Feeling Kinda Pro...

So, I’ve gone full time creative and I’m only managing to average a Hive post once every couple weeks… that wasn’t the plan! That wasn’t the plan at all!

Well I’ve been keeping pretty busy and trying to settle into my new lifestyle, although I still have quite a ways to go. Time is just flying by and I’m finding it difficult to establish new routines as of yet. Y’know how the days drag on when you’re working a job you hate? Well with that job gone the tempo of my weeks has definitely sped up! Overall the change to being a full time creative and “drawing professionally” hasn’t fully registered, but it’s getting there!

A big boost to that mental shift came over the past couple days. Before my two weeks notice was even over at my old job, I was happy to be recruited by our very own Lars @kommienezuspadt to contribute to the EOS DETROIT art team. That team just relaunched their eosdetroit.io website where you can find my fledgling efforts!

The EOS DETROIT crew is filled with cool creative people and I think Lars has played quite a role in steering their brand toward art and illustration. So rather than some stodgy corporate photos, they wanted to have illustrated avatars instead, and that was my first task!



This has possibly been one of the hardest easy jobs I’ve ever done!

The Easy: I’m working pretty straightforwardly off of photo references so no need to conceptualize or invent much of anything.

The Difficult: I still have to find out satisfying ways to render a variety of textures in digital pen & ink. Plus it’s always a bit nerve-racking trying to do people’s likenesses. Obviously I don’t want to do a poor job of it and offend a new co-worker with a garish scribble on day one!


The Rewarding: Seeing these drawings put into place on a very polished and professional website makes me feel more professional about them as well. It’s been a great first experience and step toward building my creative professional career.

I’m hard at work on further assignments that are challenging me even more. That’s the whole point of this new adventure, to get out of my comfort zone and grow as an artist and a person!

Preparing for times when the going gets tough, I’ve already begun collecting memes that remind me of those days gone by where I was an optician… (ah, the distant memories of... last month!) They bring me a smile and put an extra spring in my step as I head to the drafting table!


(If you've never worked in similar jobs the humor may be lost on you... so in that case feel free to heed this warning of what not to do as a consumer!) 😁

I hope you all are well and hopefully feeling a little more pro in your latest endeavors as well!

-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

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I love reading about your new full-time artist lifestyle. I hope we get more blogs like this. Great job on those portraits, they look very professional. I can tell you had fun laying out the outer frame. It's cool you tried some variations like this.

Also, I sent you an email... because I need information to send your fundition reward. ;-) Finally!

Thanks @jrej! I did get your email, sorry for the lack of response I'm having a busy few days! I'll be in touch soon!

Hello Bryan, how do I do to put tags in the post? In the 3 publications that he made in the "creation comics", I do not see how to put a tag, but in the one I made by mistake outside of crating comics to which you cross-published if the option to add labels appeared. Thanks for your answer.

Hey @chapath! What website/app are you normally using to post with? I’ll have a look and see if I can give you some guidance.

@bryan-imhoff I'm using https://ecency.com the strange thing is that it only happened in "creating comics". When I published a post outside of this community by mistake in which you cross-posting me, the tags did appear.

My friend @bryan-imhoff , I already discovered how to place the tags 😁

again I made the mistake of posting the post outside of creating comics, please forgive my mistake, I'm still learning to use hive. Please cross-post to creating comics, thank you and sorry for my mistake 😅

I usually can find a library card in the library system without the card itself. There is a slight difference between library accounts and the world of insurance/finance though...

Yeah, most people assumed we had some kind of unified database, but it actually involved going to the individual insurance carriers website, logging in & finding their plan. The cards aren't strictly necessary to find the person on that website... but a good 50% of people wouldn't have their card and wouldn't know who their insurance provider even was! I don’t miss dealing with insurance from that angle... but I’m getting a good taste of the other side as I’m working on getting my self employed insurance plan set up! 🤦‍♂️

Great job. I'm guessing that you may have been compensated in EOS too, which is ideally better than USD in the long run. The jeep full of the homies was my favorite one. Hopefully you can leverage this experience into more of the same if the work is appealing.

The "Battle Bus" I can't take credit for! I believe that and most of the other fun background graphics and illustration were done by @swarddraws, although I'm not 100% on all the possible contributors. I just did the more reserved corporate portraits on the site so far!

Looks like a good start with those portraits. Word will spread.




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