vision of what those mean whilst providing an overall experience comparable to traditional socials but with all the benefit of Hive's speed, scalability and decentralisation.

Liketu is an amalgamation of all these concepts. We are focused on the visual stimuli. If you are a picture based creator (or even if you're not), Liketu will be a valuable tool to build your community based around your pictures. Think instagram, imgur, photobucket, patreon, with a modern Hive twist.

Tag and Search your pictures


In order to facilitate the efficient searching of pictures, we have created a picture tagging system allowing you to not only visually label objects in the picture with more granular descriptions, but also store these on chain as part of the post.

To start with, we have introduced 6 kinds of tag classes to differentiate between them. They are:

  1. Tag a person (on Hive)
  2. Tag a product
  3. Tag a place
  4. Tag a price
  5. Tag a link
  6. General hash tag

Searching is as easy as clicking any or some combination of the tags, and related posts with their images will be returned.

Financial incentives revisited

Liketu introduces a few alternative ways to contribute and engage with the community. While proof of brain voting remains, the broad expectation is that people will be able to freely post and engage without the financial incentives of the reward pool.


To achieve this, we have introduced synthetic "Likes" via custom_json ops. These have no affect on the reward of the post and is essentially an opt out of the financial incentive to keep things "pure".

Reacting/Likes require only Resource Credits | Regular Votes still an option.

Another feature, is the ability to lock your "premium" content to subscribers. This means you can post as much, or as little, with no bearing on the reward pool, whilst retaining the potential to earn from people willing to pay for access to your premium content!

So much more..

We have touched on the main features we intend to launch with but there are many more in the works, and even more planned after that. We are just getting started and can't wait to make Liketu a permanent home for Hivers old, and Hivers new!

Launch Date

Liketu will go live for public "beta" on the 19th of December, 00:00 GMT time!

Be sure for follow us on our socials to stay up to date with announcements.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon.

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Another feature, is the ability to lock your "premium" content to subscribers. This means you can post as much, or as little, with no bearing on the reward pool, whilst retaining the potential to earn from people willing to pay for access to your premium content!

How does this work? Does premium content remain off chain?

Images are locked on our end as they are not on chain. Post body/text is not locked for now and remains on chain as a standard post.

Does that feature play well with other frontends? Of course you're aware when one posts on Hive, the content appears 'everywhere' on Hive, all at once. So I'm wondering what the locked image would look like if the consumer is viewing on Hive blog or PeakD? Still locked or not visible at all without any indication of an image being there? A link to liketu? How does this work? Is the paywall universal even if/when another frontend does not/cannot provide the functionality? Is this too many questions? Should I stop now and allow you to attempt to explain? Would that be a good idea?

Lots of reasonable questions.

  1. We require premium posts (posts which have locked content to paying subscribers) to have one public picture as their first. Subsequent pictures will be blurred from the server side and will appear as such on other front-ends.
  2. Other front-ends will be presented with a "best viewed on liketu"

We have not done too much work on making the experience palatable other than on our own platform thus far, and will be spending the following weeks and months improving on that.

I'll go ahead and suggest an embeddable universal solution. Just an idea off the top of my head so bear with me here. One could utilize your paywall service, upload an image with paywall applied, then go to their favorite frontend, produce their post, embed the image and functionality. A consumer with 'special abilities' could then access the product utilizing their frontend of choice, interact accordingly, without having to leave the comfort of their living room (preferred frontend in this case). Would something like that be next to or near impossible to achieve?

Possible, though a little more engineering involved. Not totally adverse to working this in. It would feel some what invasive to have to deal with paywalled content (remember it's pictures that are paywalled, words are not) when you are using a "show all on chain" kind of front-end. We leaned on tailoring the experience to use our front-end because we wanted to get the proof of concept working in an environment we have some control of. Ultimately, as our resources expand, we would pay attention to how posts appear on other front-ends too.

Point taken.

Excellent. I produce digital art. So of course I'm interested in displaying a lower quality version that still gets the point across and placing the full version designed for downloading behind a paywall then offering access for the low low price of whatever I decide is fair, for instance.

The NFT scene is, neat, I guess, but I'd much rather utilize a subscription service since the artwork only plays one important role of many involved in creating my content. So far on Hive I've yet to stumble into any potential solutions suitable for how I like to do business. I like the consumer to be able to access everything, all in one space, but so far each service demands the consumer bounce around from site to site and back if they forgot a step like voting. Far too many clicks and steps involved in something that should be a seamless experience. A blurred image that's impossible for the consumer to see doesn't quite fit in with the way I prefer to present my work and is like offering someone unfamiliar with my brand a mystery box. It's next to impossible to make money if they don't know what they're buying.

I'll keep my eye on your service though and see how things take shape. I'm sure on your site itself, everything would work well together, but unfortunately there's the potential of the product appearing disastrous elsewhere on chain and that could result in chasing away new potential followers, customers, and the like. Common growing pains of Hive though. Even basic formatting of text can look different depending where it's viewed. Some frontends display images larger than others. Content can appear 'perfect' in one space then look like Frankenstein in another.

Anyway, that's not a complaint about your service. I look forward to seeing yours in action and simply felt like offering some food for thought coming from the user experience side of things.

I obviously don't know how they are implementing it, but I can easily imagine a simple protocol of requesting a signed message (eg. via Keychain) before an image is provided. Other front ends could choose to replicate the same thing, but it wouldn't play so nicely with those that don't choose to implement it.

I'm leaning towards an embeddable solution, if it's possible, but I wouldn't know, since I can only develop ideas, not apps.

Hey, hey, good2see you! Will you ever post again?

Been thinking about it. Good to see you as well.

Wow 😳 impressive

Just signed up - welcome Liketu pioneers!

How do I sign up please, i am trying the link but didn't see sign up

heck ya!!! fantastic news. can’t wait to try it out.

Right back at ya! It's been a long time coming, but we're super excited to finally have something everyone can play with. Obviously plenty of quirks / bugs / fixes to figure out and tonnes of expansive features in the works too, but we gotta start somewhere, and we think that somewhere is now!

More entry points the better! Look forward to seeing it in action.


Hopefully see you on there!

This looks awesome, can't wait to check it out!

I can't wait to give it a try!

Another feature, is the ability to lock your "premium" content to subscribers. This means you can post as much, or as little, with no bearing on the reward pool, whilst retaining the potential to earn from people willing to pay for access to your premium content!

WOW! This is amazing! Hive is the place to be indeed! Congratulations to everyone behind this project. THIS IS GENIUS!!! More people will be definitely migrate to Hive!

This is so cool, looking forward to this.
I can't wait to try it. 😍🥰

Can't wait to see your posts :)

Hahaha is it with more emoji's? 😁🤣

Can always add more, and likely will 🤔

Well, of course 🤭🤔
It's gonna be fun.

looks pretty nice!

This very promisong, im excited

Excited to watch HIVE grow, due to all the new users that LIKETU opens the door to!

Looks so slick! Absolutely loving the idea of being able to share clean quick photo content like on Instagram, while also being able to tag the photos.

The ability to post premium content is also an excellent feature! Looking forwards to using it - a great asset to HIVE!

Would you look at that! Been waiting for this a while now! Awesome to see it finally launch and looking very forward to it! 😀

Driving me nuts for quite literally years.. but we're getting there!

Looking forward to a new experience!
Have a !PIZZA

Looking forward to seeing you on it!

This seems like a terrific idea.

It is wonderful to see how you took into account the rewards on Hive by looking to add pictures with gamification through upvotes not tied to that token. However, what about creating your own economic system with a token? This way your community can reward each other for every activity it deems important. You also then have a built in way for users to pay for premium services and other things you develop on the platform.

We'll work within the confines of the Hive base layer initially, but we're interested in expanding our economic incentives in the near future, perhaps that might involve a token, or NFTs, or even both. However, we believe that there could be more activity based on the willingness of individuals to spend their own money for content they themselves deem worth it, it is both a social experiment and alternative experience we think is worth exploring.

Really looking forward to this! As a visual creative I always gravitated toward the “Insta style” interfaces that came and went in the past and was eagerly awaiting one after the Hive fork. Looking forward to more details and trying it out!

We are looking forward to visual creators the most and designed with this demographic in mind from the beginning. It's hard to ignore the amount of "visual" content driving social proliferation. In any case, looking forward to seeing your posts :)

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Oh shit thats so cool. Im not a photo content creator but I'm definitely gonna be uploading some photos from gym etc

Go ham, we would love to see it, and I'm sure many followers will too.

Already like it!

Waiting for launch...

👏 👏 👏

Im not really Good in blogging or wrting, but liketu is something else, cant really explain , but I'm comfortable posting here than Social Media flatforms with also a chance to earn, I really hope they will release a Mobile App soon.

Loving this! What's everyone excited to post about?

Liked. Eh I mean upvoted. ;)

I see what you did there ;)

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Oh my! This is great news, I love using IG where I upload my fave photos. I think it's time to move to Liketu. I am so excited for this. Kudos to the team behind this.

We're definitely going to be compared to IG, but there will a lot more on offer (even at launch) than the vanilla IG experience. It's sort of a mashup of a number of different platforms.. Think.. Instagram, Red, Photobucket, Flickr, Imgur, Patreon, Facebook.

Looking forward to seeing your posts!

Ok ok! Fullmoon launch!
Can't wait to see this!
Best wishes!

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This is awesome. Does Liketu have a token?

Good question. We do not have a token and have no plans to launch one. Hive only, up only ;)

Looks great 👍 i love the anticipation for things that have been years in the making.

Looks like fun, can't wait!

I've got my calendar set for it. It's great to see it come to fruition after several years.


Oops. I remember @teamsteem from the image. Good old days.

Certainly been a marathon, and we're only at our first check point!

First check point? Better days are certainly ahead soonest for you guys. I love the spirit

wow this is great! It's amazing to see the idea of "likes" being picked up :))

I made a post 2 years ago with exactly this idea as well and would be interested on your opinion on the article :)

What I am suggesting is a "like" button for Hive.

Yes - it's that simple. Adding a "like" button (or whatever you want to call it) on top of the upvote mechanism would be a way to make posts more visible. Why does visibility matter? As valuable content (which might also include "low quality posts" such as selfies, memes or AMAs etc.) is often not seen by the community due to the failure of PoB or users simply not wanting to reward such content it is a simple way to give (all) users a chance of getting noticed. This of course would result in other users seeing these posts who could therefore decide to "upvote" such content, thereby making such posts also profitable.

However, I would argue that it is not even always about profitability... social media has shown that what people often want is just attention... That in itself can already by satisfying for some users. Attention, however, is something that is much more easily gained through "likes" and not necessarily by "upvotes". If Hive wants to truely become competitive in the social media landscape (and not just remain a niche) the current system has to change.

For the implementation of this idea I think it is crucial to keep the current reward system which is distributed with "upvotes", but also have a "like" mechanism which resembles the one found on other social media sites. We know that the former system is flawed, but obviously Hive wouldn't be Hive without a global reward pool (a fundamental which I think shouldn't be discarded too quickly). So introducing a "like" mechanism would build on this system rather than completely change it.


We have similar conclusions as yourself and set about sidestepping these issues with the least amount of friction possible right from the beginning. The main driver was to enable pure participation with an experience that is on par with web 2.0 but on web 3.0 rails. If the experience is at least as good, or similar, then posting for the sake of financial motives won't pollute the network with a lot of perceived low value posts all seeking to be rewarded with the reward pool. They can just post "for the likes" - to some (perhaps many), that could be just as, or even more rewarding than making a couple of dollars.

again, thank you for realizing this :) I didn't have the skills to do it. I am really excited how this will play out. I think in general it is a good idea to combine web 2 and web 3 as many things don't belong on the blockchain (like spammy comments, chat etc.)

excellent. this looks like an exciting edition to the ecosystem. Well done for all your hard work, and best of luck with the launch!

Count me in! 🙏😊

Looking good!

I am curious to see what features it has.
Will there be Hive NFTs and tokens implementations, for example?

We have lots planned! NFT integration with synthetic use cases included on Liketu. Watch this space!

Looks like this will be something you both will enjoy @jburke.mp4 @simpleeme

This means you can post as much, or as little, with no bearing on the reward pool, whilst retaining the potential to earn from people willing to pay for access to your premium content!

sounds like onlyfans. haha
but kidding aside, this is a great project. extracting the potential of hive blockchain.

The Hive blockchain is perfectly suited to high transaction volume with built in sybil attack resistance. While we like the proof of brain rewarding mechanism, it doesn't prohibit us from exploring other financial incentives which might derive different kinds of behaviour (as well as a totally different cohort of users) and while I have alluded to liketu being an onlyfans competitor -not only because there are plenty of use cases for non-thot content- it is enough of a sandbox that users from sites like OF alike should be welcome all the same.

There are enough people willing to pay out of pocket for content they deem worth the spend. I think it's time we let people try that in addition to a community decided allocation of funds.

This is an interesting innovation, looking forward to try this 💚😊

@daltono we will take it from here Batman

This sounds interesting. As I understand it, if I react to something on the platform it won't have any impact on my voting mana nor will there be any rewards unless I subscribe to that person's premium content.

The reacts don't use up your voting mana, just resource credits. It is largely the vanilla experience we've gotten used to on web 2.0 but with built in sybil attack resistance, more transparency and accountability, and of course, account self sovereignty.

Thank you very much for the information, @liketu. I am looking forward to checking it out. Have a great day! 😀

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Good Morning and Thank you, @youarealive! Enjoy your day.😀

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Great News! Looking forward to trying it out!

We believe these interpretations of how an individual might choose to interact on Hive, will enable a broader base of participation, achieve higher retention

retention is very important, and I think, this will be very encouraging to increase the retention rate.

We believe it is important that users enjoy using the platform at least as much as the pursuit of financial reward. Not that anyone should be ostracized for reward seeking -that is a lauded aspect of free and open markets- but too much imbalance in motives can result in less desirable experiences for the end users, both for creators and content consumers.

If you enjoy participating beyond just the financial motivations, then you're likely enjoying the experience. To that end we strive, to that outcome we endure.

I am delighted to know this and excited to try this out! Moving onwards and upwards !!

Thank you @acidyo for your tweet, I really hope this project will learn from the failures @iheartsteepshot

Well for a start, we're not an Instagram clone, nor attempting to be. You will find content discovery to be a more pleasant experience owing to the nature of how we show categories. But aside from that, we also have a semantic layer to images because of the ability to tag and search with them.

Welcome to HIVE, I wish you a lot of success. Liketu sounds like a cross between instagram and onlyfans.

Looks very nice 👌

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