What’s Inside My Bag| 30 Days Blogging Challenge Day 9

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I’ve seen and watched a lot of bag raid videos of some celebrities and famous people. This is awkward to do. Who am I to show mine? haha. I’m in different industry, lol.

This is my current go to bag during this pandemic and I never changed it since then. One bag is enough to be exposed.


When I was still working, I used to carry bigger bags or backpacks because I needed to bring a lot of stuffs like extra uniforms, foods, etc. in case I need to extend my working hours or day. Now, I carry this smaller sling bag whenever I leave the roof if there’s an urgent errand. Nevertheless, it’s big enough to accomodate all of my essentials.

This bag has been greatly serving me for around 8 years already. But it’s still good as new. I remember, I bought this as a gift for myself when I got my first job. Yes, it is just made of synthetic leather and it’s neither a luxury nor a designer bag. But among my other purses, this is one of my favorite. It’s comfortable, I love the color, texture, and I think it’s still chic. I never have to worry if it gets wet when it’s raining, unlike my other bags.

Let’s now open it and see what’s inside my “new normal” bag


As you noticed, I placed my alcohol spray on an area where I can access easily. At times, I put it in my pocket. I make sure that I should always sanitize my hands first before touching anything else. Beside it is my ball-pen which is also important. I use my own pen as much as possible.


Now, I took out the elements hehe. Obviously, I have some small pouches which I will show you one by one.

My Phone


This is my phone since December 23, 2018. I have other mobiles but I only bring this one whenever I go out because bringing an additional gadget will make my bag heavier to carry. That’s why I also don’t bring a power bank. This one is enough for it contains all my important contacts and informations. And I rarely check phone outdoors.

My Wallet


This wallet is one year older than my bag. It was given by one of my older brother. Before, I seldom use this or even kept it because I still have my other wallets. I just started using this permanently last year.

This contains my money of course, both coins and bills. Look at my money, poor me haha. I also put some of my 1x1 or 2x2 pictures, IDs and cards here.

My Vanity Kit


On top, because the weather here is hot and humid, I always bring with me my blush powder with brush, baby powder, and powdered oil blotting paper. I also never leave the house without my relaxant oil for headache, dizziness, minor pains, and itchiness. And, sometimes this saves me from inhaling bad odors haha. Then, I have four things for my lips- 1 lip balm and 3 different shades of lipstick (pink, red, and red orange). Next, because it’s important to always smell good, I always carry my small Eau de Parfum. Then, it’s also important to keep our brows on fleek so I also bring my eyebrow pencil. Lastly, my small mirror.

There are times when my bag is overloaded and I need to decrease items. I can sacrifice all of these except the relaxant oil and lip balm.

My First Aid pouch


This pouch contains my medicines/ remedies such as anti-histamines, antacids, paracetamol, some vitamins, and meds for chestpain/ palpitation. I also put my foldable fan in here.

Lastly, I also bring baby wipes for cleaning purposes and an extra N95 mask for additional protection.


There you go. You had a glimpse of what’s inside my bag. How I wish I could head out without carrying a bag, with only 3 items in my pockets like men do. I just remembered Adam Sandler’s song “Phone, Wallet, Keys”.


Thanks for reading...

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